Sunday, December 8, 2013

My First Vegan Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! You're probably wondering, what the heck does a vegan eat on Thanksgiving? Weeeeeeell, since you asked, I chowed down on a Tofurkey roast, mashed potatoes (using almond milk and vegan butter) and gravy, mushroom risotto, apple butternut squash soup, balsamic brussels sprouts and raw pumpkin pie brownies for dessert. It was probably my favorite Thanksgiving feast yet. The Tofurkey roast was so surprisingly tasty, that my family began eating it and threw half their turkey in the canal behind our house.

A few days after Thanksgiving I received shout outs on Instagram from my favorite viners, Brittany Furlan and Simone Shepard!

My work is being exhibited in a restaurant (owned by two gay men) the third week of December and than my brother and I embark on a road trip to Arizona a day or two after Christmas! Eeeeek!

Tune of the day to get in the holiday spirit: