Saturday, March 25, 2017

My Yellow Brick Road Part 2/2

Than I stumbled upon my senior-level professor, Louise Freshman Brown. My Glinda. The woman I had the honor of taking three classes with, who approached me shortly after the semester started and whispered that I have the ability to draw people. Louise detected the magic within me, years before I did. Thank you for transforming your classroom into the building blocks and foundation of my life's work.

Lastly (for now), my brother @ramblinmannino aka my advisor. The soul I resided in when I was at rock bottom, who patched me back together and helped me rediscover the person I was meant to become. ❤

Start surrounding yourself with exceptional human beings, people who elevate you, push you out of your comfort zone and encourage your growth. Keep your distance from everyone else. You're destined to encounter dozens of flying monkeys and maybe even a witch or two, but just throw some water on that bitch and laugh at your haters. They haven't discovered their yellow brick road yet and want to knock you off your own path.

One day you'll look back on your adventure and realize all you had to do was click your heels three times. But where's the fun and inner growth in that? I can't count the number of all-nighters I've pulled over the years, in order to meet deadlines...or the countless times I was left in tears by temporary defeat. Sometimes when we're in the darkest places, we find the brightest light.

That light exists! It's in all of us!! I can see the tiny shimmer of hope now and it's glowing brighter and brighter. No matter where you are in life, understand that you can overcome any obstacle or circumstance. All you have to do is work hard enough and get back up every time Life knocks you down and you call it the wicked witch.