Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had a dream last night that I was at a park with my friends Angela and Kyle. We were standing on a big open field (that looked like a large park) as we watched joggers, people throwing Frisbees and footballs, one couple was grilling, a group of kids were playing tag under a pavilion, etc.

We started walking towards a secluded boardwalk away from the park, completely engulfed by beautiful, multi-colored plants.  
As we walked down the boardwalk, Kyle said he wanted to find a good spot on the beach for us and ran ahead of Angela and I. Immediately after he was out of sight, a gigantic red snake came slithering out of a bush.

We screamed (Angela is equally deathly afraid of snakes in real life) and we sprinted back down the boardwalk towards the park. I tripped on a root, like a dumb bitch from a horror movie, but before I could get up, the snake slithered into my shirt!
I woke up in sheer panic, , leaped out of my bed, landed on my exercise ball and bounced into the wall.
God, I hate snakes.

Thursday, December 6, 2012


Hallelujah finals week is OVER! I can finally breathe again. I thought I was going to have a mental breakdown I was so stressed. It was definitely the worst and most intense finals week of my college career thus far. It’s my own fault, since I procrastinated all my school work till the very last second. I hate myself sometimes.

Once I got back to school after Thanksgiving Break, I had to write three research papers and study for two exams, on top of a ton of art projects for my studio classes, which are all time consuming. Especially if you want them to look halfway decent. During my painting critique on Wednesday, four people pulled me aside and asked if I was okay.

Haha that's how stressed I was. My face broke out, I wasn't sleeping, I didn't have time to workout and I was under eating. It's all apart of the authentic college experience though, right? I took my last exam this morning and immediately came home and ate a bunch of fruit and vegetables and went into a 4 hour slumber. It was much needed.
But I’m proud of myself for getting all my work done and now I can just relax and look forward to Winter Break. Now that it’s over, I’m jumping right back into my routine of getting enough rest, working out and eating right. I have over a dozen paintings to create over break, a few of which are commissions! I'm so excited for that!

So those are the last paintings I did for my painting studio class and I’m really proud of them! The first three are self portraits from my 'No Evil' series and my final project was an inspiration painting of Vladimir Kush's 'Butterfly Ship' painting...and I incorporated my future husky, Milo. He's playing with butterflies.

Much love guys!!