Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dream of the Month-January 2012

Welcome to my dream on January 4th

The dream began with my friend Patty and I running around the entrance of the neighborhood, frantically trying to catch my cats, Tebow and Lucy. We finally scooped them up and began walking back to my house to bring them home.

My neighbor drove past Patty and I, and just as I went to wave, a speeding car smashed into my neighbor. Mr. G’s car spun out of control, lifted up into the air like a tornado and smashed back onto the ground.

I looked over and instead of Patty and the cats standing next to me, my mom and sister had appeared. I remember hearing shrieks of agony coming from inside the car, as neighbors began pouring out of their houses to inspect the scene. A group of people ran past me with paper towels in their hands to wipe the blood off the accident victims. A very attractive African American woman crawled out of the car and I ran up to her and remember wiping blood off her forehead.

Afterwards, I walked down to the end of my neighbor’s driveway and stared blankly at a huge stack of compressed chairs. I looked up into the sky and Mr. Scrooge flew by in a giant potato helicopter.

Next; I was sitting in my neighbor’s garage watching people play ping pong (I was only able to identify two of the people). We decided to go to the movies. I can’t remember the movie, but I remember someone saying it got 3.5/5 stars.

The garage walls and floor started rattling and started moving as windows appeared on the walls. The garage transformed into a limousine.

I was staring out of the limo window, mesmerized as colossal mega mansions passed by, houses with beautiful landscaping and waterfalls. I was in awe.

We got out of the limousine and I was in a third world country. We were walking in mud along this narrow path of terrain, like a plateau. There was a fence on both sides of the pathway with a beach below us.

On one side of the beach people were relaxing, like a normal beach scene. On the other side of the beach, there were hundreds of people running in some sort of military training.

A couple holding a baby’s hand were laughing in the mud.

An ex gym trainer was leaning against the fence holding a machete, while lecturing me on how expensive college is. Then an extremely corky girl, around my age, joined our conversation and she reminded me of Eliza Thornberry. I began panicking when I looked around and realized everyone from the limousine had left without me.

I started sprinting down the muddy pathway, screaming for my friends to wait for me, but got sidetracked when I spotted a huge pile of keys. I noticed a familiar key chain in the pile and grabbed it from the entangled pile. It was my set of keys. I got up and kept running as the sky started getting darker and darker.

I specifically remember the time of day shifting from late afternoon to evening/night time at this point in my dream. I was still on the muddy passageway and began hearing noises in the distance. I kept running until I spotted a group of wild horses in the distance. There was a fork in the road, so I followed the horses and the next thing I knew, the horses had disappeared and I was in my neighborhood cold-a-sac.

I hurried towards my house and the bat mobile drove past me. I approached my house and noticed a really creepy, run down ice cream truck sitting in my next door neighbor’s driveway. I walked over to the truck to investigate it, but thick fog started spewing out of the vehicle, so I walked away from it and over to my house. I tried to get into my house, but the front door was locked. I tried using the key I retrieved from the pile, but it wouldn't work. I walked back out onto the driveway and realized the garage door was open, but it wasn't a moment ago.

There were massive pile of Christmas decorations, the size of an SUV, blocking my way to the kitchen door. I started climbing and crawling under and over the decorations like a ninja. As I was climbing over one of the decorations, the attic door slammed above me.

I screamed and leaped off a giant ornament and ran through the kitchen door without opening it. Apparently I have ghost-like powers. haha I set the house alarm and ran to my parents’ bedroom. Before I woke them up, I remember staring at them and wondering why they were sleeping on opposite sides of the bed that they usually sleep on. I started shaking them to tell them someone was in our attic. I started talking but nothing was coming out of my mouth.

My parents knew I was upset and jumped out of bed. The three of us crept down the hallway. As we turned the hall corner and into the living room, all of our furniture was rearranged and flipped upside down.

Then I woke up.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


My living situation is something else, let me tell you...

I live with three other guys in a 550 square foot apartment. One bedroom, one loft, one bathroom, a tiny kitchen and a mini balcony. There's no privacy. I'm in the loft upstairs, so I hung a huge sheet from the ceiling as privacy. It’s freaking TINY! Sounds cozy, doesn’t it? Haha At least I live two doors down from Angela and the walk to my classrooms is three minutes from my apartment door. It's all about location!

Here’s the kicker, my three roommates Greg, Jacob and Kyle were random. I couldn't find any friends who wanted to live on campus for a third year, who can blame them? Angela was the only friend who also wanted to stay on campus for the convenience factor, so we requested to live near each other and it worked! she lives two doors over! We're next door neighbors again! She and I lived across the hall from each other Freshman year. I'm soooo thankful for that.

I totally lucked out with Greg and Jacob! They are awesome!! Greg and Jacob live down stairs in the bedroom together, but Jacob basically lives with his girlfriend and he's in the apartment 5% of the time. This helps a lot, considering how small of a living space we're in, so one less body makes it more breathable.

