Friday, April 21, 2017


Life has been crazy lately. I haven't even had time to watch PLL yet! haha It's gotta be Aria and/or Wren...and I want to binge watch The Walking Dead too and catch up on the latest season. I stopped watching when Carol left that Medieval looking place and moved into the cabin on the outskirts of the village.

Tv has not been on my mind lately, as much as I would love to stop and watch my favorite shows. I can barely juggle what's on my plate right now, so frivolous activities were the first to go. Occasionally, I'll allow myself to watch a movie off this free website I use though. I love movies. The latest one being Beauty and the Beast. I thought it was aight. Has anyone seen the new Power Rangers movie? I want to watch that one next. If you're a movie fan, check out this guy's YouTube channel ---> Chris Stuckmann

Anyways, I've been trying to do so many things in my day-to-day life and it's been absolutely amazing. I'm awakening to the realization that you have to HUSTLE as an Entrepreneur. I now make a lengthy and organized to-do list every night, before I go to bed.

One of the most recent changes, is an adjustment to my work schedule, which will take affect in a few weeks. Instead of working three 8-hour shifts, I'm going to work five 6-hour shifts and come in later in the afternoon/early evening. As a section leader with an order to write, this will make my life so much easier and I'll be there more days to work back stock and all that exciting shit. I'm going to tryyyyyy and manage this new schedule of working 30 hours, in an attempt to hold onto my health insurance, but if I get burned out, I'll bump down to five 5-hour shifts instead. Realistically, there's about a 99% chance that's what I'm going to end up doing.

Here's a preview of the current drawing I'm working on:

Sorry for the awful photo quality. My phone case sucks and blurs my photos, which is why I have a new case on the way. I'm finally getting a wooden case! I've always wanted one :)

I'm scheduled to complete this piece on the 24th. I have so much more to do, as well as import the photos into iMovie and create another YouTube video! 

I've found it's super important to eat insanely clean when you're working nonstop, to keep your brain alert and focused. Well, actually all the time, but especially when you're working 60-80 hours a week. So what exactly do I do?

As an Entrepreneur, everything depicts the outcome of my life right now. So essentially, I consider everything productive (that contributes to my art career, health, mind) as work. As soon as I wake up, I jump on my trampoline for five minutes and get the blood and oxygen flowing. Than I make a smoothie and a green shot mixed with matcha green tea, before laying out in the sun. Than I juice, oil pull, do dishes, work out (I've been slacking and only going to the gym like 2-3x a week), draw/film, do photoshoots for social media, meal prep, chores and run errands (mainly to FedEx and the Post Office these days), shop on Amazon, make a protein shake, blog and I've been getting in a groove of stretching for an hour every night. I met a really cool (and fellow vegan) guy on Instagram who introduced me to Terrence McKenna, so I've been listening to his speeches while I stretch. His mind is fascinating. Plus he helps me zone out, as I'm falling deeper and deeper into the pain of each stretch, making it more bearable. 

I want to get to a point where this all just becomes effortless and natural. That's why I can't wait for the day when I no longer need another job to support myself financially, so I have 25-30 more hours a week to dedicate to myself. That'll be a chapter in my life I greatly look forward to. I just need to stay focused and give it time, because that day is on the horizon. Future Lifestyle/Travel Blogger and Artist here I mothafucking come!! 

Stay focused y'all...and if you're not focused enough, GET FOCUSED! Time is of the essence :)

Friday, April 14, 2017


Learn. Grow. Repeat. 

I have two subscribers, which kindaaaaa makes me a YouTube Celebrity. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Creating my Reality

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! 

26 is going to be the most vibrant year of my life...until I turn 27 hehe. My bday was so productive. I drew from midnight (made a wish), through the night and put my pencils down around 7AM. I slept till noon and than made a smoothie, laid out in the sun, drew some more and than met up with coworkers to celebrate at The Cheesecake Factory. 

Among the generous presents I received, I was gifted a crocheted succulent, handmade by my super talented friend Arielle.

For an entire week leading up to my bday, she worked on this art piece, which makes it that much more special. She gave me a piece of her heart and I'm so grateful. Not to mention this plant drinks essential oils, rather than water, making my room smell so good! 

This mat literally just came in the mail a few hours ago. I purchased it in an attempt to heal and release the tension I have in my shoulders, neck and lower back. So excited to use this acupressure mat everyday! :))

So what have I been up to lately? I've been clocking 60-80 hours of work a week, for the past month or so. Doing photoshoots, edits, drawing, building my social media, retail job, etc. My next big venture is YouTube--which will consist of time-lapse videos of myself drawing. 

