Monday, February 21, 2011

Psychedelic Art!

I love to draw! Especially trippy pictures with mushrooms and bright colors. :)

Each week, Michelle aka Mich and I meet up in 'The Galaxy', which is a big room in our dorm tower that has a bunch of TV's and video game consoles hooked up. We get high in one of our rooms (usually mine because my RA is so awesome) and than we head over to The Galaxy with our laptops and art supplies.
The best is when no one else is in there, so we can play music through Groove Shark and be as loud as we want. I lalalove doing art with her! When we smoke together, I seriously just laugh the entire time.

Here's a few chalk pastel pieces on foam board:
Mushroom Forest :)
Idk...I was really high hahaha
and a few more random drawings:


  1. sick pics man. i like the fire in the second pic

  2. I feel like the child inside you is still alive....and that's awesome! :D

  3. AGD: Are you sure you aren't on mushrooms drawing these? They are so psychedelic. Nah - just kidding. But you have talent, you should go into a field that allows you work it. Graphic design, computer animation, etc.

  4. I totally agree. You have some serious skills that could really work in a field like that. My dad is an art teacher and he would so love you haha. :D

  5. Well, congrats AGD, you are officially on the blog-map now that the spam-bots have found you. Ah success...

  6. Socrkid17- Thank you! I was trying to get the fire to gradually turn into green smoke lol

    Phunk Factor- That is the best compliment I have recieved in a long time! I love using my imagination and that's something I will be doing until I'm on my death bed.

    fan of casey- Nope, I am sober when I draw these. Although all my friends joke with me and tell me to do shrooms and then draw but I'm not sure I want to know what this mind of mine is capable of drawing on magic mushrooms. lol I am definitly going to do something with my life that allows me to be creative. As of now I'm an Advertising major and I really enjoy it!

    Ceedsmith- Thank you very much! I would love you're dad! My art teacher back in high school was my favorite teacher! I used to skip into his class all the time lol

    Kirk- Right!? Wtf this is so frustrating. I've been marking them as spam but they keep popping up. Definitly not success. More like aggrivation

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