Monday, June 4, 2018

Gym Crush

So as most of you probably know, after graduating college I worked as a Portrait Artist for three years. The ability to connect and collaborate with different people from around the world and share my gift with them was really rewarding. I would bring my supplies to Barnes and Noble and set up shop in the Starbucks cafe area for 5-6 hours at a time. Having the freedom to work wherever I wanted was so liberating, BUT I wasn't charging enough to make a living.

I began working at Trader Joe's and decided to take a break from art, to refocus where I wanted to navigate my creative endeavors next. Overtime, I decided to pursue painting again and created 18 pieces in total, 10 of which are on display at a local yoga studio near the beach...and the remainder are hung in the reception area of a law firm.

However; since the paintings aren't selling, I've decided to revert back to being a full-time Portrait Artist again. Woo! I'll have the ability to work in coffee shops/cafes like old times, people watch and chat with individuals who approach me. Plus the bookstore is right around the corner from my gym, making it very convenient to lift and than work.

Speaking of the gym, about six weeks ago I was walking to the water fountains in-between sets and one of my friends from college was gleaming at me. Neither of us had any idea the other also attended the same gym...and now we workout together 2-3x a week! It seriously makes going to the gym so much more fun! Furthermore; I have a massive crush on one of the managers who works there. Much to my delight, he generally works out during the same time we're there and is a beautiful specimen to look at.

As weird as this may sound, his presence alone has really motivated me to be in the gym 5x a week, to not only look at him...but to look more like him. haha He's about 6'3", golden tan, blonde, blue eyes, perfect smile, insane physique and super friendly. Basically he looks like a Greek god, which is what my best friend and I nicknamed him until I glanced at his name tag one day haha

This is a photo I took of him before he cut his hair

He winked at me (again) today while saying hi in passing, but I stuttered something incoherent and broke eye contact because he makes me so nervous and starstruck. My goal is to talk to him more frequently and get comfortable in his presence, simply to make a new friend at the very least.

Anyways, check out my newly revamped website and don't be shy to contact me if you're interested in a custom piece! I feel so hypocritical telling you not to be shy when I can't even talk to this random guy hahah Cheers to making this Summer the best one yet!

Much love guys!

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Gardens of the Mind

Gardens of the Mind. 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. 

This is a continuation of my last piece (The Dark Night of the Soul), hence the overgrown moss and garden lamps in the foreground, to represent the mysterious glow shining through the wooden door in the forest. Inspired by Mulan and Pan's Labyrinth, this painting symbolizes the beautiful nooks and crannies of our minds that we've yet to discover. Lets find out what lies beyond the rose bushes.


Saturday, May 19, 2018

The Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul. 30"x40" acrylic on canvas. 

Life isn’t always bright and colorful, but we tend to glamorize and showcase that side of ourselves, especially on social media. The truth is, we all come face to face with obstacles and challenges, which force us to look inward and discover the light amidst the darkness. As Martin Luther King Jr once said, “Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” ✨ 

This painting was inspired by The Wizard of Oz, The Matrix and Alice in Wonderland, particularly for the unique calling each of the protagonists are chosen to endure. Dorothy is whisked out of Dust Bowl Kansas and embarks on her enlightenment, paved by the spiritually symbolic yellow brick road. Alice is led down a rabbit hole and presented with a series of doors, unaware of the lessons that lie behind the one specifically chosen for her. Neo is set out on a course to free himself and humanity. 

Sometimes it takes a big event to break through and begin the hero’s journey to self-discovery, like changing careers, moving, a tornado, etc. This piece symbolizes my own journey of authenticity and learning from my failures and setbacks, as I pursue my life purpose. So what’s behind the door? Well lets find out together, shall we…🚪🔮