I finished my most recent piece yesterday, which will be the focus of my first vid! 

The mind is an extraordinarily powerful tool and one of the many facets it's equipped with, is our ability to dream. Dimethyltryptamine aka DMT, is the source of this, which is released in the pineal gland and allows us to dream at night. Sleeping has always fascinated me, because that's where my mind becomes psychedelic. 
Often times, dreams would frighten me as a child, due to the sheer obscurity and utter bizarreness of them. They got so intense, that I began wetting the bed as a kid and I had to sleep in my sibling's room, on the floor. However; over the years, I've learned to embrace them, rather than forcing myself to wake up. Night terrors and nightmares are not my fondest memories as an adolescent, but they taught me how pure and unpredictable the mind can be. Free of second-guessing, ego and shattering societal norms. 
I titled this drawing 'DMT' because I wanted it feel as if you're watching my muse within a dream. Almost like a Kodak moment. Michelle is teleporting out of a magical conch shell and onto a tropical island, where she'll find the key to her happiness. (Hawaii, obviously) haha 

On a random note, Michelle referred me to a practicing Shaman, who was giving free readings. So I hit him up and this is some of the information he sent me:

I think it's interesting and fun, plus I really connect to the Nine of Water description. I didn't get a whole lot out of it, but I had nothing to lose! 

Pave your own path in life and stop at nothing until you're truly happy...

Much Love Guys.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'm 26

Today I turn 26 years old. I've been on this planet for 9,490 days. In that time, I've learned a thing or two. Every single experience, every soul I have encountered and every action I have taken, has shaped me into the person I have become and the man I am becoming. 
There's an intense urgency within me, to drop knowledge on this world using my gift to draw, as the platform to do so. Our world has so many flaws at the moment, which need immediate attention and healing. We live on a beautiful, magical planet...which we're killing. 
My favorite scene from Moana is when the ocean separates and she returns the stone back into Te Fiti's heart. We have to heal Mother Earth, which begins with exposing ourselves to the injustices occurring here and than understanding we no longer want to be apart of that evil. Going vegan is the only way our society will survive, until one day it'll be too late and the evil will have spread far enough, like cancer infecting a body. The food and dairy industries are the Satan of this world. We've allowed a physical, tangible hell to manifest on our own soil. 
Holocaust #2 is happening point-blank in front of us and we must end it. Just because we can't communicate with animals directly, doesn't mean they don't feel and experience suffering, any less than you and I do. Yet we continue to support this sinister behavior, by eating their body parts & dairy products, further funding a corporate demon that's treating our animals in the most disturbing and barbaric ways imaginable. 
That's why the term "Kosher" was invented. For the people who's ancestors suffered in the first Holocaust, but want to turn a blind eye and not feel guilty about supporting this one. Slapping an extra stamp or letter on a pretty package doesn't erase the tears and misery that soul endured. Watch the documentary Earthlings and you'll witness just how identical the suffering is. 
So let's wake up as a collective whole, regardless of religious/spiritual beliefs and close this dark portal that's been opened up once again. For our health. For our animals. For our plants. For Te Fiti. 💚

...It's been an extremely turbulent journey, leading up to this new outlook on life, but I love the new view from here. 

Much Love 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chasing My Light

I am so in love with life, you guys! EVERYTHING is manifesting all at once and I know this is just the beginning of it all. I'm so grateful. 

Because I'm so preoccupied with a bajillion things now, I don't have time to doubt myself anymore. I'm simply putting my determination into motion. I was at the gym at 5 AM this morning!

Here's a second preview of DMT:

I decided I'm going to dedicate a tab on my website to Michelle and title it 'MUSE'. She is the most gifted writer I've ever met, who's able to capture an audience's attention in a way that I cannot. Her words are so heartfelt, captivating, wise and humorous...all at once. It's a profound experience when someone's writing has the ability to make you cry and feel such intense emotions. 

Inching closer and closer to my YouTube debut!!! AHHHH!!! I love you 2017. Much love guys!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Finding my Key

When doors begin opening up, take a moment to look back on how far you've come, before continuing forward. 

My life is beginning to blossom and it's an amazing feeling! I'm falling deeply in love with my career and I know this insane passion and drive is going to take me to a type of happiness I'm unable to even comprehend or imagine. 

