Wednesday, April 2, 2014

I'M 23!

Yesterday was my 23rd birthday! Things got really crazy and I took two shots as soon as I woke up...of apple cider vinegar. haha I'm so hardcore, yo! Before you call me weird, check out the benefits to taking ACV shots.

You can buy the BRAGG brand from Whole Foods for $3-4. As a precaution, your belly gets all tingly and warm like a typical alcoholic shot feels like, except with added benefits and no hangover! Make sure you're using organic ACV though!

After that, I juiced and tossed back my parasite cleanse pill. Yes, I'm doing a parasite cleanse. I take 3 pills a day for three months and the pill is supposed to break down and destroy any parasties I may have in my body. They're totally gross to think about, but even grosser to think that those nasty aliens are in my body and I'm not doing anything about it. .

Here's the website and product I'm using:

And a pic of my bday juice! It was delicious!

The left drink had a cucumber, green bell pepper, kale, celery and ginger. The right drink had a beet, carrots, strawberries, lemon and an apple.

I get an immediate jolt of energy! If you're interested in juicing, here's the juicer I use...which has worked wonders for me and my acne.

Typically after I finish juicing, I oil pull with organic coconut oil. Here's an awesome article that explains the benefits, one of which is whiter teeth! I can personally vouch for that because I've been doing it everyday for the last 3 weeks or so and my teeth have gotten whiter. Whitening strips and swish always made my teeth sensitive, so finding this nifty at home remedy has been a life saver.

Later that day my family, Michelle and I went out to eat at this cute little vegan restaurant and than I hit the gym and maxed out at 80 pull-ups! Mich is taking me somewhere tomorrow night, so I'm pumped about that surprise. Overall, it was an awesome birthday and I got wonderful gifts!

I received two Groupons for 15 yoga classes which I can't wait to attend. Going to yoga in college with my friends are some of my favorite memories.

I also got a sweet pair of black/blue Free 4.0 V3 Nike's, a plane ticket to AZ next month, some new clothes and I got myself an orgone pendant!

Here's a video that gives a relatively simplistic explanation on what orgonite is. Watch from 24:00-27:00. In a nutshell, orgone attracts, rebalances and than transmutes any negative energy around it to positive energy. Aka it has magical powers. I can't wait till mine comes in the mail from Greece! If you're open minded about New Age stuff, you'll enjoy the entire video.

If you're interested in an orgone pendant of your own, here's the Etsy shop I purchased mine at. They're all custom made so none are exactly alike, which makes it even more unique!

I also asked for a book called Angel Therapy by Doreen Virtue. For the last three years of my life, I've seen 11:11 and 3:33 almost everyday. After finally doing some research on this, it led me to discovering Doreen Virtue.

I go to Barnes and Noble almost everyday and work on commissions in the café and than I go up stairs to the New Age section, plop down and read Doreen Virtue books. I'm growing so much spiritually and her words really speak to me, so I decided to do a portrait of her! She's a 50 something year old raw vegan, Hawaii based clairvoyant, who does motivational conferences.

Once I posted this drawing, I was able to connect with another guy who experiences the same numerology sequences.


It's interesting how the universe works and connects us to certain people when the timing is right!

Have a great rest of the week and Happy Birthday to all my fellow Aries!