Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Ayurveda Hair Journey

Ayurveda is magical. Although many of the powders (derived from plants, flowers and herbs) can be taken internally, I primarily apply them topically. I've honed my hair regimen thanks to the wonderful YouTuber by the name of CurlyProverbz


Her transformation inspired me to give Ayurveda a shot. Why not, right? My hair was limp, oily, lifeless and falling out, so I began my hair journey in June 2017 with oils. After months of doing over-night oil treatments, I no longer wanted to shampoo my hair everyday (to get the oil out). So I began applying insane amounts of conditioner to my hair and leaving it in several hours, before washing it out in the shower. For more info on the products I'm using, check out this post

My hair DRANK that shit up and I was co-washing (conditioner only washing) nightly. I did that for like two or three months, until I could feel my hair becoming over-hydrated. Foreign to this, CurlyProvs mentioned a metaphor in one of her vids explaining it. Overly hydrated hair is like overcooked pasta, which becomes mushy. 

Now I'm craving pasta. ha

When cooked right, it's bendable, doesn't snap and has buoyancy. Uncooked pasta (dry hair) is prone to breakage, literally snapping off due to a lack of moisture. That's what SO many people struggle with who bleach, dye and apply heat. For amazing product knowledge, peep Youtubers Bianca Renee and mah gurl Curly Penny

Anyways, once my hair started feeling mushy, I ceased the deep conditioner treatments and began applying hair masks, using Ayurvedic powders. There are so many...and that might just be a post in itself. Comment down below if you'd like to see pictures of all the powders I use to create my masks. To name just a few: Neem, Aloe Vera, Amla and Cassia. 

So what does my hair look like now?


I buzzed my head the end of November, so this is 3.5 months of growth. I still have a long way to go, but cheers to this little victory!! Life is all about making yourself more confident, which naturally emulates a more loving aura. Seeing a guy with nice hair made me feel so envious, not knowing all along that its 100% obtainable. As far as hair is concerned, Ayurveda cures psoriasis, eczema, male pattern baldness, dandruff, itchy scalp, split ends, etc. The powders contain vital nutrients that our hair needs to grow strong and luxuriously, even stimulating new hair growth where follicles were once dormant. 

Current Routine:

I apply hair masks almost every night of the week, combining secret powders with cooled tea or water. Once blended into the right consistency, the paste is applied to the roots of your hair. I section my hair starting from the center, than work my way to one side, followed by the other. 

The mask generally chills on my head anywhere from 2-4 hours. Once I'm in the shower, I let the water rinse it all out, before applying conditioner, which sits in for a few minutes. 

After about five days my hair starts to look oily, so I'll create my typical mask, but add in a whole bunch of different oils as well. Olive, avocado, coconut, blackseed oil, etc. 

Once the shampoo is rinsed out, the process starts all over again. The longer my hair is able to go between shampooing, the better. 

This is the next hair style I want to achieve by late Summer/beginning of Fall...

He also has wavy hair like myself. I'm 2A, he's 2B (and lookin like a snaaack)...but close enough. 

My current mission is to regrow my edges and the overall thickness. Until than, cheers!