Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthday Festivities, DG Formal and Coming Out x2!

This weekend was so much fun! Technically my weekends start at approximately 4:20 hehe on Thursday afternoons after my statistics class ends. Amen to no Friday classes! Thursday afternoon I went over to Matt's apartment (my old roommie) and came out to him. It was so funny. I was sitting on the stool as he was making an omlette. After laughing about crazy times from last year, I told him there was something important I had been meaning to tell him. From there I just said it. I will never forget this. He looks at his food, up at me, says "oh, thats cool.", and back at his food. It was so tight! He didn't give a shit. We talked about it for awhile and went right back to just chillen like usual. After I left he sent me a text saying that hes always here for me and if I ever need to talk about anything, to hit him up whenever. I love him!

For my birthday on Friday, some friends and I went to the most delicious pizza restuarant! I fed my face at Mellow Mushroom. If you've never been to a Mellow Mushroom, you need to go! Not only is the food DELSIH, but the artwork and atmosphere of the restaurant is amazing. The one we we're at had an enitre Alice in Wonderland mural, but the faces of the characters were music legends. There's also giant mushroom statues.


Anyways, after dinner I smoked a birthday bowl with my roommate Ryan and Mich and we watched Gabriel Iglesias standup. Dude is hysterical! We got so high and spent fifteen minute debating over what animal we would rather ride in a tornado. I said a fluffy raccoon, because they're small and aerodynamic, but she insisted a cow was more logical because you could hold on and their body would act as a shield. Hahaha I think she won.
On Saturday, I woke up around 10 and did homework until 2 and started getting ready for the Delta Gamma Formal.

My friend Sammie had asked me to be her date and I of course agreed to go! She was the FIRST friend I made at UNF! We went over to her sorority sister's apartment to pregame and take pictures for an hour or so. We got soooo drunk haha

Look at her eyes haha

After that we headed to the student union where party limos we're waiting to escort us.

Kelsey aka Elmo, because she fake tans so much and always looks burnt haha
The drive to the hotel was probably the best part of the entire night! The bus was packed with people, everyone was drunk and the music was pumpin'! We arrived at a really fancy hotel where we we're led into a huge ballroom with tables set up and a dance floor in the middle of the room. Have you guys ever seen a chocolate fountain before?? They had a huge one there and I felt like such a fatty because I ate so much from it. They had fresh strawberries, pretzels, rice Krispy treats, nutter butters, Oreos and a few other snacks to dip into the fountain. It was so bomb!

However, since the other party buses broke down, our bus was the only one there for almost two hours. haha I didn't care at all but a lot of the sisters seemed pissed off. As everyone waited for the rest of the people to arrive, people took pics in the photo booths and waited in line to get their caricature drawn.

After we did all that, I decided this was a good time to come out to Sammie. We walked over to a corner table with no one around and I told her I was gay. I told her everything and she sat there with the biggest smile. The first thing out of her mouth was "why didn't you tell me sooner!!" It was the best talk we had ever had together. I love her to death. Once everyone showed up, we we're immediately seated and served dinner. Sammie and I got grilled chicken, scallop potatoes and steamed veggies. The other option was pasta and red sauce(which didn't look as appetizing).

Not going to lie, two of the guys at our table we're really good looking. Especially the one seated next to me! :) Once dinner was done, we watched the sisters receive awards (Sammie got one!) and then hit the dance floor for the rest of the night. DG Formal was epic.

My weekends are all going to be crazzzzy all the way up until the beginning of Summer. Next weekend I'm going to Kappa Delta's Formal with Angela and my friend Shelby is coming into town so we're all raging with her and Nikki!!

The weekend after that I'm going camping in Orlando at the Springs with Mich. The weekend after that I'm hermiting and studying for finals. Meh. And the weekend after that I'm stopping in Orlando on my way home for Summer for Shelby's 20th birthday! Her parents are getting all of us a presidential suite in one of the O-town hotels. AHHHHH! Get dat Pinnacle ready, Guita!


  1. Dude, I love Mellow Mushroom...when my lease is up I'm moving to a building w/ one on the first floor; best pitcher prices around.

  2. Sounds like fun dude! Looking good in the pics :)

  3. AGD: Nice tie . . . you look so handsome in your formal attire.

  4. Glad to hear you're having a good time. You're getting tan!

  5. Still waiting to go back to Mississippi to visit my best friend to eat at Mellow Mushroom... it is on my list of places.

  6. socrkid17- I mean considering you we're the first person to wish me a happy birthday after midnight, it was bound to be a good birthday :)

    RJ- I would get so freaking fat if I had a Mellow Mushroom right under me. haha You're going to be able to smell their food all the time! Once I turn 21 next year I'll have to hit it up for some cheap beer.

    TYinSD- Thank you. Yeah man, it was alot of fun

    fan of casey- Hahaha the tie wasn't mine. My roommate has THE SICKEST wardrobe so I always just borrow his clothes. But thank you!

    Robbie- Wooohooo! All this time spent laying out is paying off! I was really, really pale so I had to use sunscreen(the spray, I hate the real stuff) and then aloe afterwards. Whatever, its working

    Mike- Definitly stick it on you're bucketlist. lol It will be well worth the wait. It's some of the best pizza I have ever had