Saturday, April 1, 2017

I'm 26

Today I turn 26 years old. I've been on this planet for 9,490 days. In that time, I've learned a thing or two. Every single experience, every soul I have encountered and every action I have taken, has shaped me into the person I have become and the man I am becoming. 
There's an intense urgency within me, to drop knowledge on this world using my gift to draw, as the platform to do so. Our world has so many flaws at the moment, which need immediate attention and healing. We live on a beautiful, magical planet...which we're killing. 
My favorite scene from Moana is when the ocean separates and she returns the stone back into Te Fiti's heart. We have to heal Mother Earth, which begins with exposing ourselves to the injustices occurring here and than understanding we no longer want to be apart of that evil. Going vegan is the only way our society will survive, until one day it'll be too late and the evil will have spread far enough, like cancer infecting a body. The food and dairy industries are the Satan of this world. We've allowed a physical, tangible hell to manifest on our own soil. 
Holocaust #2 is happening point-blank in front of us and we must end it. Just because we can't communicate with animals directly, doesn't mean they don't feel and experience suffering, any less than you and I do. Yet we continue to support this sinister behavior, by eating their body parts & dairy products, further funding a corporate demon that's treating our animals in the most disturbing and barbaric ways imaginable. 
That's why the term "Kosher" was invented. For the people who's ancestors suffered in the first Holocaust, but want to turn a blind eye and not feel guilty about supporting this one. Slapping an extra stamp or letter on a pretty package doesn't erase the tears and misery that soul endured. Watch the documentary Earthlings and you'll witness just how identical the suffering is. 
So let's wake up as a collective whole, regardless of religious/spiritual beliefs and close this dark portal that's been opened up once again. For our health. For our animals. For our plants. For Te Fiti. 💚

...It's been an extremely turbulent journey, leading up to this new outlook on life, but I love the new view from here. 

Much Love 


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY and many many more from GC! smooches!

  2. Well happy b'day, boy! :) Glad I'm back, btw. Have a great celebration!

  3. Happy Birthday kid. You're looking great. - Joey