Sunday, August 14, 2016

Loving Summer

Hey guys

This past Thursday I met up with my coworker and did hot yoga again together. It's the hardest 90 minutes of my life, but I love it. I feel so at peace, being surrounded by people sharing the same passion and interest as I do. It's one of the very few places where I know I won't be judged and it's an environment for everyone to grow mentally, physically and spiritually in. Plus, a wellness lounge is opening up next door to the yoga studio, with Sensory Deprivation tanks and I caaaaaaant wait to try it out!

If you have a curious little mind like myself, here's more information on Floatation Therapy. For testimonials, check out Joe Rogan's personal experience here.

I still have a tremendous amount of improvement to do in yoga, mainly due to lower back and hamstring pain/tightness, which is why I decided to book my first Acupuncture appointment! Al hail Groupon. I got a pretty sweet deal, consisting of three 60-minute treatments for $79. Although I know it'll be super beneficial for me, I'm still slightly nervous to have needles puncturing into my body. If you've ever done it before, leave me a comment letting me know how your experience(s) went. Funny enough, my mom worked as a receptionist at an Acupuncture spa to get herself through college and she never got a treatment done. How the hell does one work at a place like that and not have the curiosity to try it at least once?

Anyways, my sweaty ass raced home after yoga to shower and meet up with blue eyes again for a second 'date'. We met along Atlantic Ave and the beach (same as the first time) and it was nice. He was watching his friend's pug, so he brought the dog along with him and the three of us walked along A1A for awhile. That is until the dog began breathing so loudly that we legitimately thought he was going to pass out from exhaustion, so we gave him water and than strolled out onto the beach and sat down in the sand for the dog to catch his breath. We talked for another hour and a half. There were a few times when I didn't know what to say, so I started playing with the dog or the sand. Ha He wants to meet up again this upcoming week, so if we do, a change of venue needs to happen.

Unfortunately, I had to turn down a date this afternoon with a really cool and attractive guy I met off Tinder a week ago. He's a 24 year old Senior Bio major at UF, going into med school and he wanted to grab lunch on his way back up to Gainesville. But work, being the ultimate cockblocker that it is, hindered me from being able to meet up with him. Oh well, if it's meant to be, we'll cross paths in the future.

If all goes to plan, I should have enough money saved up when I get my next paycheck in two weeks, to get a MacBook! I'm so so so ecstatic for this! It'll be such a drastic upgrade from the laptop I'm currently working with and it'll be one step closer to me getting a camera, a video editing software and my YOUTUBE CHANNEL up and running!! I'll be filming time-lapse videos of my drawings, uploading them to my channel and than making prints of the drawings to sell at festivals and art venues. You know, just manifesting my dreams, that's all. :)

Much love guys!

Monday, August 8, 2016

Ice Cream Date

I had a serious case of bubble guts this evening. As I got off the can for the third time within an hour, I pulled my shit together (no pun intended) and got ready for my date with the blue eyed guy I posted a pic about in my last post!

I was incredibly nervous. We actually met two years ago on Grinder or Tinder (I can't remember) and both deleted our accounts shortly after, but before doing so; we added each other on snapchat. I got some drool worthy post-workout selfies over the course of that time. haha We would go from messaging each other for a few weeks, to not communicating for a month or two and than begin again. I think that's what enhanced my nerves so much, simply because we had been informally talking to each other for so long. This is the third date I've gone on this year and the most nerve wrecking one.

Thankfully, the date went really well! We walked along Atlantic Ave and the beach for about two and a half hours and grabbed ice cream (Ben & Jerry's has vegan options!). After about an hour, I began to get more comfortable around him, as the nerves settled down a bit. We talked about anything and everything, from our families, to our jobs, our passions, the universe, our common interests in yoga, fitness and eating healthy. It was a lot of fun and he had me laughing all throughout the night.

We're meeting up for a second date on Thursday! I hope it goes as well as the first one.

Much love guys!

Sunday, July 31, 2016

Sweaty Men

You guys! I'm making strides this year, yo. For the first time in three years, I went to a yoga studio!! That might sound like a measly accomplishment, but for me, it was a significant feat. Let me explain...

I used to do yoga all the time in school. Sophomore year was the most pivotal year of my college career. Michelle introduced me to yoga, I dropped my fraternity, I came out of the closet, I sought help from a counselor, I fooled around with a guy for the first time and I had my spiritual awakening. After I got a taste for yoga, I instantly fell in love with it, because I feel closest to God/the Universe when I'm on the mat. I was going to on-campus classes all the time and took advantage of my roommates P90x yoga Senior year. But once I graduated, I just kinda stopped practicing as frequently and didn't have the motivation.

Until recentlyyyyyy!

My coworker (who's also vegan!) and I went to a 90 minute hot yoga class and it was one of the most intense workouts I've ever done. As we entered the studio room, the other class was leaving, and I was graced with the presence of four beautiful shirtless, sweaty guys walking out.

So of course, I was already in heaven. Unfortunately, there was only one cute guy in our class, but thankfully he set up his mat right behind me, so I could easily sneak a few glimpses. haha

If you've never taken an advanced hot yoga class before, you're basically drenched in sweat after 15 minutes. Me and the other guy in the class ripped our shirts off and the girls were all in minimal clothing, for good reason. Everyone had beach towels on top of their mats to collect the sweat dripping off every crevice of our bodies.

Once the workout had finished and we were laying in Savasana (corpse pose), I was given an art vision, which I can't wait to bring to life! I was light headed as fuck as we were leaving the room, from a mix of getting my butt kicked, working out in a 90 degree room and not drinking enough water. On our way out, we each thanked the yoga instructor and walked over to grab our shoes. Before I could physically move my body in that general direction, standing about 15 feet away, by the kombucha bar/lounge area...was the most stunning guy I've ever seen. He was a solid 9.5 and just physically perfect. I was star struck by him (and light headed still), so all I could do was freeze and stare at him. He was talking to a girl and I must have looked like a deer in headlights, because he noticed and made eye contact. As Michelle put it "like the awkward staring that the person can't tell if you're rude, awkward or high." Haha I hope I see him again in the future...

After yoga, I went to visit my friend at Raw Juce and she hooked me up with a free care package...basically a free juice cleanse! She is such a sweetheart.

The following night, the coworker that I went to yoga with, along with another, met up for dinner and it was so much fun! I feel so utterly blessed to have met so many cool people through my job.
During dinner, I started receiving snap chats from this guy whom I've been talking to on and off with for over two years now. We were supposed to go on a date to the beach like a month ago, but it started storming that day and I cancelled plans. We were "flirting" through the app and he told me once he gets back from Cali in a few days, he wants to meet up, so I'm excited about that :) He's 6'4" which is kind of intimidating, but we'll see how it goes. I could get lost in those eyes.
Than yesterday, I received my health insurance card in the mail, which allows me to go to any LA Fitness gym FOR FREE! I was so happy I almost cried. LA Fitness offers yoga classes that I get to start taking advantage of, on top of the yoga studio I'm going to with my coworker a few times a month AND the yoga workout videos I'm doing every morning from home. :) I would love to meet a guy through yoga, because yoga guys are the hottest, so the odds are definitely in my favor now.
Lastly, I started a timesheet for the rest of the year, by writing down the dates of the next 12 paychecks of 2016 and what to buy in correlation with the money (a camera, MacBook, studio lights, video editing software, etc.), so I set myself up for an epic 2017!
It's hard to believe Fall is around the corner. I'm so proud of myself and everything I've achieved this year. I finally feel like I have a vision of what I want out of life. I hope you guys continue crushing 2016 as well!!
Much love guys!