I specifically remember the day I discovered Rachel Brathen (aka yoga_girl on Instagram) when I was a sophomore in college. She had 17K followers and it was the first time I saw photos of Aruba. I laid in bed and marveled at her page. I became enamored by her beautiful, tropical lifestyle and thought to myself "I'm going to have that one day too." 

I have extremely high expectations for myself, in all aspects of life. I never want to stop growing! I'm currently in the process of creating a YouTube channel and it's something I've always wanted to do. :) This chapter of my life is coming to an end and I'm replacing it with something extraordinary on the next page! 

My yellow brick road is FINALLY leaving the dark forest. I can see the light. ☀️ I just want to run into it, embrace it and never let it go. I'm ready to embark on this adventure and spread my wings. I found the key to unlocking doors...all I had to do was look inward and grab it out of my heart. 🗝

Much love!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Yellow Brick Road Part 2/2

Than I stumbled upon my senior-level professor, Louise Freshman Brown. My Glinda. The woman I had the honor of taking three classes with, who approached me shortly after the semester started and whispered that I have the ability to draw people. Louise detected the magic within me, years before I did. Thank you for transforming your classroom into the building blocks and foundation of my life's work.

Lastly (for now), my brother @ramblinmannino aka my advisor. The soul I resided in when I was at rock bottom, who patched me back together and helped me rediscover the person I was meant to become. ❤

Start surrounding yourself with exceptional human beings, people who elevate you, push you out of your comfort zone and encourage your growth. Keep your distance from everyone else. You're destined to encounter dozens of flying monkeys and maybe even a witch or two, but just throw some water on that bitch and laugh at your haters. They haven't discovered their yellow brick road yet and want to knock you off your own path.

One day you'll look back on your adventure and realize all you had to do was click your heels three times. But where's the fun and inner growth in that? I can't count the number of all-nighters I've pulled over the years, in order to meet deadlines...or the countless times I was left in tears by temporary defeat. Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.

That light exists! It's in all of us!! I can see the tiny shimmer of hope now and it's glowing brighter and brighter. No matter where you are in life, understand that you can overcome any obstacle or circumstance. All you have to do is work hard enough and get back up every time Life knocks you down and you call it the wicked witch.

My Yellow Brick Road Part 1/2

Being an artist in this world is so difficult. It's the riskiest major to choose from in college for a reason. 
The moment little 21-year-old me walked into my advisor's office (unknowingly at the time), I knew I was taking the first step on my yellow brick road. You may not notice how significant the choices you're making are right now in the present moment, but they'll all make sense eventually. Everything happens for a reason. Listen to what your heart is telling you to do. 
Just like Dorothy, I want to find my rainbow through the tornado called Life. Hawaii is beckoning my heart, just like my heart was being led into that office years ago. Something is there that I have to find. Maybe it's this weird word people talk about, called happiness. 
But what's true happiness, at its purest form, if it can't be shared with others? I'll never understand people who horde their success and riches, instead of raising the world with them. #greedisevil #DavidRockefeller
I won't get there unless I create a team. I need my scarecrow, tinman, toto, Glinda, lion, etc. Each so different in possessing their own skills and qualities, yet a key factor in Dorothy's adventure. Mich, thank you for being my toto. My best friend and light--grasping my hand as I went through some extremely dark forests in life, without ever letting go. 

To be continued...

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I have been more productive these last two weeks, than I ever have in my life. My heart feels like it's exploding with the excitement of endless possibilities that are at my fingertips. I finally feel like my dreams are within reach and I can't wait to grab them and never let go.

I'm elated to announce that my Facebook art page just hit 1,000 followers!! 


As my way of showing gratitude for all the love, I'm giving away a free print from The Consciousness Series! It's my first giveaway and I've been looking forward to this moment for so long now. 
All you have to do is 1) follow my FB page @JeremyManninoArt 2) share your favorite piece from the series and 3) tell me why you resonate with it and I'll pick a winner. :)
The contest is now LIVE for the next 72 hours! Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.

Within these last two weeks, I completely revamped my website and altered my marketing strategy. I want to use all this abundant creative energy surging through me, to connect with as many people as I possibly can! I'm embracing my photography outlet and I just can't wait to show this world what I have to offer!!! 


