Monday, March 7, 2011


I love Mary Jane.

Colors become enhanced, doing artwork is so much better, anything and everything becomes funny and your mind starts to think on a different wavelength. It all started Winter break of 10th grade in high school. All my neighborhood friends started smoking around that exact same time. I was pretty much the last one to finally give in and smoke. 

The first time I attempted to get high was with my buddies Patty, Tess, Christian, Sean and Ricky. We all lived in the same neighborhood, except Tess, who lived a few minutes down the road.  We have a canal behind our houses, where everything is really dark and vacant at night, so it immediately became the spot we anonymously decided to go. We felt safe being in the neighborhood and it was extremely hidden. We had people's fences, backyards foliage and houses blocking us from the street. Beyond the canal behind us was a HUGE 50 foot hedge that hid a golf course in a gated community, so it was perfect.

We all walked back together and everyone was dying for me to smoke, since I was the last one from the group to do it. Everyone else started smoking a few weeks prior, some longer. I was told I had to smoke 'the greens' aka take the first hit. I was so nervous, knowing I was about to experience something so different, that I asked Tess to hold the bowl and light the weed for me. Everyone was standing around me in a circle, providing directions.

I literally had my mouth to the bowl to take my first hit, when all of a sudden we hear "IT'S THE POLICE!" about 30 feet behind us. Flashlights began hitting us as two figures sprinted in our direction.

My heart DROPPED!

We all started bolting down the canal when all of a sudden, Tess steps in a pothole and face plants into the ground. No one helped her. Haha We all kept running. By the time I made it to the street, Christian was already on his bike and at the end of Sean's driveway. Patty and I were the second and third fastest runners, so we stayed together and blitzed into Sean's house. His Aunt was so confused when we stormed in, but we played it off well and Patty told her we were playing Manhunt. Sean and Ricky came flying into the house about 20 seconds later, hysterically LAUGHING.

So apparently, a few of the other neighborhood kids caught wind that we were going back by the canal to get high, so they waited on the side of the house to scare us. They got us so good!! Tess was covered in grass stains and dirt bahahaha

I was too traumatized to try smoking again that night...

So about a week later, Patty, Sean and myself made our way to the backyard and Sean packed up the first bowl. We sat in a circle behind the fence of an abandoned house. Sean and Patty had already been smoking for a about two months and they were so excited to see me high for the first time. We lit up Sean’s blue bubbler and the THC surged my body and the feeling of sublime melted me for the first time. I'm just kidding, it didn't kick in that quickly.

We packed up a second bowl, smoked it and that's when things started to change. Each second got slower and slower. I watched in confusion as Patty and Sean started standing up. When I asked them why, they erupted into laughter because for the last five minutes, Patty was bitching about how she had to go home because of her shitty curfew. I wasn't aware of that conversation. Haha Once I comprehended the information, I felt such utter sadness. We watched as Patty walked out to the street and around the corner to her house. Sean asked how I was feeling and I told him I felt pretty normal (lies), but things felt like they were moving at a slower pace. He told me his Aunt (who was the only other person who lived in his house), was asleep and encouraged me to smoke another bowl with him.  We ripped through a third bowl and by this time I had taken about a dozen hits.

I was thinking and feeling my thoughts in a way I had never experienced in my life. I remember staring down at the floor, watching an ant crawl underneath my legs for what felt like hours, so I popped my head up and asked Sean if he was high. He smiled from ear to ear and bobbed his head up and down. At that moment, I officially knew what it felt like to be high.

He started packing his bowl AGAIN and I stared at him like he was crazy. We ripped through bowl #4 and I had taken about 16 hits at this point and FEELING IT. I began going in and out of different rooms in my head and traveling from thought to thought like they were physical places. Everything around me had become ten times cooler, especially the plants! Sean and I walked back into his house and sat on his couch and started watching TV.

Sean rested his head on my shoulder and placed his hand on my leg. I stared down at his hand for a second and immediately froze.

Two thoughts shot into my head:
1) Is Sean gay, somehow sensed I am too, and this is his attempt to hook up with me? Or
2) Is Sean just extremely stoned and passed out/fell asleep on me?