Greg is a huge gamer and stoner. He is so lazy but he's absolutely hilarious and by far my favorite. He makes me laugh all the time and he's usually chilling in the apartment and available to talk to when I'm bored. He's really cool but so nerdy. I love it.

Kyle lives up in the loft with me. He's the shady roommate. About three weeks into moving in, I noticed a faint light under his bed at night. Come to find out, he was growing pot in a plaster storage bin under his bed. He was even receiving shipments of pot from his friend who lived in Cali IN THE MAIL. He unopened his shipment of 'Froot Loops' and it was $500 worth of pot, triple sealed in these special airtight bags.

I have never met a human being who smoked as much and as often as Kyle did. Not to mention how we were able to pass every room check/inspection and never got caught. The cops even came up to our room once and we still got away.

The only downside to this whole situation was the constant day-to-day flow of sketchy customers coming in and out of my apartment at all hours of the day. There were people knocking on our door from 8 AM to 2AM, asking for Kyle to pick up weed. He must have banked, because he was hustling and had an extremely steady flow of customers.

I told him just please don't let anyone who's not a close friend upstairs into the loft and I would look the other way and not say anything about his 'business'. He bought prints of my psychedelic art so he was cool in my book. I even got him a customer and hooked him up with my yoga partner, Kaitlin, who was looking for a dealer.

But at this point, he wasn't living in the apartment with us any longer because he was kicked out for flunking. after being on academic probation. Makes sense, I never saw the kid open a book. On several occasions, he dropped acid in the apartment and watched Planet Earth while tripping on the couch.

He didn't tell any of us that he was kicked out. This became an issue, because his apartment key was revoked and he was telling us that he lost it and kept forgetting to replace it. And than he was asking us to leave the door unlocked and I wasn't comfortable doing that. And than right before Winter Break, he asked me if he could borrow mine while I was out of town. I told him to go get a new one, but Greg immediately caught on and knew that he had been kicked out. Sure enough, when I returned from break, 90% of his belongings were gone.

Since Jacob was NEVER at the apartment, except to chill between classes, it was just Greg and I. IT WAS AMAZING! We had so much more room and we didn't have any more sketchy people in the apartment. The vibe and energy in the apartment was so pleasant and enjoyable. Occasionally people would knock on the door, asking for Kyle to pickup weed, but that stopped shortly after. I pushed the beds together upstairs and I was in Heaven. Greg and I had the place to ourselves for about three weeks, until the FUCKING housing department assigned a new roommate to our room.


I can't STAND Kevin. He was relocated to our room after he left his other dorm room, due to conflict with his other roommates. That was an immediate red flag. Kevin is
  • messy
  • socially awkward
  • doesn't support pot
  • talks in circles about nothing
  • secludes himself
  • uses our stuff
  • always has his TV blasting upstairs
He absolutely ruined the atmosphere of the apartment. He also does this thing where he’ll ask me what I’m doing or where I’m going, every ten minutes, like he's my mother. Even if I'm just sitting at my desk doing homework, he'll ask me what I'm doing.

He doesn't have any friends, so he tries to latch onto me, but I can't be around him for more than a few minutes. Greg no longer hangs out in the living room because he hates Kevin so much and he stays in his room with the door shut. Kevin has brought so much negativity into the apartment. I'm an extremely patient and kind guy, but Kevin is annoying the fuck out of me. We've politely called him out on numerous occasions, but he doesn't change and it's too late to try and kick him out, because we move out soon.

We went from having a sketchy drug dealer, to the WORST human being of a roommate. I thought we could only go up after Kyle, but apparently Kevin proved us wrong.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Gay Guys and Urinals

If you squirm at the thought of creepy germs lurking on toilet seats and faucet handles, you probably spend as little time as possible in public restrooms. And during those nerve-wracking moments when you dare to venture into the confines of the bathroom, you may find yourself pushing open the stall door with your elbows, crouching precariously above the toilet seat rather than letting your butt cheeks touch it, and flushing with your shoe.

I don’t know about you, but public bathrooms, especially the urinals, can create some awkward moments. For instance, say you walk into a public bathroom and it happens to be really crowded. You look around and all the stalls are taken, all the urinals are occupied EXCEPT for the one right smack dab in the middle, between two other guys. And what's up with the bathrooms that don't even have the urinal dividers?!

Do you wait till another one opens up?
Do you use a stall instead?

Regardless if you're straight, bi or gay,  taking a piss while standing two feet away from a complete stranger is uncomfortable. Especially when the guy next to you lacks proper pubic bathroom etiquette.

Let me explain...

One time I had to pee like a racehorse during my drive back to school, so I reluctantly got off at a rest stop and ran in to take a leak. I received a warm welcome by two saggy, hairy butt checks right in my face. An elderly gentleman dropped his pants and boxers to the ground. That's a big no-no.

On two different occasions, I've witnessed men who attempted to make small talk with the dude next to them. I don't know about you, but that's the LAST place I want a guy talking to me.