Hello World

It feels good to be alive. I don't say that enough. I'm here to help change this world and I would have given up on my special purpose here on Earth if I decided to return home early. Promise me you'll never give up. Seek help if you're suicidal. We all contain magic within us and it needs to be spread across the world. This world is facing a very real war. Our planet is dying and we need to be warriors of Mother Earth and protect her. Our animals are being tortured, our foods are poisonous and evil cannot win. This world must go vegan and legalize marijuana in order to heal. The Universe selected me for this mission and I have to wake the world up through my art. It's my turn to shine. I'm ready...because I no longer fear life, I love it and I'm learning to embrace every single moment. 


Saturday, March 18, 2017



(For this year)  

The moment I discovered what Ayahuasca was, I became fascinated. The search to learn more about this foreign medicine led me to different websites and YouTube videos, where I stumbled upon people's testimonials and documented trips in Peru. For example:

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian plant mixture that is capable of inducing altered states of consciousness. Ranging from mildly stimulating to extremely visionary, Ayahuasca is used primarily as a medicine, typically in a ceremonial session under the guidance of an experienced drinker.

The main ingredient of this jungle tea is a vine, Banisteriopsis caapi, which like the tea itself is also called Ayahuasca (which means ‘vine of the soul’). The secondary ingredient is either chacruna (Psychotria viridis) or chagropanga (Diplopterys cabrerana), plants that contain a relatively high amount of the psychedelic substance DMT.

Upon ingesting, the medicine purges the body through vomiting and purifies the mind through the psychological experiences or visions. Although not unique to Ayahuasca, there are many fascinating reports about people who have been healed from comprehensive problems, like addiction or depression. Ayahuasca brings unconscious and seemingly other-worldly processes to the surface, which enables you to work with it while the effects last.

The primary ingredient of chacruna and chagropanga is a neurotransmitter found in every human being and plays a key role in all kinds of extraordinary states of awareness. This neurotransmitter is called dimethyltryptamine, or DMT for short and is found in the brain, blood, lungs and other parts of the human body. There is strong evidence pointing towards the pineal gland (located in the center of the brain), as the main factory of human DMT. Apart from human beings, DMT can be found in every mammal and in a variety of plants, like Ayahuasca. 

Basically, every time you go to sleep, a part of your brain produces this chemical and the product that we endure is our dreams. DMT is the drug which causes your dreams at night. How cool is that?!

This is why I felt compelled to transition into my next drawing, which is titled DMT. 

I feel like my brain is moving faster than it ever has before and I need to write all these scattered thoughts down, so I can see it in a physical format and proceed in a more focused manner. 

So I decided my next step is to create a YouTube channel!! I'm officially going to begin filming myself as I draw, from here on out. I'm so excited to use this new platform, as a way to connect with new people and get some more exposure. 

Speaking of exposure, my brother has basically become my Advisor and he told me to boost my FaceBook photos. I initially was going to invest in a scanner, printer and Photoshop, but realized very quickly that I'm getting ahead of myself and that's not the wisest decision to make at this point. Instead, I boosted each drawing from The Consciousness Series for 48 hours and specifically chose the audience that would see each piece, based on other pages they like on FB. For example, when boosting Mushroom Forest, I targeted every person who likes Alice in Wonderland and psilocybin mushrooms (amongst other things).  

The promotions ended last night and I got very good feedback. I ended up spending $75 ($5 on each drawing) and didn't get any sales, but I know why. This test run revealed A LOT, simply through the people's reactions. I'm going to heavily promote the drawings that got the best feedback.

But before I do that, I have a few things I need to change/fix. These are the things which I believe, didn't create any sales over the last two days. 

  • Landing Page
  • Sales Copy
  • Lack of Promoting 

I'm changing my landing page, which is currently Etsy. Etsy forces the buyer to create an account in order to purchase an item from a shop. That's a MAJOR sales killer. So instead, I'll be creating a shop to buy prints directly on my website. Plus, this will look more professional. 

Next, I'm going to add sales copies on each of my drawings, to engage with my audience. I'm in the midst of writing one for each of the drawings and explaining what each piece means/represents to me, why I was inspired to create it, how I thought of it, etc. There's a story behind each piece, which gives it significance and value, extending beyond the visual.

The more deeply people connect with my art and what it stands for, the greater the chances they'll want to make it a part of their lives. 

Rather than purchasing all the equipment I listed above, I'm going to continue photographing my art using my DSLR camera and I bought Pixelmator to use as my photo editing software. 

