Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Dream Journal 3.13.2017

The first thing I remember was that I was moving to another house in my neighborhood. I was most upset because I'd miss the backyard. We have an awesome backyard, that my parents really maintain and keep super zen. My cats are always on our back porch, observing the sounds and animals. That's their playground. Beyond our fence is a canal and a huge hedge, which shields a golf course, connected to a gated community. (see pic below)

That was where I got high with my high school friends haha this canal brings back so many amazing childhood memories for me. It also makes our house feel really private and surrounded by nature. I love sitting in the sun everyday, while listening to music and drinking a smoothie. It's so peaceful and rejuvenating. 

This is what I've been putting in my smoothie everyday:


The next thing I remember about the dream was being in a new location, that I've never seen before. I also realized it was nighttime. It's crazy how your mind has the capability to create new places, by combining different things you experience in your waking life...and alter the time of day! My new home was across the street from a beautiful Mosque. The building was bright gold and the roof curved, almost like the frosting on a cupcake!

I watched a group of people, as they were either entering or leaving the building and noticed how beautiful the women looked. They were wearing long, flowing dresses. The outfits were so stunning, which made me think someone was getting married. I was across the street, watching them from the sidewalk. There was a fence to my left and a patch of grass on both sides of me.

It was daytime again. I squatted down and began filling a red solo cup up with water, using a mini water fountain. Like the one for animals!


Than I was in a restaurant. The walls were dark brown and the whole vibe was very fast-paced. The lights glowed a soft orange hue and I stood there and watched, as couples ate their food and talked to one another. A middle-aged man walked past me in a hurry, gave me a slight tilt of his head and said "get back to work", without slowing down his pace. I looked over my shoulder and watched his legs scurry away, as he sped down a red carpet that had gold stitching embroided along the sides of the carpet. He jolted around a corner, holding something in his hands and disappeared. In the distance was a dining area. I was so confused haha all I could think was "who the fuck was he?" and looked around again. I felt like I was playing some strange video game and it was my mission to investigate the surroundings and look for clues as to where I was. To the right of me was a wall, which extended down into another large eating area. It looked really boring, so I turned my head to the left and saw stairs. I don't know why I was gravitated by these steps (there was only a few) haha but I was and walked up them.

They led up to another section of the restaurant, which was slightly more raised than the lower level. It also felt more cozy and private. To the right were two more tables, with couples sitting at them. In front of me was an employee station and to my left was a winding path, on an incline. I could only see about ten feet up to the path, until it twisted around into the unknown. I walked into the service station area. It reminded me of those little nooks on airplanes, that flight attendants use to prepare the meals. There was a sink, a little touch screen computer, an area to leave dirty dishes and a mirror against the wall, with a small light above it.

For whatever reason, I glanced over at three, dirty drinking glasses, sitting next to the sink on the mini counter. I grabbed one and began running it under the water, to clean it. The marks and imperfections wouldn't disappear. I got annoyed, so I left the station and continued walking down this path. I entered the center of the hallway. The floors and walls were both maroon. A few moments later, the hallway ended and there was a pair of swinging, double doors to my left.

I entered the room and it was super, brightly lit. I was in the kitchen of the restaurant, accompanied by other people, who were focused on the tasks in front of them. I felt invisible, in a badass kinda way.

I was so fascinated by how meticulous the chef's movements were, as they carefully handled the food to the plate. I looked over and saw a bowl of fruit, with a banana hanging off the top. I wanted it haha

The moment I touched the banana, it catapulted me outside and onto the sidewalk. Next to me were a group of people, waiting to cross the street. One of which was a Russian chick my age. We immediately made eye contact and smiled. She hugged me and than warmly gripped the sides of my arms and smiled again. She was so pretty and had beautiful, long brunette hair. She held my hand and we began walking.

It was nighttime again.

I sensed that she was lost as well, trying to find others, even though there were other people around us. It reminded me of this music video, in the sense that we didn't feel like we fit in with anyone else around us:

The two of us walked down the street, like Dorothy and the Scarecrow, taking off on their adventure as newly, aquatinted friends. We met up with a few of her other friends and we began climbing up a loading dock together. The ramp was on a fairly steep incline, with metal guard rails to our right. Beyond the rails, I noticed something that made me feel very at peace. It was my canal!This time I was on the other side of it though.

I reached into my pocket and told the flashlight on my phone to turn on. A light beam shot out of the center of my iPhone and I continued walking with the group.

Once we got to end of this ramp like structure, the others began jumping down over the ledge and onto the grass below. It was about a four-foot jump. The guy in front of me leapt down and injured his ankle upon landing. I started getting paranoid. I sorta scaled the wall and plopped down softly. We continued walking, as the stars lit up in the sky above us. I could feel the wind blowing against my skin and the big bushes to our left, began to sway gently.

I aimed my phone light down and revealed a baby iguana staring back up at me, with innocent little puppy eyes. It took off at lightning speed and a moment later, I heard a faint splash coming from the canal. I unknowingly aimed my phone back up, in front of me and one of the girls began screaming. A large black silhouette emerged and began getting larger and larger. It looked like a dog's shadow, except it was massive. Like the size of a 400 pound pitbull.

We all started running back up onto the loading dock and appeared in the back of a white van. It was daytime again. None of us had enough time to jump behind the wheel, before it crashed into another car. I floated through the van and time went into reverse, as I remained floating in the street. The cars reconstructed themselves and flew backwards. Than time unfroze and I watched the accident occur again, except this time, right in front of my face.

As the vehicles collided in slow motion, I made out the features of the person driving. It was a young male in his mid-twenties, with dark hair and skin. His body began to dive forward in a fluid motion, as his airbag deployed from within his steering wheel. It was fucking crazy. His passenger window shattered into a cloud of tiny glass fragments, that shimmered against the sunlight. I put my hand up and everything stopped. Instead of the glass shards shooting into the guys neck and head, they fell to the ground next to him. His face reemerged from the airbag, unharmed. He flicked us off and kept driving, as if nothing had happened. I felt like QuickSilver, from THIS scene in X Men.

The moment he drove past me, I was standing on a sidewalk, next to a beautiful house. All the vehicles disappeared. Everything was calm and quiet again. There were tropical palm trees and colorful plants all around me. The scenery reminded me of Hawaii. A wave of peace and relaxation came over me. I felt the sun against my face, as it sat up in the light blue sky.

Than my alarm woke me up...

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