Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Be Free my Little Birdie

I'm learning to appreciate the journey to success. I feared it for so long. I feared moving away to college. I feared coming out. I feared becoming an artist. I feared that my acne would never clear up. I feared never finding a job. I feared and feared and feared.

You wanna know what happens when you stop fearing? You become a catalyst for growth and the roots begin to nourish your soul. 

I'm growing rapidly right now, by simply loving myself...and you know what? That's the least selfish thing you can do for yourself. This growth requires a substantial amount of solitude. When else would I have time to reflect on my thoughts and formulate new ideas with enriched substance?

Learning to appreciate time is a beautiful thing and having another job has blessed me with this understanding. 

In two weeks, I'm taking a week-long paid vacation and mapping out the game plan. I haven't had this many days off from work in a row, since I got the job 16 months ago. I deserve it. I've worked my ass off and now I get to play, while in a hyper-focused state of mind. 

The Consciousness Series. 

My time to leave the nest (again lol) is approaching and I'm ready to fly off. For good this time. 

Much Love Guys.


  1. WOOF! GO YOU! get ready to spread your wings and fly away. I left home when I was 23. take that first step on the yellow brick road!

  2. you look much better without the hat bro. very handsome.