So how'd you guys meet? "It was love at first sight in the airport bathroom." Haha no

By far the most disgusting urinal experience I ever witnessed was in high school. Some idiot took a dump in the urinal and it was repulsive.

But on the flip side, what do you do when a good looking guy is standing next to you at a urinal?

Do you make eye contact?

Do you sneak a peek?

Do you share a urinal? Kidding lol

I’ll admit, I’ve checked out a few guys’ package’s before. It was only a split second glance, but I couldn’t resist. Haha

If you never put any thought into public bathrooms, follow my urinal etiquette:

Avoid making weird grunting or moaning noises.

Don’t drop your pants to the ground. No one wants to see your ass cheeks, unless you look like Cam Gigandet.

Refrain from standing an obnoxiously far distance from the urinal so everyone in the bathroom has a clear sight of your dingaling.

Don’t wave your wiener around so pee goes everywhere but in the urinal. Although this can get tricky when you’re drunk.

Don’t look around. Either look straight ahead at the wall or down into your urinal.

And finally, flush. Nothing is more delightful than walking up to an available urinal and finding a warm puddle of stale pee in the bowl that smells like a McDonald’s Play Place.


Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's okay to be gay

Whether you are out and proud, out to close friends and family, out to one or two people, still in the closet or perhaps still learning what your sexual orientation is; I know this video will have an impact on you. I had goose bumps when I started the video. I had tears running down my face once it ended. What an incredibly moving compilation.


Saturday, January 14, 2012


We’ve all experienced those times in our lives when we’ve said, “I’ve had it. I'm not dealing with this shit anymore. I must make a change now.” Whether it was your diet, lifestyle, sexuality, financial situation, living conditions, career, relationship, etc.; pain can be the greatest stepping stone to healing and a prosperous life.

I said those words when I no longer allowed the fears and paranoia associated with my sexuality, chain me down and dictate my life.

This was a magical moment. Pain became my friend. It forced me to take immediate action and produce new results. I became even more compelled to act, when I anticipated how changing would create pleasure and peace of mind in my life. That thought of peace outweighed all the fear I had to finally take the first step, so I did. I came out and it became a snowball affect.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


“Whaaa the fuck. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m sure you can’t actually make someone stop. Affection is awesome wherever, whenever. I don’t care what people say or think, if I want to display my affection, I’ll do it.” -Michelle

This is the response I got after I told Mich about what I saw happen on campus today...

I was rummaging through my stuff, looking for my workout shoes this afternoon. I realized I left them in the trunk of my car, so I ran downstairs to the parking lot to retrieve them. After seizing my Nikes, I looked up and noticed a couple really going at it and sucking lips a dozen or so parking spots down.

It was hot. The girl was sitting on the trunk of the car with her legs wrapped around his waist, while the guy was stood between her legs, with his hands in her hair. I didn’t want to look like a creep, so I admired their make out sesh for ten seconds tops and started walking back to my room.

All of a sudden a campus douchebag in a golf cart drives up to the couple. He demanded them to stop and I was shocked this man had the audacity to interrupt two lovers minding their own business.

So I got back to my room and put my work out on hold. I jumped on my computer and started doing research on whether Public Displays of Affection is illegal or not.

The simplest answer I found was Answers.com: 'Not in the United States. They may be against the rules in certain schools, or within certain organizations and religions, but it isn't a crime.'

What are your thoughts on it? I dig it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012


For the first time in my life I feel alive. I have the same feeling when I wake up in the morning, that I used to have when I was little. I have energy and drive to take on the day.

My major change is BY FAR one of the best decisions of my life. This semester is going to be absolutely amazing. I don’t have that dwelling feeling of not pulling off decent grades and struggling to scrap by with a B or C. Or the feeling of hating all my classes. I look forward to school now.

I know I can achieve straight A’s this semester. However, I don’t want to get straight A’s for my parents. I don’t want to get straight A’s to show off to my friends. I want to get straight A’s for me.

Not to toot my own horn, but I know I’m good at art. My confidence in my artwork is definitely increasing since I practice everyday now. I was once the little boy who used to throw away his art for no one to see. Now I have a Facebook page dedicated to my art. I have done a 180. I also just ordered business cards, I'm working my own website and getting my name out there.

I even got the approval by a restaurant in Wilton Manors who wants to display my artwork!

This semester is all about me. I am focusing all of my attention on improving every aspect of myself. My friends are constantly telling me I have all this potential. I’m ready to ignite the spark within me.

I learned that society attempts to make people think a certain way. I had the impression that college was a Van Wilder movie 24/7. I used to follow the crowd. I entered college and did just that. I became a little clone. I thought you could ONLY be cool by drinking, joining a Frat and going to parties. Stupid, I know. And look where that got me. That taught me I hate drinking and Greek life was the fakest experience of my life.

I do my own thing now and I have never been happier. I am gay. I love God. I love art. I love my family and friends. I love to exercise. I love me.

So bring it on life...because I'm ready to kick ass.