Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Consciousness Series: Highbiscus

Transitioning from my last piece to this one, felt so natural and effortless. DMT depicts Michelle within a dream, while this drawing takes a step back, embodying the two, while delineating how I conceive a tangible dream cloud might look. 

Prior to having the concept mapped out, I began brainstorming ideas, to capture my muse in a pose that would convey peacefulness and vulnerability. Furthermore; an elaboration on the tropical, psychedelic style was a huge driving force in the inspiration behind this piece. 

The butterfly represents the fusion of the two worlds, as it's flying out of the dream, through the hibiscus and onto her shoulder. It's a representation of myself. I'm learning to evolve 🐛, by chasing my dreams and creating the reality I want. After all, a dream is a wish your heart makes.

Prints available! (click here)

Next drawing up: Psychedelic, ocean themed!! 

Much Love

Friday, April 21, 2017


Life has been crazy lately. I haven't even had time to watch PLL yet! haha It's gotta be Aria and/or Wren...and I want to binge watch The Walking Dead too and catch up on the latest season. I stopped watching when Carol left that Medieval looking place and moved into the cabin on the outskirts of the village.

Tv has not been on my mind lately, as much as I would love to stop and watch my favorite shows. I can barely juggle what's on my plate right now, so frivolous activities were the first to go. Occasionally, I'll allow myself to watch a movie off this free website I use though. I love movies. The latest one being Beauty and the Beast. I thought it was aight. Has anyone seen the new Power Rangers movie? I want to watch that one next. If you're a movie fan, check out this guy's YouTube channel ---> Chris Stuckmann

Anyways, I've been trying to do so many things in my day-to-day life and it's been absolutely amazing. I'm awakening to the realization that you have to HUSTLE as an Entrepreneur. I now make a lengthy and organized to-do list every night, before I go to bed.

One of the most recent changes, is an adjustment to my work schedule, which will take affect in a few weeks. Instead of working three 8-hour shifts, I'm going to work five 6-hour shifts and come in later in the afternoon/early evening. As a section leader with an order to write, this will make my life so much easier and I'll be there more days to work back stock and all that exciting shit. I'm going to tryyyyyy and manage this new schedule of working 30 hours, in an attempt to hold onto my health insurance, but if I get burned out, I'll bump down to five 5-hour shifts instead. Realistically, there's about a 99% chance that's what I'm going to end up doing.

Here's a preview of the current drawing I'm working on:

Sorry for the awful photo quality. My phone case sucks and blurs my photos, which is why I have a new case on the way. I'm finally getting a wooden case! I've always wanted one :)

I'm scheduled to complete this piece on the 24th. I have so much more to do, as well as import the photos into iMovie and create another YouTube video! 

I've found it's super important to eat insanely clean when you're working nonstop, to keep your brain alert and focused. Well, actually all the time, but especially when you're working 60-80 hours a week. So what exactly do I do?

As an Entrepreneur, everything depicts the outcome of my life right now. So essentially, I consider everything productive (that contributes to my art career, health, mind) as work. As soon as I wake up, I jump on my trampoline for five minutes and get the blood and oxygen flowing. Than I make a smoothie and a green shot mixed with matcha green tea, before laying out in the sun. Than I juice, oil pull, do dishes, work out (I've been slacking and only going to the gym like 2-3x a week), draw/film, do photoshoots for social media, meal prep, chores and run errands (mainly to FedEx and the Post Office these days), shop on Amazon, make a protein shake, blog and I've been getting in a groove of stretching for an hour every night. I met a really cool (and fellow vegan) guy on Instagram who introduced me to Terrence McKenna, so I've been listening to his speeches while I stretch. His mind is fascinating. Plus he helps me zone out, as I'm falling deeper and deeper into the pain of each stretch, making it more bearable. 

I want to get to a point where this all just becomes effortless and natural. That's why I can't wait for the day when I no longer need another job to support myself financially, so I have 25-30 more hours a week to dedicate to myself. That'll be a chapter in my life I greatly look forward to. I just need to stay focused and give it time, because that day is on the horizon. Future Lifestyle/Travel Blogger and Artist here I mothafucking come!! 

Stay focused y'all...and if you're not focused enough, GET FOCUSED! Time is of the essence :)

Friday, April 14, 2017


Learn. Grow. Repeat. 

