Friday, February 22, 2013


I went to Publix this afternoon, after I got out of class and was overly excited to run over to the produce section and get KALE! Yes you read correctly. Kale, my friends. That green vegetable that’s freaking jam packed with Vitamin K. Mmm yummy I started following a few health related YouTube channels and they all rave about the healing benefits of Kale.

Michelle is always telling me about her organic creations, one of them being kale chips. It sounds good to me, so I decided to give it a shot. I’m doing this new challenge where I cook and experiment with two new ingredients each week. This week being kale to make kale chips and I made guacamole for the first time earlier in the week! Both came out delicious.

As I'm walking over to the produce section to find my ingredients, I grab one of those plastic bags and awkwardly cram the kale into it. Than a woman walks up to me...

Joan: Is that kale?

Me: Yes it is! I’ve never tried it before, but I hope it tastes good!

Joan: …It doesn’t. It’s really bitter. *reaches for lettuce* that’s why I eat this stuff

Me: Uh oh! Well my best friend makes kale chips and says they're really good, so I hope they taste better that way!

I smile at her, continue browsing and walk over to the fresh fruit. As I’m drooling over the price on strawberries, Joan walks up to me, grabs me around the waist and whispers in my ear:
Joan: “raspberries are better for your sex drive.”
I looked at her and started cracking up. This woman looked like she was in her mid-60s and I seriously wish she was my grandma.
It gets better! We cross paths in the dairy section and she sarcastically asks “are you following me around the store?” I laughed, we exchanged names and then she goes “wow, if I was younger, I would be all over you!” I was laughing so hard but didn't have any clever comebacks.

I love when old ladies mack on me in the grocery store, it's such a turn-on. I hope we cross paths again one day Joan, you sassy little pistol.
Anyways, the kale chips turned out surprisingly good! I drizzled some olive oil and Italian breadcrumbs on top and vwala! 30 minutes in the oven and you’ve got yourself an uber healthy snack.
With the help of friends, family, watching documentaries and doing online research; I’m becoming a health nut. Growing up, I was always thin and relatively fit, so I never thought twice about what I put into my body. But with age, comes wisdom, and with my recent discovery of how many GMO’s and preservatives the food industry coats our food with, I’m changing my ways. Michelle is slowly becoming completely organic and I am following in her footsteps.
I intend to live a happy, spiritually-filled, fun life.  Eating completely organic, I want to grow an immaculate garden and know exactly what I'm eating. Join a meditation and yoga studio (possibly become a certified yoga instructor one day), produce amazing artwork, and make a change in the world through healthy foods and artwork. I’m getting goose bumps just thinking about it! Art is my talent and yoga and healthy eating are my passions. Combing the three will make me the happiest guy alive.
I hope you all have a happy and healthy weekend.
My newest obsession:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Friday started like any other Friday. I reluctantly dragged my ass out of bed to get ready for my five hour class.

As soon as I got home, I made lunch and read Tony Robbins’ Awaken the Giant Within by the pool for two hours. I guess the apartment complex pools (we have three) are ‘closed’ for Winter or something, because there’s been a damn lock on the gate FOREVER. But I hop it anyways. 

Afterwards, I cleaned my room, did laundry and some homework. I went to the gym around 5 and worked out chest, tri’s and abs for an hour or so. I walked into my apartment, with the intent to make my post-workout protein shake and than get some more homework done at Starbucks.

Change of plans…
As soon as I walk in the doorway, my roommate was sitting on the couch, acting so weird and pointing her phone at me. I asked Dorie what the hell she was doing and she told me she "was fixing our Goggle TV". Before I could even shut the front door, someone grabs me from behind and screams.
I figured it was our third roomie Nikki scaring me. We have scare wars, so this wasn't anything new. haha I always scare her, so I figured she was getting some much deserved revenge.
Ohhhh no. It wasn’t my roommate. Nikki was at work.
It was a male. I had never seen this face in real life before, though. I stared at this guy and blanked for a split second, unable match the face to the person.
And then it hit me! I couldn’t breathe. My mind started racing at 100 miles.
The guy I met on Instagram 6 weeks ago was standing two feet away from me!


I literally had to ask myself if I was dreaming. I have some funky lucid dreams, but this seemed all too real. I looked over my shoulder and Dorie sat on the sofa filming the entire thing. He and my roommate had been planning this surprise for three weeks.

Those bitches! I had NO idea!
After saying “I can’t believe you’re here right now” at least a bajillion times, we stood in the kitchen and talked for a bit. I was a bit shaken up and awkward. Dorie left for work shortly after, so I called Angela and left her a ‘call me back right now!’ voicemail.

We met up at Mellow Mushroom with she and Sarah. He kicked it with my friends ,which was cool. After grabbing pizza, we drove across the street and hung out with Dorie at the yogurt place she works at. When we got home, we watched Limitless and then went to bed.
The next day we got some work done, ate lunch at the pool, worked out at the gym and ended the night by watching an awesome documentary called Stalked: Somebody’s Watching.
Sunday morning he, myself, my two roommates and another friend grabbed Denny’s and he left for Atlanta after brunch.
That was my very unexpected and crazy weekend in a nutshell.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Went Pescetarian!

Only eatin fish now. I made the switch after watching Vegicated. It’s a documentary on Veganism but I can’t go that extreme. A segment of the Documentary revealed the torture our animals go through behind slaughterhouse walls and I was in tears. It was almost unbearable to watch how inhumane animals are treated. It's fucked up how we treat other creatures.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” –Paul McCartney
My friend Michelle's beautiful garden!

I’ve also committed to a sobriety challenge for the entire year of 2013. No marijuana or alcohol.  Alcohol will be a breeze to cut out of my diet, since I barely drink anyway. I do like my pot though hehe

I gotta focus on acing all six classes and pot will only slow me down, so I'm staying sober. Instead, I do yoga and get that body high. I seriously feel high after I do the P90x Yoga. Plus, my friend Steff and I go to a 90 minute guided mediation class twice a week and that class makes me feel like I ripped a bong after I leave the room. I honestly feel like I'm walking on clouds and I have the most intense focus and clarity of mind. I feel so grounded and rejuvenated, it's crazy. I'm falling in love with meditation and I want you all to fall in love with it with me because it ROCKS!

I’ve  also been drinking different teas and slowly incorporating more fruits and vegetables. I hate eating it straight, so I throw into the blender and chug it. It's my morning energy. I’m also forcing myself to eat nuts now to gain healthy weight. I combine walnuts, almonds, peanuts and m&ms in a container and munch on them all day.
Here’s a picture of the newest pose me and a special someone are trying to master.
Much Love Guys!