Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Hey dudes and gals, 

First off, I just finished Summer A classes! Thank God. I was taking ceramics and lithography printmaking. This sounds like an easy schedule. I kid you not; I had to work my ass off in both classes.

I may or may not have had a small crush on my ceramics professor. He’s cute, works out 5 days a week, probably 35ish and had the funniest personality.  I would pretend I didn’t know what I was doing on the wheel and purposely knock my clay off center, just so he would stand behind me and wrap his hands around mine.
He CALLED ME OUT about that during our final critique! He was like “I specifically remember you being one of the first students to learn how to center their clay. But it’s funny how fast you could un-center it as well.” HAHAHAHA Alyssa, Emily and I all busted into laughter. They were two of the chicks I came out to that semester. You caught me Profess
I really loved that class, the atmosphere was so relaxed and he always played music, we talked the entire time, helped each other and everyone took the class seriously. Since it was a Summer class, the course was several weeks shorter, but we were still required to make the same amount of projects as a class in Fall or Semester would have to make. We had demonstrations every week and that's why the class was so intense, we were always in the lab after hours.

The day after I came out to Alyssa, the two of us were in the glazing room trying to glaze our projects and she goes “this is such a pain in the ass”… pauses for a second, smiles at me and winks. She gay joked me and I LOVED IT, even though I couldn't relate due to inexperience. ha
Here are some pictures of my two Lithography projects:

Summer A classes are officially over and I had a five day intermission before Summer B classes begin. I’ll be taking Figure Drawing I and Art History II. I get to start drawing naked models!

During the short break, I went to a gay bar on Friday for the second time in my life! It turned out to be a total bust. The bar charged a $5 entrance fee, the drinks were wayyyy to expensive ($7 for my cap’t n coke) and there were maybe 20 people in the bar, if that. Alexis and I left after about an hour and bar hopped to other bars, which were so much more fun.

Two days later, Angela got MARRIED!! I got to walk her mama down the aisle!

Than MY GIRL GUITA surprised me and came into town to party, like she's done every year!
The 'O Squad'
I wish my eyes were open! Arggh
And lastly…
I bought my website domain name! I still have so much to do, like figure out the web hosting, find a website template, learn to navigate it and set up PayPal...but baby steps for now.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

York Peppermint HOTTIE

Dear York Peppermint Pattie,

When I watch your commercial, I always get the sensation. In my pants. Your tagline is phenomenal. This is one of the hottest commercials I have ever seen. Gavin Dunne is a drop-dead, 10 out of 10, gorgeous man. He is the definition of my type, to the tee. Tall, dark, handsome and green eyes. I'm star struck by his beauty.

I am so hungry right now...and not for candy. I want to grab him through the TV screen.

My heart skips a beat at 0:05 when he licks his lips. Eating candy has never looked so damn sexy...