Friday, April 3, 2020

Abstract Paintings

New artwork! 

Serendipity 16"x20"

Candy Crush 16"x20"

Blue Crush 18"x24"

Ocean Breeze 16"x20"

Sea Foam 18"x24"

Galaxy 18"x24"

Amethyst 15"x21"

Meditation 20"x20"

Earthy 24"x24" 

Ebb and Flow 24"x24"

Harmonious 30"x40"

Plasma 20"x20" 

Ethereal 20"x20"

Cosmic Flow 15"x21"

Crimson Creek 15"x21"

Cascading Chianti 36"x48"

Aqua Ambiance 16"x20"

Lavender Lagoon 16"x20"

Sapphire Swell 24"x30"

Copper Coast 22"x28"

Emerald Oasis 22"x28" 

1 comment:

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