Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Ouija Board Experience

These boards have always creeped me out. I believe in spirits, both good and bad, and I never wanted to play with the unknown. As a matter of fact, my parents would never let my siblings and I play with one when we were growing up. I was always told you could conjure up evil spirits. My sister bought an Ouija board from a garage sale way back in the day and my dad found out about it and immediately threw it away.

One weekend, when there wasn't any party or event to go to, we all stayed in and hung out in the atrium. Shelby started making an Ouija board and we found a blank cd to use as the moveable piece aka the planchette. None of us had ever used one, so we looked up how to play and discovered a list of strict rules you have to follow.

The board has to say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ on the upper right and left hand corners. The center of the board has the alphabet, followed by the numbers 0 through 9 beneath it and the words ‘hello’ and ‘good bye’ on the bottom corners.

1) Never play alone

2) Don’t let any spirits escape

3) Place silver on the board

4) Never ask about God

5) Always say "goodbye" and don't stop playing until the planchette moves to 'Goodbye' to close the portal.

We turned all the lights off and closed the blinds. Angela, Shelby and Kyle were brave enough to play, while everyone else stood around and watched. Candles aren’t allowed in the dorms, so we had to substitute it by turning the bathroom light on and cracking the door for a little bit of light. The three players introduced their names and welcomed any presence into the room. The first couple times nothing really happened and then that planchette came to life out of nowhere.

My friends who were playing kept asking each other if the other two were moving the cd, but they all barely had the tip of their fingers on the cd. Everyone in the room could vouch for them that none of them were moving the CD. They asked if there was a presence among them and the CD slid across the paper to ‘yes’. Then they asked what the name of the spirit was. It spelled out ‘Job’. Oddly enough, Job is a prophet of God in the Bible. The spirit was really friendly and after a few minutes they said goodbye to Job and the CD slid over to ‘Goodbye’.

I guess news that we we’re playing with an Ouija board had spread throughout the dorms, because a group of other people wanted to play as well. So we took it upstairs and into a room that had about 7 or 8 people chillen in it. We set it up, told them the rules and started the game. This time there were a couple more people participating with the planchette.

After a few minutes they got in contact with a spirit and started asking it questions. The freakiest part was when one of the guys asked it to make a noise to prove it was there. A noise came from inside the bathroom and no one was in there and the atrium of the dorm was completely quiet. I was standing closest to the bathroom so that freaked me out a bit. They asked the spirit how it passed away and it spelt out a 'car crash'. Then they asked it its name and it spelled out a woman’s name. Immediately, one of the girls who was participating in the game jumped up and sprinted out of the room, hysterically crying. Everyone freaked out! We had no idea what had just happened, until later in the night when one of her friends told everyone that her mom had the same name that the spirit spelled out and she died in a car accident. That freaked us out, so we crumbled up the board and threw it out.

I would not recommend playing this game. Haha My friends and I did some research on other people’s experiences with Ouija boards and a few of the stories are SO CREEPY!!! Like demonic shit that you don't want. I am so happy we had nothing scary happen to us, or else my friends would have been screwed. I will never play with one nor do I have any desire to. The game has trouble written all over it…

If you have played an Ouija board before, I would love to hear you’re experience with it!


  1. AGD: I had chills reading about this, not I haven't played and I don't want to. It would make me wonder too much and as it is, I think about stuff too much already.

  2. That shit is occult.. Divination. Christians aren't supposed to be involved. At least u weren't the one doing it....Not to sound preachy but I don't think u should do that again lol

  3. i am totally scared to play that "game". ive played that game with my bf at a friends house, it was about 5 of us and all the lights were out. the bored was spelling names and it was freaking all of us out. my bf is a prankster so we blind folded him and the girl that was touching the game. IT WAS STILL SPELLING NAMES AND WORDS. we asked for a sign that the spirit was real and out the corner of our eyes we saw lights come on. we all ran out the room...

    (yes, i left my bf there blindfolded. he got the point tho and ran too lol)