I have two subscribers, which kindaaaaa makes me a YouTube Celebrity. 

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Creating my Reality

THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes! 

26 is going to be the most vibrant year of my life...until I turn 27 hehe. My bday was so productive. I drew from midnight (made a wish), through the night and put my pencils down around 7AM. I slept till noon and than made a smoothie, laid out in the sun, drew some more and than met up with coworkers to celebrate at The Cheesecake Factory. 

Among the generous presents I received, I was gifted a crocheted succulent, handmade by my super talented friend Arielle.

For an entire week leading up to my bday, she worked on this art piece, which makes it that much more special. She gave me a piece of her heart and I'm so grateful. Not to mention this plant drinks essential oils, rather than water, making my room smell so good! 

This mat literally just came in the mail a few hours ago. I purchased it in an attempt to heal and release the tension I have in my shoulders, neck and lower back. So excited to use this acupressure mat everyday! :))

So what have I been up to lately? I've been clocking 60-80 hours of work a week, for the past month or so. Doing photoshoots, edits, drawing, building my social media, retail job, etc. My next big venture is YouTube--which will consist of time-lapse videos of myself drawing. 

I finished my most recent piece yesterday, which will be the focus of my first vid! 

The mind is an extraordinarily powerful tool and one of the many facets it's equipped with, is our ability to dream. Dimethyltryptamine aka DMT, is the source of this, which is released in the pineal gland and allows us to dream at night. Sleeping has always fascinated me, because that's where my mind becomes psychedelic. 
Often times, dreams would frighten me as a child, due to the sheer obscurity and utter bizarreness of them. They got so intense, that I began wetting the bed as a kid and I had to sleep in my sibling's room, on the floor. However; over the years, I've learned to embrace them, rather than forcing myself to wake up. Night terrors and nightmares are not my fondest memories as an adolescent, but they taught me how pure and unpredictable the mind can be. Free of second-guessing, ego and shattering societal norms. 
I titled this drawing 'DMT' because I wanted it feel as if you're watching my muse within a dream. Almost like a Kodak moment. Michelle is teleporting out of a magical conch shell and onto a tropical island, where she'll find the key to her happiness. (Hawaii, obviously) haha 

On a random note, Michelle referred me to a practicing Shaman, who was giving free readings. So I hit him up and this is some of the information he sent me:

I think it's interesting and fun, plus I really connect to the Nine of Water description. I didn't get a whole lot out of it, but I had nothing to lose! 

Pave your own path in life and stop at nothing until you're truly happy...

Much Love Guys.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'm 26

Today I turn 26 years old. I've been on this planet for 9,490 days. In that time, I've learned a thing or two. Every single experience, every soul I have encountered and every action I have taken, has shaped me into the person I have become and the man I am becoming. 
There's an intense urgency within me, to drop knowledge on this world using my gift to draw, as the platform to do so. Our world has so many flaws at the moment, which need immediate attention and healing. We live on a beautiful, magical planet...which we're killing. 
My favorite scene from Moana is when the ocean separates and she returns the stone back into Te Fiti's heart. We have to heal Mother Earth, which begins with exposing ourselves to the injustices occurring here and than understanding we no longer want to be apart of that evil. Going vegan is the only way our society will survive, until one day it'll be too late and the evil will have spread far enough, like cancer infecting a body. The food and dairy industries are the Satan of this world. We've allowed a physical, tangible hell to manifest on our own soil. 
Holocaust #2 is happening point-blank in front of us and we must end it. Just because we can't communicate with animals directly, doesn't mean they don't feel and experience suffering, any less than you and I do. Yet we continue to support this sinister behavior, by eating their body parts & dairy products, further funding a corporate demon that's treating our animals in the most disturbing and barbaric ways imaginable. 
That's why the term "Kosher" was invented. For the people who's ancestors suffered in the first Holocaust, but want to turn a blind eye and not feel guilty about supporting this one. Slapping an extra stamp or letter on a pretty package doesn't erase the tears and misery that soul endured. Watch the documentary Earthlings and you'll witness just how identical the suffering is. 
So let's wake up as a collective whole, regardless of religious/spiritual beliefs and close this dark portal that's been opened up once again. For our health. For our animals. For our plants. For Te Fiti. ðŸ’š

...It's been an extremely turbulent journey, leading up to this new outlook on life, but I love the new view from here. 

Much Love