Once I finish creating my new landing page and sales copies, I'm going to continue promoting. Once I hit 1,000 likes on my Page, I'm going to hold a contest. I'm going to engage my followers (as a way to celebrate my 1K), by asking everyone to share their favorite piece from the Series and once the contest ends, I'm going to randomly chose a winner and ship them the print they shared. :) 

I'm just trying to balance all of this out. Filming, drawing, learning how to work Pixelmator, my camera, YouTube, work, blogging consistently, yoga, meal prepping, marketing research, posting to social media daily, meeting my deadlines, etc.

Lately I've been telling myself to just relax and enjoy this beautiful process. I'm in the middle of a massive change and I know my life is about to catapult into greatness. #LevelUp

My business cards arrived and I love them :)


Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dream Journal 3.13.2017

The first thing I remember was that I was moving to another house in my neighborhood. I was most upset because I'd miss the backyard. We have an awesome backyard, that my parents really maintain and keep super zen. My cats are always on our back porch, observing the sounds and animals. That's their playground. Beyond our fence is a canal and a huge hedge, which shields a golf course, connected to a gated community. (see pic below)

That was where I got high with my high school friends haha this canal brings back so many amazing childhood memories for me. It also makes our house feel really private and surrounded by nature. I love sitting in the sun everyday, while listening to music and drinking a smoothie. It's so peaceful and rejuvenating. 

This is what I've been putting in my smoothie everyday:


The next thing I remember about the dream was being in a new location, that I've never seen before. I also realized it was nighttime. It's crazy how your mind has the capability to create new places, by combining different things you experience in your waking life...and alter the time of day! My new home was across the street from a beautiful Mosque. The building was bright gold and the roof curved, almost like the frosting on a cupcake!

I watched a group of people, as they were either entering or leaving the building and noticed how beautiful the women looked. They were wearing long, flowing dresses. The outfits were so stunning, which made me think someone was getting married. I was across the street, watching them from the sidewalk. There was a fence to my left and a patch of grass on both sides of me.

It was daytime again. I squatted down and began filling a red solo cup up with water, using a mini water fountain. Like the one for animals!


Than I was in a restaurant. The walls were dark brown and the whole vibe was very fast-paced. The lights glowed a soft orange hue and I stood there and watched, as couples ate their food and talked to one another. A middle-aged man walked past me in a hurry, gave me a slight tilt of his head and said "get back to work", without slowing down his pace. I looked over my shoulder and watched his legs scurry away, as he sped down a red carpet that had gold stitching embroided along the sides of the carpet. He jolted around a corner, holding something in his hands and disappeared. In the distance was a dining area. I was so confused haha all I could think was "who the fuck was he?" and looked around again. I felt like I was playing some strange video game and it was my mission to investigate the surroundings and look for clues as to where I was. To the right of me was a wall, which extended down into another large eating area. It looked really boring, so I turned my head to the left and saw stairs. I don't know why I was gravitated by these steps (there was only a few) haha but I was and walked up them.

They led up to another section of the restaurant, which was slightly more raised than the lower level. It also felt more cozy and private. To the right were two more tables, with couples sitting at them. In front of me was an employee station and to my left was a winding path, on an incline. I could only see about ten feet up to the path, until it twisted around into the unknown. I walked into the service station area. It reminded me of those little nooks on airplanes, that flight attendants use to prepare the meals. There was a sink, a little touch screen computer, an area to leave dirty dishes and a mirror against the wall, with a small light above it.

For whatever reason, I glanced over at three, dirty drinking glasses, sitting next to the sink on the mini counter. I grabbed one and began running it under the water, to clean it. The marks and imperfections wouldn't disappear. I got annoyed, so I left the station and continued walking down this path. I entered the center of the hallway. The floors and walls were both maroon. A few moments later, the hallway ended and there was a pair of swinging, double doors to my left.

I entered the room and it was super, brightly lit. I was in the kitchen of the restaurant, accompanied by other people, who were focused on the tasks in front of them. I felt invisible, in a badass kinda way.

I was so fascinated by how meticulous the chef's movements were, as they carefully handled the food to the plate. I looked over and saw a bowl of fruit, with a banana hanging off the top. I wanted it haha

The moment I touched the banana, it catapulted me outside and onto the sidewalk. Next to me were a group of people, waiting to cross the street. One of which was a Russian chick my age. We immediately made eye contact and smiled. She hugged me and than warmly gripped the sides of my arms and smiled again. She was so pretty and had beautiful, long brunette hair. She held my hand and we began walking.

