Saturday, December 15, 2012


I had a dream last night that I was at a park with my friends Angela and Kyle. We were standing on a big open field (that looked like a large park) as we watched joggers, people throwing Frisbees and footballs, one couple was grilling, a group of kids were playing tag under a pavilion, etc.

We started walking towards a secluded boardwalk away from the park, completely engulfed by beautiful, multi-colored plants.  
As we walked down the boardwalk, Kyle said he wanted to find a good spot on the beach for us and ran ahead of Angela and I. Immediately after he was out of sight, a gigantic red snake came slithering out of a bush.

We screamed (Angela is equally deathly afraid of snakes in real life) and we sprinted back down the boardwalk towards the park. I tripped on a root, like a dumb bitch from a horror movie, but before I could get up, the snake slithered into my shirt!
I woke up in sheer panic, , leaped out of my bed, landed on my exercise ball and bounced into the wall.
God, I hate snakes.


  1. OMG! What would you have done if the snake slithered into your pants? At that point maybe you'd be thinking the "snake" was a metaphor for something else.

  2. Lesson: when a gigantic red snake slithers up your shirt, wait until you're completely awake before jumping out of bed (screaming is optional). Haha.

  3. haha wow sounds like a super vivid dream. I've never had a dream make me jump out of bed like that. You were also probably relieved to realize that it was a dream and not reality lol.