Monday, May 30, 2011

Reunited With High School Friends!

Hey guys, Happy Memorial Day! I hope you all have been doing well. 

My sister is in the Keys so the house is nice and mellow. I laid out for a little while to catch up on my tanning. While I was outside, I tie-dyed my first shirt! I am obsessed with it now. haha It's so easy to tie-dye and it looks mad cool. I bought a kit last week with Patty.

Well, let me back track a little more. My parents were visiting my brother Ross in AZ, so Monica and I had the house to ourselves. Patty and I went to Michaels and bought the tie-dye kit and set up everything in the backyard. I took down my drapes in my room and we went to town. By the end of it, our hands were covered in dye. We stripped our clothes off to get tan and drank a few brewzies. And this is the finished product...

That night I threw a mini party. I invited about ten of my close friends over and we had such a good time. It was the first time that I ever smoked IN my house and it was awesome! No parents to hide from or sneak around, just friends and laughter. Monica picked up an 18 pack the night prior for me, so we played flip cup on the back porch. The best part was when my sister and friend walked in hammered from happy hour. haha So they joined my friends and I for flip cup which was a fun time until the beer ran out after 20 minutes. After the beer was dry we went back inside and watched a video of myself, Patty and Anita had made from Spanish Class. It was the first time we watched it together in over 5 years. We were dying laughing.

We left my place and went over to a bar close by. It was so weird, everyone from our high school was there. It was pretty much like a high school reunion. Local reggae bands were playing, so it was an overall amazing night! And I came out to my friend Sabina that night! I have known her since 4th grade and when I came out to her, she wouldn't believe me. She was so astonished and I just sat on my floor laughing. I guess I fooled almost everyone...


Fast-forward a week or so. On Thursday I met up with my friend Alexis whom I hadn't seen since graduation. We drove down to a timeshare condo and we blazed with her mom! It was so funny. I was pretty good about not laughing at some of the things her mom was saying, but the moment she started slapping her tongue and demanding to know why her tongue was so "sticky and tart", I absolutely busted out laughing. Cottonmouth got her good. The view we had was absolutely amazing. We were on the 16th floor of the condo balcony overlooking the city with the beach right behind us. Than Beans (Sabina) met us and I came out to Alexis.

Ohh yeah, so getting back to my relaxing Memorial Day. I spent the entire day relaxing and decided to paint my door. Haha

Now I'm about to jump in the shower and get ready to see The Hangover Part II. Ohhh yeahh! Maui Wowie time :)

Much Love Guys!

Sunday, May 8, 2011


The weekend after that I'm hermiting and studying for finals. Meh. And the weekend after that I'm stopping in Orlando on my way home for Summer for Shelby's 20th birthday! Her parents are getting all of us a presidential suite in one of the O-town hotels. AHHHHH! Get dat Pinnacle ready, Guita!

Ahhh so much to fill you guys in on!! Leggo!

Angela and I went to her Kappa Delta Formal! We pregammed in her apartment first of course.

My old roomie getting it! Haha
Once we got back, I hit up Shelby and Sammie so they came over and hung out. Shelby had just gotten into town and she was only visiting for a few days, so I wanted our old crew to see her.
Anhula, German, Drunky and Guita
The weekend after, Michelle and I went to Blue Springs in Orlando. Her boyfriend drove up to Jax and the three of us met her two cousins, who were hysterical.

It was cold out once the sun went down and the water was freezing, but that night was a blast!! We set up our tent, get super drunk playing some card game and than went on adventure.

We tried to catch dragonflies, got lost, got yelled at by our neighbors, got a rock thrown at Michi's car and almost froze in the water. It was a success! The next morning her cousin had like two or three ticks on him and we were all FREAKING out. 
This was a perfect little two day trip before studying for exams. I was in a committed relationship with the library for a week. I did well on all my exams and in-between my studying, I had been packing up and cleaning out my room and loading up my car since the year was over and I was going home to work at Tropical Smoothie for the Summer. Luckily I was able to cram everything into my car, but barely. God bless you Honda civic.

I left my campus around 3 and headed to Orlando for Shelby's 20th birthday celebrations! Shelby went to my school with me for three semesters, but transferred back to a community college where she lives in Tampa now. Her parents somehow got us two connecting hotel rooms for free for two nights at a fancy hotel. It was insane!!

The fun started the second she met me in the lobby. Shelby greets me downstairs DRUNK, with a bedazzled pimp cup in her hand filled with Pinnacle. On our way back up the elevator, we stopped to take a pic in the mirrored ceiling.

I didn't know any of her friends that were there, besides Nikki, but everyone was really cool. They start pouring Pinnacle and I did about five shots, on an empty stomach, in about twenty minutes. Shelby and I blacked out in the bathroom before her two last friends even got to the hotel. Hahaha

It was such a shit show. One of her friends got naked and started running up and down the hotel halls and then he and Shelby disappeared into the other room to have sex. Nikki and I ran downstairs to the game room and started posing on the air hockey table and I think we may have broke it.

The next day I felt like shit. We decided to walk like ten minutes up the street to McDonald's for breakfast which was a horrible idea in hindsight. The smells made me want to gag and Shelby was in the bathroom puking up a storm. Once we got back, we went down to the pool, where a guy immediately came out from the café and gave us a free pizza. It was so cool of him! I threw it up though haha

We tanned all afternoon, went back upstairs to the rooms and went to Downtown Disney and walked around for a few hours. I didn't feel better until we left the pool late that afternoon. We got dinner at Planet Hollywood (coolest place ever) and then went to Old Town at night. All the attractions were so damn expensive in Old Town and kept trying to get into this haunted house for free, but they wouldn't let us. The entitled mentality of 20-year-olds :)

We got back to the hotel and these crazy bitches started drinking again! I could not keep up with them and drank water the entire night and watched over all of them. Nikki starts pulling glow sticks out of her bag, so we turned the light off started jumping on the beds, blasting music and throwing them around the room. Than Shelby's two guy friends (one of which she hooked up with the night before) started making out with each other! It was so funny, one of them is straight and the other one is in the closet. The one in the closet took his pants off and started puking in the bathroom.

Shelby walks up to me, points over at him and goes "Dat Ass" and I BUSTED out laughing. His bare naked ass was out after feeling the need to pull his boxers down too.

I got home Saturday afternoon and my parents, sister. her friends and I went right to Sunfest in West Palm. My parents are huge Styx fans and after hearing my dad jamming out to them all the time, my sister and I got hooked. The festival had tons of vendors selling art, which was by far my favorite part. I could of spent days browsing. There were three different concert stages set up, so the vendors went on for miles. There was also water barge bars where people could party on floating bars. My sister and her friend vanished onto one of those. I stayed with my parents since I hadn't seen them in two months.

Styx put on a really impressive performance and finished off by playing my favorite song, Renegade, so I was happy.

Since I've been home, I unpacked and redid my entire bedroom. I put all my artwork up and I am in the process of tie dying my drapes and painting my book shelf and inside of my bedroom door. I bought some new decorations and I'm going to make prints of my psychedelic drawings and sell them at a funky bar in town soon! Here's one of the drawings from the series:

So yeah that's been my life in a nutshell within the past couple weeks. Just trying to spend each day enjoying life and having fun.