Sunday, November 3, 2013

Witches, Cute Guys and Art

Hi everyone!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Elliott, he's a strongman, strength coach, author, speaker, philosopher and badass. You can find him on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.. He provides the most genuine, thought-out advice to struggling people who write into him. Basically, he's a sexy 21st century Socrates.

His videos give me confidence, motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to show more compassion towards others.

I finally came around to drawing him and I posted the drawing to my FB art page this evening. Shortly after I saw this...


If this man couldn't get any cuter, he's shipping me a free tank top and wristband as a thank you!!

Speaking of YouTuber's, here's a drawing I did for Mark Miller and Ethan Hethcote. Their love gives me hope.

Is anyone here tuning into American Horror Story Coven on Wednesday nights?? I didn't watch the first two seasons, but hot damn, this season is blowing my mind. The show takes place in New Orleans and revolves around the lives of several Salem descendants, who reside in  Miss Robichaux's Academy, after discovering their dark powers. It's a pretty intense show.
"Madison is a cold stoned bitch. She likes alcohol, big dicks and trouble. If she's dead, she probably died because she gave the grim reaper a hand job or something." -Queenie haha
I HAD to visit the Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies when I was in N'awlins!
As if this post wasn't scatter brained enough, I had to throw this video in here too!