Friday, March 3, 2017

Soul Searching

I decided that my current job is no longer serving me like it once was. When I first got my job a year ago, I was in a very dark place and was in desperate need for money. But that's not the case anymore. My job is physically laboring and I'm exhausted after I get home from each shift. I'm moving, lifting, cleaning, talking, stocking and facing products for eight hours straight. I'm exuding so much energy at work, leaving me so drained and unhappy when I get home. 

The assistant manager who was writing the schedules, recently passed that responsibility to another. The next time I see him, I'm going to tell him that I can no longer work four days a week. It's too much for me. I'm trying to work there 30 hours a week and draw a MINIMUM of 30 as well. If I do this, I will lose my health insurance, because I won't meet the yearly hour requirment to qualify for it. I know my dad is going to be upset and dissapointed (because my health insurance is really good), but I've never had to use it and I'm sick of thinking "what if you get hurt and need it?", rather than living in the now and doing what makes me happy.

So I'm giving myself a time frame, because you all know how much I love structure and deadlines. I'm allowing myself eight more months there, before I put in my two-weeks notice on November 1st. I'll be out of there mid Nov., just before busy season picks up again.

There's a fire within me that I've never felt in my life! Now that I feel this immense spark and drive, I need to run with it and focus on what's ahead. Besides the money, the other best attribute my job offered me, is a new level of confidence. I put myself into an environment that forced me to socialize with strangers, which used to be a massive fear of mine. Now I do it all day haha This skill will come in handy when I'm traveling the world and selling my art.

Speaking of which, I got some new art supplies! Shipping supplies to be more specific. My order of 100 plastic sleeves and 50 bubble mailer envelopes arrived in the mail today! It feels so legit now! Thankfully this investment will significantly cut down on my shipping expenses, enabling me to profit more on each print.

Along with those items, I also ordered some books that I can't wait to sit down and start reading!! The only downtime I really have is during my 30 minute meal breaks at work (I tend to stretch it to 45 though haha).

I also bought this BADASS tapestry!! 

This 5'x7' beauty will look stunning on the wall behind my bed and bookshelf. :)

Michelle and I were texting on WhatsApp the other day (a free app for texting people internationally) and her beautiful mind came up with the most brilliant idea. I had been going about the YouTube thing all wrong.

Lastly, I'm considering applying for Graduate School. I feel an extreme urgency to move out of my parent's house and regain my independence. Under two circumstances, I would need a stellar scholarship grant and I would only apply to schools in California, Oregon, Hawaii and Colorado. Yes I know this idea is farfetched, but if it ever manifested and I miraculously received a scholarship, Michelle would move with me and find a nannying job nearby. We would continue our series and I would turn them in as my assignments...and than sell them on my Etsy shop, like I'm doing now. Furthermore, I would try to enroll in Entrepreneur/Business classes to educate myself on selling and branding myself.

Whatever happens, I know the Universe is guiding me every step of the way.

Much love guys!



  1. I'mma digging the handsome man in the first pix, and that FABU tapestry!

    only YOU can decide your destiny!

    1. Haha why thank you! I'm heading up to my college town for a wedding next wedding, so I decided to model the $7 pair of glasses I found on Amazon, that I'm going to wear to the festivities. haha

      Ahh! It's coming in the mail today!!!! Can't wait to hang it up after I get home from work!

      You're right. I've come to this realization. My family doesn't decide my destiny, nor a man, or my friends, or society. I do and I'm going to achieve everything.