Monday, April 11, 2011

40 things you don't know about me!

1. I had surgery on the back of my left calf when I was four and now I have a six inch scar.
2. My art teacher chose my artwork among all the 2nd grade classes and displayed it in an art exhibit.
3. When I was little I drew all over my bathroom wall with a red crayon.
4. I won student of the month every year in elementary school.
5. I have an obnoxiously large nutcracker collection.
6. I had perfect attendance in 7th and 8th grade.
7. I was sent to the office with Sean and Anita for smoking before school.
8. I only received one detention and one referral my entire life. Both in 8th grade
9. I got a misdemeanor on Halloween two years ago for underage drinking at the FL/GA game
10. I have never been in a fight.
11. I absolutely love instigating people
12. In 8th grade I had morning sickness for a month and threw up almost every morning
13. I'm scared to lose my virginity
14. In 10th grade I ALMOST stole my dad's church keys to bake pot brownies in the church kitchen.
15. I was one of 13 seniors at my high school to be selected into the AP Studio Art class.
16. I brought a cheat sheet into all my Trigonometry tests.
17. In 10th grade Anita, Patty and I made a video for our Spanish II class and we won first place.
18. In 8th grade my health teacher held an art contest for Drug Awareness and my group won.
19. To this day, my family sits down together for dinner every night and we talk.
20. I pissed the bed until 3rd grade
21. I have almost been arrested four times
22. I gave my neighbor a golden shower when I was eight and threw up on my pledge brother
23. I have never been pulled over, knock on wood
24. In high school my friends and I video taped an autistic kid pop lock and dropping it.
25. I am incredibly shy before I get to know you.
26. I won 1st place at my YMCA's Ironman competition.
27. The first time I got drunk was in 9th grade in Gainesville for my brother's college graduation.
28. I had a hamster named Bell and a turtle named Bubupachu.
29. I am scared of the dark, snakes and large bodies of water.
30. The only bone I ever broke was my hand while playing football in the neighborhood
31. When I was little I would smear my boogers on the walls
32. I have perfect vision but still want green colored contact lenses 
33. In high school I stole over $100 worth of clothes from Bealls.
34. I have never tried Root Beer
35. My parents found me high on my back porch after I smoked a bong.
36. I believed in Santa Claus till high school.
37. I absolutely love movies. Maybe because I wish my life was one.
38. I have THE WORST sense of direction.
39. I started two fights. Patty and I told Angel that Ricky called her a heifer and they got in a fist fight at the bus stop. Another time I told Patty to hit Christian in the face (he had just got braces that morning). She smacked him and he speard her to the ground.
40. I backpacked the Grand Canyon.


  1. AGD: Oh you are not so goody-goody as your happy-go-lucky exterior would present. But none of us are perfect little angels. I like your #13 best - but care to explain why?

  2. LOL @ all of the weed and Christian parents... lol
    Most would throw a huge fit

  3. LOL i love how u have "im a peaceful dude" then the next one is "i absolutely love instigating people" lolll.
    what did u almost get arrested for four times???
    yea and christian needs to not be hitting girls...

  4. fan of casey- If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun. I'm a responsible kid but I love to have fun! :)
    Umm #13, scared to lose my virginity. I'm scared to lose it because I always told myself I wanted it to mean something. I want to lose it to someone that loves me, not just some hook up one night. I might even try to hold onto my virginity until marraige.

    Mike- Ahh I know, I lucked out big time! I was a big pot head in high school lol I have never been so scared in my life the night my parents caught me high. Speaking of which, this will make for a great blog post! They we're surprisingly chill about it and now we have pretty open conversations about smoking. They are still against it because its illegal but they know I am going to smoke regardless and I reassure them I am smart about it. I have the tightest parents.

    mark5150- Haha that does sound like a bit of a contradiction there. I am a peaceful person. I always see the good in people, I never get confrintational with others unless I have to and I try to get along with everyone. Buttttt I love instiagting! Always have loved it :)
    I would have been arrested if I hadent had my licsense when I got my misdemeanor, I almost got arrested at two different parties that got busted by the cops but I ran from the house and one time when my friends and I were launching oranges from a giant sling shot and smashing them into a random houses' window.
    We were in middle school when those fights happened lol Christian was pissed and I would have been too ha

  5. Hahahha lol. I love to instigate people too. I'm always like ' u really gonna let him say that?" or wen I'm with Caribbean people " nah nah nah nah, I doubt u taking dat"