Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Consciousness Series: Highbiscus

Transitioning from my last piece to this one, felt so natural and effortless. DMT depicts Michelle within a dream, while this drawing takes a step back, embodying the two, while delineating how I conceive a tangible dream cloud might look. 

Prior to having the concept mapped out, I began brainstorming ideas, to capture my muse in a pose that would convey peacefulness and vulnerability. Furthermore; an elaboration on the tropical, psychedelic style was a huge driving force in the inspiration behind this piece. 

The butterfly represents the fusion of the two worlds, as it's flying out of the dream, through the hibiscus and onto her shoulder. It's a representation of myself. I'm learning to evolve 🐛, by chasing my dreams and creating the reality I want. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Prints available! (click here)

Next drawing up: Psychedelic, ocean themed!! 

Much Love

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