I couldn’t see his face and whether his eyes were open or not because he was wearing a hoodie. I said his name a couple times to see if he was awake and he gave me a noise back. I have no idea what could have happened because I JUMPED off the couch and told him I was going outside. Where was I going, I had no idea. Haha He jumped up and followed me out of the house. As I ran out, I remembered thinking to myself how cool running felt, so I just kept running. Sean was screaming for me to slow down as I hurled down the street like a gazelle. I ran down the street to Christian's house, trampled his bushes and started banging on his bedroom window. As soon as he pushed back the blinds, I yelled "I just smoked pot for the first time!"

Christian came outside at pretty much the same moment that Sean finally caught up to me. We laughed with Christian on his driveway for like twenty minutes. Christian started walking up to Sean and sticking his ass checks on his face. Sean would just sit there, giggle and smile.

I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard. I was rolling on his driveway in tears. Christian must have stuck his butt hole in Sean’s face at least five times, before Sean stood up and started complaining. Christian then went back inside before his parents could catch him outside (it was like three in the morning by this point).

Sean and I started walking back and I just remember admiring the street lights and the colors reflecting onto the cars were amazing. Everything was so shiny and colors almost appeared three-dimensional. We reached his house and I continued down the road to mi casa. That ladies and gentleman, was my first encounter with Marijuana…


  1. Sounds like your first time was fun. I never tried the stuff myself or any mind altering substance for that matter, even alcohol, except I recently tried salvia. People think I am crazy that the first mind altering substance I have had experience with is a potent hallucinogen. It was pretty cool the way it changed my perception, but I felt disappointed with the experience because it didn't meet my expectations.

  2. do you want to try it again?because it sounds fun.I have never tried it but my uncle used to cultivate it in his farm(border of Myanmar)..i know how it effects his life and family..hey bytheway thanks for writing down your favorite lists..its good to know you more.

  3. Never tried it myself, but in my 2nd year of college there was a guy 2 rooms down (a dorm) who was into it and would make the rounds of the hall with the widest, goofiest Cheshire-cat smile and make us all laugh hysterically.

    I did social-drunkenness for a few years, but the novelty wore off when I reached legal-age. So ya might as well have fun now! (Just keep it casual...)

  4. Sounds pretty cool. Not sure why you were running from Sean though. Seems like it might have turned into something you would have enjoyed.

  5. were you high when you wrote this

  6. Great post! I really enjoy bud too, but I much prefer rolling to bowls. There's just something about the act of rolling, and then smoking it, that's so relaxing...

    AGD, I had sent you an email a while back.. ever get it?

  7. Anonymous- That's what I call self discipline to have never ever been drunk or high before. Good for you. Cant say I've tried salvia though. Which I am totally jealous about because I want to really bad. That's a bummer that you didn't get the experience you we're hoping for. There's a couple things that could have happened that may have caused this. You may not have took enough. You may not have been in the right environment with the right people. All these are factors that weigh out the effects of someone's trip/high. Salvia only lasts 20 minutes though, correct?

    headhunter- Do I want to try what again? weed? I've smoked weed countless times since my first time lol You're uncle cultivates marijuana! Is it legal to do that in Myanmar? People make so much money doing that. And no problem man, glad you enjoyed the favorite list.

    Jacob Woods- Yes, weed can be misunderstood. I smoke primarily for the relaxing feeling. I find everything to be more fun, exciting, funny and I'm always more outgoing when I get high. That's why I love smoking with my friends becasue we always have a great time. I also love smoking weed and doing artwork and jamming out to some tunes.

    Socrkid17- Heck yeahhhh you know what's good!!

    Kirk- That sounds like a funny kid who would smile like the cheshire cat. haha I hardly drink but I do get drunk from time to time, which is very rare. I do keep it casual and I always make sure all my school work and other responsiblities are finished first. Responsible partiers ftw! :D

    Hotbodz- My adrenaline kicked in, my mind had never been in that state of mind before and that's just how I reacted. Running hardcore haha
    I am not attracted to Sean at all so I am very happy I reacted the way I did.

    dccised- I plead the 5th

    Closeted Grad- Thank you sir! I don't know how to roll so that's why I mostly always use bowls. Heck yes! Relaxing with some herb is the best feeling. Im not much for smoking alone though, I definitly prefer doing it with a group of friends.
    Lemme check my emails. I never check it =/