Thursday, March 23, 2017

Hello World

It feels good to be alive. I don't say that enough. I'm here to help change this world and I would have given up on my special purpose here on Earth if I decided to return home early. Promise me you'll never give up. Seek help if you're suicidal. We all contain magic within us and it needs to be spread across the world. This world is facing a very real war. Our planet is dying and we need to be warriors of Mother Earth and protect her. Our animals are being tortured, our foods are poisonous and evil cannot win. This world must go vegan and legalize marijuana in order to heal. The Universe selected me for this mission and I have to wake the world up through my art. It's my turn to shine. I'm ready...because I no longer fear life, I love it and I'm learning to embrace every single moment. 



  1. I'd like to have THAT hunk o manhood in MY kitchen every morning! "shall I make your coffee, madam?" he would say.