It was nighttime again.

I sensed that she was lost as well, trying to find others, even though there were other people around us. It reminded me of this music video, in the sense that we didn't feel like we fit in with anyone else around us:

The two of us walked down the street, like Dorothy and the Scarecrow, taking off on their adventure as newly, aquatinted friends. We met up with a few of her other friends and we began climbing up a loading dock together. The ramp was on a fairly steep incline, with metal guard rails to our right. Beyond the rails, I noticed something that made me feel very at peace. It was my canal!This time I was on the other side of it though.

I reached into my pocket and told the flashlight on my phone to turn on. A light beam shot out of the center of my iPhone and I continued walking with the group.

Once we got to end of this ramp like structure, the others began jumping down over the ledge and onto the grass below. It was about a four-foot jump. The guy in front of me leapt down and injured his ankle upon landing. I started getting paranoid. I sorta scaled the wall and plopped down softly. We continued walking, as the stars lit up in the sky above us. I could feel the wind blowing against my skin and the big bushes to our left, began to sway gently.

I aimed my phone light down and revealed a baby iguana staring back up at me, with innocent little puppy eyes. It took off at lightning speed and a moment later, I heard a faint splash coming from the canal. I unknowingly aimed my phone back up, in front of me and one of the girls began screaming. A large black silhouette emerged and began getting larger and larger. It looked like a dog's shadow, except it was massive. Like the size of a 400 pound pitbull.

We all started running back up onto the loading dock and appeared in the back of a white van. It was daytime again. None of us had enough time to jump behind the wheel, before it crashed into another car. I floated through the van and time went into reverse, as I remained floating in the street. The cars reconstructed themselves and flew backwards. Than time unfroze and I watched the accident occur again, except this time, right in front of my face.

As the vehicles collided in slow motion, I made out the features of the person driving. It was a young male in his mid-twenties, with dark hair and skin. His body began to dive forward in a fluid motion, as his airbag deployed from within his steering wheel. It was fucking crazy. His passenger window shattered into a cloud of tiny glass fragments, that shimmered against the sunlight. I put my hand up and everything stopped. Instead of the glass shards shooting into the guys neck and head, they fell to the ground next to him. His face reemerged from the airbag, unharmed. He flicked us off and kept driving, as if nothing had happened. I felt like QuickSilver, from THIS scene in X Men.

The moment he drove past me, I was standing on a sidewalk, next to a beautiful house. All the vehicles disappeared. Everything was calm and quiet again. There were tropical palm trees and colorful plants all around me. The scenery reminded me of Hawaii. A wave of peace and relaxation came over me. I felt the sun against my face, as it sat up in the light blue sky.

Than my alarm woke me up...

Saturday, March 11, 2017


I can't believe I forgot to share this!!!

I hit my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY at work two weeks ago. The job has become so mindless and dull due to the repetition, but until I can support myself from art and blogging, I can't leave. Wah I'm trying to make the most of it and stay positive! I've never mentally said "I don't want to be here" more times in my life though. haha Whatever life is throwing at you, stay focused and grounded on your goals.

I just want to move to Hawaii, work out everyday, prepare the healthiest foods, draw and blog, toke up, go to yoga class and fall more deeply in love with life, than I can possibly imagine. Is that REALLY too much to ask? haha 

Right here would do: 

Just casually blogging, poolside 

It'll happen one day because...


Sale #3: Make a Wish

AH!! You want to hear the coolest part?! Another blogger bought it! I feel so much love and support right now. All I can say, from the bottom of my heart, is thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am so grateful. 

In efforts to really get these sales ramped up and the ball rolling, I made some fancy shmancy new business cards to start handing out to people!  

What do you guys think? I love the black card against the bright, colorful drawings. It's simple, yet sophisticated, just like me. haha I'm just hoping that the images appear crisp on the cards and intrigue people enough to check out my social media. If you click on the image to enlarge it, they do look really blurry, but I'm hoping that's not the case when they arrive.

I have a list of places around town that I hope to display them at. For example, a vegan cafe, a raw juicing place, environmentally friendly restaurants, a hippie boutique, a yoga studio, a head shop, a metaphysical store, a vegan bakery, etc. 

I'm so excited!!!!

Also, my tapestry arrived in the mail a few days ago!!

