Saturday, April 21, 2018

Storytime: I met a Sugar Daddy

Hello my beautiful people. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Life is a beautiful experience and I'm grateful for everything it's blessed me with. I really want more from it though. Is that selfish? My job at Trader Joe's became so mundane, which led to a level of frustration I've never encountered before. So what does any normal person do when they want to change something? They start looking for ways to remove themselves from that situation. What do I do? Join a sugar daddy site...

..and I KNOW I shouldn't have done it, because sugar makes me break out, but I'm trying to live a little!

Back in August I joined Seeking Arrangement with the intentions of affording Photography/Entrepreneurial classes, healthier foods, high quality art supplies, more natural products, invest, etc. After meticulously expressing my reasoning for being on the site, the waiting game began. Fast-forward to December and I flew 3,000 miles away to meet a guy. I know you want every drop of details from this juicy ass story, but my reasoning for sharing this isn't to focus on that, it's what this experience taught me. Ew I feel like an adult.

Longggg story short: I flew to Cali, met a well-traveled Physician, immediately realized the environment was not conducive to my growth and Ubered to the train station, before arriving back to the airport and eventually getting home.

The experience acted as a mirror and I had ample time to do serious soul-searching. How do you do that? I asked myself/the Universe the same question and than listened for a response. I learned that you have to follow your dreams and make conscious steps towards achieving them, everyday. It's that simple. Joy vibrates on a super high frequency, and in order to hit the bullseye of abundance, pinpoint your passion. 

Immediatedly after unpacking, I went to the storage unit and retrieved the two-dozen canvases from my college days. Painting makes me feel free and my tenacious spirit is dedicated to becoming a pro at it. Next, I began listening to motivational audios around the clock and painted a sea turtle, giving birth to my Tropical Series!! It still makes me laugh that meeting a sugar daddy literally manifested this body of work. Check out my Etsy shop Here.

The turtle is alone in an open sea, which is how I felt on that journey, but what the viewer doesn't know, is that the path leads to somewhere beautiful.

As I was working on my fourth painting (the pineapple), I received a text that my coworker Logan passed in a car accident. She was a 20-year-old FAU student with the funniest sense of humor with the kindest soul. She looked JUST like Scarlett Johansson,  which led to her nickname "SJ".

I allowed myself to cry for the entire day, but harnessed that raw emotion into the pineapple painting, which holds a special place in my heart. Going through that experience taught me how fragile and unpredictable life is. Consequently; I quit my job, went on a roadtrip and turned 27 on Easter. 

Life is unraveling magically. I stopped watching porn after 13 years, attend the gym 6 days a week, meal-prep weekly, solely listen to motivational/informative audios and have a giant crush on a guy who works at my gym. Time feels like it slows down when I look at him. My best friend and I were talking about the psychology behind attraction, which led me to researching the Law of Attraction. It's a powerful law. 

My newest painting made me have an epiphany. Back in 2014-15, I received a private, hour-long reading from a Medium. In the session, Savonn confidently told me that I would be creating spiritual paintings one day. At the time I doubted him, but he was right. This is my newest painting: 

I don't doubt the spiritual world at all anymore. This diptych painting is still in it's early stages, but it depicts a bookshelf under a night sky. On the bookshelf are some of my favorite thangs. A Himalayan lamp, numerology/synchronicity, tea (with a lotus flower floating on the steam), essential oils, diffuser/aromatherapy, seashell, candle, potted succulent, sage smudge stick and an amethyst crystal. The sky is going to display a starry constellation. 

So yeah, that leads me to where I am now: with a new perspective on life, a disciplined mind and an understanding that I can achieve greatness on my own.

Much love guys. 


  1. Nice painting... oh, and don't loose and threads as you unravel, someday they may prove important.

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