Saturday, May 27, 2017

Finding the Sweet Spot

I keep seeing the same times on the clock. Someone said to me "that's like saying you look at the sun at the same time everyday." Maybe it is just a coincidence and nothing else. Or maybe not...

111 really resonates with me and I like to think an angel really is whispering into my ear. Every night growing up, we would pray as a family, over the food. My grandmother came over every Sunday and she would always end the prayer with "and may your guardian angel watch over you." She believed in angels. Maybe she could see them. I don't know. She's definitely the most spiritual being I have met to this day. She passed away ten years ago, when I was 16. Mediation is teaching me to sit, breath, calm my mind and focus on the things that matter. For me, this is all flowing. 

Be proud of yourself with each achievement, because every brick laid, is another negative emotion being squashed. 

Life is about focusing your mind on positivity. This is what I want out of life:

To make it as an artist. Independence through financial freedom. To live with my best friend. Flexibility. Spread veganism. The opportunity to attend different retreats and workshops. Vitality. Mental stimulation. To experiment with psychedelics. Wisdom. Get muscular. To travel with my loved ones and meet new people. To fall in love with a man who loves me. Have fun. 


Here's a sneak peek of my next drawing. 

Saturday, May 20, 2017

The Consciousness Series: Fluidity

I've fallen a little behind on my art schedule and I know I've been MIA, but life is busy. I found a Wizard of Oz puzzle on Amazon, as a lightning deal and I couldn't pass it up. It sat on my desk in the box for about a week, until I popped it open. It's a 1,000 piece puzzle, but I figured it wouldn't take me more than two days to complete. I was WRONG. 

That shit took me almost a week, but it was well worth it!

I hung it right above my computer, so I can glance up at it and be reminded that life is a lot like a puzzle, in the sense that you have to find the perfect piece to become one step closer to happiness. The funny thing is how frustrating that might feel, even when you're trying really hard to succeed. The pieces are literally hiding in plain sight, but the more you connect, the farther you'll ascend down your yellow brick road :) You have to be aware that everything will fall into place if you're making moves. 

So because this took me about a week to do, I fell off track with my art schedule. I'm expected to complete my newest piece (psychedelic, alien vibes) by June 3rd, but I've only outlined it. 

You know what's been keeping me really entertained while drawing? Podcasts! My coworker Janine finally persuaded me to listen to S Town and I was hooked. Rabbits was the second podcast that I caught up on and I'm about to start listening to Tanis. 

Rabbits is by far my favorite of the two. It's about a girl who begins searching for her best friend, who mysteriously disappears. The quest to find her missing friend leads the protagonist down a twisting rabbit hole. IT'S SO FUCKING GOOD! 

You can listen to it for free on iTunes under the podcast tab, or on their website. The story is only six episodes deep (each one being an hour long), so you can easily catch up. They post a new episode once every two weeks. 

Without further ado, here is Fluidity coming to life:

This photo (which happened to be the background on my phone for months), played a significant role in the inspiration behind the piece...

She's a Pisces and I'm an Aries, which I thought was ironic. 

Lastly, here's a cute little candid shot from the Fluidity photoshoot:

Much Love!