Sunday, January 8, 2012


“Whaaa the fuck. There is nothing wrong with that, I’m sure you can’t actually make someone stop. Affection is awesome wherever, whenever. I don’t care what people say or think, if I want to display my affection, I’ll do it.” -Michelle

This is the response I got after I told Mich about what I saw happen on campus today...

I was rummaging through my stuff, looking for my workout shoes this afternoon. I realized I left them in the trunk of my car, so I ran downstairs to the parking lot to retrieve them. After seizing my Nikes, I looked up and noticed a couple really going at it and sucking lips a dozen or so parking spots down.

It was hot. The girl was sitting on the trunk of the car with her legs wrapped around his waist, while the guy was stood between her legs, with his hands in her hair. I didn’t want to look like a creep, so I admired their make out sesh for ten seconds tops and started walking back to my room.

All of a sudden a campus douchebag in a golf cart drives up to the couple. He demanded them to stop and I was shocked this man had the audacity to interrupt two lovers minding their own business.

So I got back to my room and put my work out on hold. I jumped on my computer and started doing research on whether Public Displays of Affection is illegal or not.

The simplest answer I found was 'Not in the United States. They may be against the rules in certain schools, or within certain organizations and religions, but it isn't a crime.'

What are your thoughts on it? I dig it.


  1. AGD: Haha, if they were going at it hot and heavy for a sustained amount of time, they passed the line of PDA and crossed into foreplay.

  2. it's funny you asked, I was thinking it was a gay couple, I'd think no one would care about a straight couple. I went to a private Christian university and couples were notorious for making out on a bench right in the middle of campus. no one ever stopped 'em! hmph fine by us. ha except a few years later we'd totally remind some of the guys I knew that had broken up and had other gf by then. ha

  3. I saw this guy going down on a girl in a club once, and I mean LITERALLY going down...not cool.

  4. I suppose it's a bit like farting, we all do it, but there are some boundaries of courtesy that need to be observed in public. Hey, get a bed-room, if you're that hungry. Fart outside away from the crowd,ne.

  5. The quasi-cop was waaaayyy out of line. Sounds to me he was bringing his own (warped) sense of right and wrong into play. If two consenting adults, hetero or not, wish to kiss in public, NO-ONE has the right to gainsay them.

  6. 30yrs ago, I witnessed a big black man on top of a white woman in a very large park at noon time, with many people around, not paying much
    attention to them. This was in Orlando, Lake Eola, the center of town. Finally a cop came by and broke it up. A real turn-on. I don't think they were taken-in........ Just a thing
    you don't forget too sooooon.............

  7. Who cares, it's the law that figures. If the affection is really the carrying of of a sexual act, as the guy in your picture with the erect basket, then it's against the law. The law says no to gay, and even straight, sexual stuff in public. That's it. Apply it to whatever situation you want, they are all different.