Friday, February 24, 2017

The Garden of Weeden

Two drawings down, fifteen more to go!! 

How bangin' is Michelle's bod?! I love the colors and the process of learning how to play with colored pencils. Ironically enough, Utopia also illustrates her in a garden with a pot plant AND a sunflower. Haha These would look so beautiful hung up side-by-side.

It's really exciting to see how much I've grown as an artist within the last few years! Thankfully the next drawing displays her full body as well. Mich had been crushing it in the gym for months leading up to her trip and I knew I had to take advantage of her hard work and feature those curves!

I started thinking about who I could send a print of this drawing to and I think I found the perfect person:

Who better to appreciate this art piece, than the Weed Queen herself, Charlo Greene! This QUEEN quit on live television and became an advocate for the marijuana industry. I found her on Instagram, along with an address to her studio where she now hosts The Weed Show. Can you imagine if she framed and hung the print up IN her studio for all her guests to see!!??! :)))

Something unexpected happened as well. As I was waiting in line at the supply store to get plastic sleeves for my prints, an old man started raising his voice towards the (cute) cashier. I don't understand why this world is littered with people who possess a false sense of entitlement. Working in retail myself, I experience it firsthand almost daily. The man stormed out of the store after yelling at the cashier, who clearly didn't do anything wrong. 

I left Office Depot and drove down the street to make prints of The Garden of Weeden. Instead of going straight to the post office to ship a print to Charlo, I felt this urgency to return to Office Depot and give the cashier one as well. Rather than allowing that man's negative energy to dampen the employee's day, I walked back in and handed him a print, hoping that super small, random act of kindness, would replace that negative energy with positive. I also wrote my Instagram name down and he started following me.

Support my art and add some beauty to your home as well with a print of your own!!

Make changes in your life, so life can be elevated!

Much Love Guys!


  1. aha! I see you took my hint! I like seeing how your art evolves from sketch to full on color. smooches!

    1. I see you purchased a print!!!! AHHH I can't thank you enough for all the love and support, GC. It really means the world to me! My next day off from work is Tuesday, so I'll ship Dragonflies off to you that day! :) I love you GC, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU <3

    2. I saw a line in a blog about dragonflies and it spoke to me. I remembered that you had a dragonfly drawing. so that's how it happened.

      love you too, honey!

    3. You should find the line and get the quote turned into a piece of art, to hang next to the print!! That would be so cool!