Thursday, January 19, 2012

It's okay to be gay

Whether you are out and proud, out to close friends and family, out to one or two people, still in the closet or perhaps still learning what your sexual orientation is; I know this video will have an impact on you. I had goose bumps when I started the video. I had tears running down my face once it ended. What an incredibly moving compilation.



  1. AGD: You are doing your part to change attitudes by coming out to family and friends.

  2. you copy this from my page?! haha jk, i posted this as well and had major chills watching it. its sickkkkkk

  3. I like to think so fan of casey. It's so wierd how being gay used to terrorize all my thoughts and now it's simply just a part of who I am.

    Haha nah my friend posted it on her facebook wall so I reblogged it but realized half the gay blog world had already beat me to the punch. It is sick! Kudos the whoever put this vid together

  4. I know I'm way late on this, but it definitely brought tears to my eyes. I'm still in the questioning/struggling phase, still undetermined as to how my faith and life can fit together. I was going to try to ask you more privately how your faith in God has made this easier/more difficult/how you reconcile that? I'm not talking about the church folk, or religious people... I'm talking simply about the words that were written in the Bible. I don't wanna put my personal email out there either. But I was just wondering...