I N  L O V E

I'm heading up to Jacksonville for my buddy's wedding, but I can't wait to come back home and finish this beauty. 

I'm dedicated to staying on track with my deadlines, which means I'll be finished with this piece on the 15th!!! I added the watercolors and it looks SO DOPE. This series is turning into more than I ever could have dreamed of. (Hint for the next drawing) ;)

Much Love Guys...and thank you Jackson!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Finding Nirvana

Last night I drew until 6 AM. That's how hard I'm trying to make it as an artist. I'm 110% committed, because this path will bring me to my enlightenment in this lifetime.

I woke up so late, like noon, just as my sister arrived at the house after her six mile run along the beach. After making a superfood shot and a smoothie for the two of us, we went outside to talk on the back patio. We began talking about my art and work, particularly about my decision to work three days a week now, which will result in my loss of health insurance. I don't care. I'd rather have an extra day to spend doing art, yoga, meal prepping, reading and blogging. Happiness is more important than health insurance.

But something my sister said to me during our quick conversation, really made me question her authenticity. She said:

"Jeremy, nobody wants to buy art with a random girl on it."

This series is my everything and I know she's wrong. It was a harsh thing to say, which made me realize how little she and I connect. She returned both of the framed drawings I drew for her and completely ignored me when I asked if she wanted to choose her favorite print from the series, to hang in her apartment or office. 

“Don't be discouraged if people don't see your vision, your harvest. All they see from their perspective is that you're watering a whole lot of dirt. They don't SEE what seeds you've been planting with blood, sweat, tears and lack of sleep. Make sure you don't abandon or neglect it because "they" don't see it. You have to KNOW and believe for yourself. They don't see the roots and what's budding under the dirt. But it's okay, because it's NOT meant for them to see it. While you wait, MASTER it. You continue to do YOUR work and have unwavering faith! Remember why you started planting in the first place. Your harvest WILL come!” ― Yvonne Pierre

Shortly after that convo, I went to work...

Today was the first time I ever witnessed someone in the act of stealing. It's a twisted experience. I had just gotten to work and I was assigned to a register my first hour. About thirty minutes into the shift, a couple stepped up in line to pay for their items. I said hi and began ringing their shit up. They looked like people who ride motorcycles and eat at Cracker Barrel five nights a week. They immediately started making small talk with me and I, just as quickly, sensed bad vibes. The man started his speech by informing me how much they love the store. He was like "I could really picture myself working here as well. The people are so friendly and I worked at Publix for twenty years, so I have plenty of experience." I agreed halfheartedly and pointed behind me towards the help desk, where a manager could give him an application. As soon as he came back, he tried covering a box filled with chocolate bars, that was sitting on the end of my register counter. I watched him lower the box into his bag and I immediately went into defense mode.

I looked at him and asked "oh, you're taking those too?" His rebuttal was that he wasn't paying attention to what he was doing. BS. The moment they walked away, I told two managers, to ensure they don't hire his ass. That speech was probably just a ploy to distract me and he never actually had any interest in getting a job. HE PROBABLY NEVER WORKED AT PUBLIX EITHER. haha No candy for you, get on your motorcycle and eat your shitty meal at Cracker Barrel. If they were genuine people and desperately needed food, steal something substantial like peanut butter and trail mix. I am so over retail haha SO. OVER. IT.

On a positive note, Sunday is the only day of the week I get to work with my FAVORITE COWORKER, Nikita! She works 12-8 and I work 2-10, so we try to take advantage of the six hours we have together and just enjoy the retail experience for what it's worth. She's not funny, she's fucking hysterical. We were on register one and two together, when a gorgeous man walked through the doors and stopped at the spinning card stand, right by the entrance.

Simultansouly we whisper/scream "cards!" to each other and erupted into laughter for a solid fifteen seconds. We both feel like there's so much more out there in the world for us, so I sent her my resume (I applied for a creepy personal assistant job last year) and we met at Barnes and Noble on Thursday for her to make one and start sending it out. I'm going to miss her so much when she leaves.

Us hiding in the bathroom hahaha

Today is also Michelle's birthday!!!! If you're reading this all the way from New Zealand, I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jezebel made me post these!!

It's in these moments, where I feel complete bliss and happiness. Life is about finding people who love you! Have fun. Be goofy! Laugh a lot! Undress people's minds! Grow together and get excited about life! 

I love you guys! 

If you feel inclined, comment something so I can interact with you all!