Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Funny thing happened Thursday. So the love of my life,  Angela (who I would totally hook up with if I was straight), and I went on an adventure. We went somewhere neither of us had ever gone before. I was so nervous! After backing out 20 times and contemplating to go or not all afternoon, I decided “what the hell” let’s do it!

Yes boys and girls, I went to my first gay club!!!

It was also coincidentally our friend’s birthday that night, so it was a double celebration. I really felt gay though because I went with four girls. Haha Two of the four knew I was gay. We told them I was only going to be their ‘bodyguard’ if lesbians tried to hit on them. Before the other two girls came to pick us up at Angela’s apartment, we had to loosen up, duhhh.

Angela’s roommate killed a third of a bottle of Skinny Girl while Angela and I did damage on watermelon Smirnoff. That stuff is so delicious and hits you like a ton of bricks after 20 minutes. I called it quits after 5 shots and by that time the other girls were downstairs.

As we’re waiting in line to get IDed, one of the bartenders inside dropped his pants, pressed his cheeks against the window and mooned us. What a warm welcoming. Lol

Once we made our way inside of the club, it was pretty cool looking. There were fake trees 'growing' from the ground and into the ceiling, giving the illusion we we’re outside. We went through this tunnel, past the restrooms, that led outside to the back porch area . Angela and I awkwardly glanced over and saw a really weird kid who’s in our Speech class so we turned around, went back inside and hit the dance floor. Ok so you’re probably thinking…

1) Did he dance with any guys?

2) Did he get any numbers?

3) Did he get offered any drinks?

4) Did he hook up with any guys?

5) Did he leave with some random guy?

Nope to all 5. Haha I am not ready to start hooking up with guys. I went to scope things out and see what a gay club was like. Plus, I wasn’t attracted to the majority of the guys, but there we’re a few cute ones I was eyeing. One of them actually followed me into the bathroom and said something to me, but I was too drunk to converse with a cute guy and pretended that I didn't hear him over the hand blower.

Once I got out of the bathroom, I lost the other girls, so I went back outside thinking they were out there. Immediately some guy came up to me but I got really shy and walked away. Haha In the middle of texting Angela an SOS, another guy came up to me asking me what my name was. Looking back I really do feel awful for saying this, but I responded with “I don’t know” and walked back inside. Poor guy. haha

Luckily I spotted Angela and her roommate at the bar, not that they needed more alcohol. We were LOOSE and we danced for like two straight (no pun intended) hours before heading back to campus! It was so fun!!

So there you have it, my first experience at a gay club!


  1. hey, i started reading ur blog recently from the beginning, and its amazing to see how fast ur progressing. I'm still in the closet completely. I really look forward to ur posts, and im not surprised that u got hit on in the washroom, u look really cute in ur pics lol.
    When i come out i plan to follow ur method, friends, then family. but i think ill wait till i have someone serious in my life, otherwise it might just be a lot of heartache. i think ur extremely brave.
    anyways thanks for sharing, looking forward to ur next post.

  2. AGD: As you get exposed to more gay culture, you will find that they are places that fill the stereotypes -- which might not fit your particular likes since you prefer more masculine activities. 99% of the guys didn't catch your eye but all it takes is that 1%. Plus you will find others like yourself at other less obvious places like on campus and frat houses, even athletic teams (like socrkid), so go out there and explore. But don't get too wild with the alcohol or smoking, you still have to impress the guys with your wit and charm.

  3. Hey awesome stuff. A great start to finding out more.

  4. Wait so you go to a gay bar and you still managed to convince two of those girls you were straight?

  5. hahaha I would just like to state that for downing a third a bottle of Skinny Girl Margaritas, I danced pretty damn well in those 5 inch heels!!
    Also to answer Mike's question: Angela and I were the helping hand in making the other girls think that he was straight.

    P.s. one of my other gay friends at the club was hardcare crushin!!