Saturday, February 2, 2013

I Went Pescetarian!

Only eatin fish now. I made the switch after watching Vegicated. It’s a documentary on Veganism but I can’t go that extreme. A segment of the Documentary revealed the torture our animals go through behind slaughterhouse walls and I was in tears. It was almost unbearable to watch how inhumane animals are treated. It's fucked up how we treat other creatures.

“If slaughterhouses had glass walls, everyone would be a vegetarian.” –Paul McCartney
My friend Michelle's beautiful garden!

I’ve also committed to a sobriety challenge for the entire year of 2013. No marijuana or alcohol.  Alcohol will be a breeze to cut out of my diet, since I barely drink anyway. I do like my pot though hehe

I gotta focus on acing all six classes and pot will only slow me down, so I'm staying sober. Instead, I do yoga and get that body high. I seriously feel high after I do the P90x Yoga. Plus, my friend Steff and I go to a 90 minute guided mediation class twice a week and that class makes me feel like I ripped a bong after I leave the room. I honestly feel like I'm walking on clouds and I have the most intense focus and clarity of mind. I feel so grounded and rejuvenated, it's crazy. I'm falling in love with meditation and I want you all to fall in love with it with me because it ROCKS!

I’ve  also been drinking different teas and slowly incorporating more fruits and vegetables. I hate eating it straight, so I throw into the blender and chug it. It's my morning energy. I’m also forcing myself to eat nuts now to gain healthy weight. I combine walnuts, almonds, peanuts and m&ms in a container and munch on them all day.
Here’s a picture of the newest pose me and a special someone are trying to master.
Much Love Guys!


  1. You don't miss meat? I gave up meat twice for lent and I definitely felt a difference in a good way, but I also missed eating meat a lott. All the best to you though!
    And yea, doing meditation/yoga definitely puts you at ease. And it's great for flexibility!

  2. sounds good and healthy, sobriety good, diet good. wow.
    I had creatine after college which helped me get kick started on working out from 140 and up. for while anyway. keep up the great blogging!

  3. I'm gonna try that pose, looks challenging but pretty cool. Glad to hear you're doing well!

  4. So what does this mean? You allow yourself to eat fish and seafood? That's a good compromise, cause I cannot see you giving up your annual holiday feast of sushi. :-)

  5. thats extreme man! haha but thats awesome you're feelin so good from changing your ways

  6. @Kwakamole: Your username makes me giggle. I don't miss meat at all! You should try it again, especially since you noticed positive changes yourself! Do it with me??

    @Dan: Thanks man! Creatine works great...until you stop using it lol Do you still take it? I used it for a month and gained 5 pounds but I was getting pretty bad headaches so I paused for a while.

    @Jack: Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

    @Anonymous: hahaha thank you :)

    @fan of casey: Yes. I could NEVER give up my sushi. You know me well! hahaha Hope you're doing wonderfully :)

    @socrkid17: I know =/ No more