Thursday, July 20, 2017


The Consciousness Series: Gravity, created 2017, graphite, watercolors and Prismacolor colored pencils.

Drawing #20! Wow. I’m smiling from ear to ear as I sit writing this in my little studio, because I’m blown away that something as simple as a conversation below the stars with my best friend, could manifest into something so meaningful. Each piece is a visual reminder of how much this journey has transformed me. I am no longer the same person or artist that I was when Michelle and I created this series back in 2013. Over the course of this time, life has knocked me down and made me feel the lowest of lows. However, this series has always given me hope through escapism, creating some of the highest highs. 
All the still life paintings, landscapes, nudes, art critiques, all-nighters, commissioned portraits and hundreds of hours I’ve dedicated to this craft, led me here. To this exact moment where I’m overjoyed and proud of what I create.
I am truly blessed to call Michelle my muse and best friend. We first met in high school Biology and Jewelry class. Unbeknownst to us, the Universe had every intention of reuniting us once again, by placing us in the same college. While living in the same dorm Sophomore year, we began hanging out regularly and doing art, while listening to her Grooveshark playlist. I realized she wasn’t like most other girls. Her free-spirited personality, beautiful mind, hilarious sense of humor, loyalty and unshaken confidence was one in a million. It’s no surprise that she would become my biggest supporter and creative outlet. 
This piece reminds me of all the hysterical 4-hour road trips we took together, to and from Jacksonville. One day I hope this series catapults us into a position where we’re given the opportunity to travel the world together and spread our message to everyone. This series is an intertwined story of myself, Michelle, hope, growth, love, sweat, tears, passion, spirituality, injustices, dreams, beauty, darkness and the unknown.
Michelle was levitated up into an alien spaceship in Hoodwinked and now she’s soaring through space and discovering the next key to enlightenment. Now it’s time for her to meet someone with an important message. To be Continued...

Much Love!


  1. This series Gravity is a master piece.I love the art which you have shown via this series.You are really so talentedand creative artist

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