Thursday, March 30, 2017

Chasing My Light

I am so in love with life, you guys! EVERYTHING is manifesting all at once and I know this is just the beginning of it all. I'm so grateful. 

Because I'm so preoccupied with a bajillion things now, I don't have time to doubt myself anymore. I'm simply putting my determination into motion. I was at the gym at 5 AM this morning!

Here's a second preview of DMT:

I decided I'm going to dedicate a tab on my website to Michelle and title it 'MUSE'. She is the most gifted writer I've ever met, who's able to capture an audience's attention in a way that I cannot. Her words are so heartfelt, captivating, wise and humorous...all at once. It's a profound experience when someone's writing has the ability to make you cry and feel such intense emotions. 

Inching closer and closer to my YouTube debut!!! AHHHH!!! I love you 2017. Much love guys!



    philly homeboys YO! listen to the song's words; it describes this post well.

    1. YES!!! This song is so groovy and inspiring, I love it! If only I could dance as well as these peeps...