Saturday, February 4, 2017


I finally finished my first (of seventeen) drawings for the year! WOOHOO!! 

Terrarium, 11"x15", graphite and Prisma colored pencils, 2017.

I'm so in love with how it turned out!! If you're new to my blog, my best friend Michelle models for me and she left for New Zealand a month ago. Mich won't be home until the holidays, so because of this year long absence, we did all the photoshoots ahead of time. 

We started this series together (titled the Consciousness Series) back in 2013 and from '13-'15, twelve pieces were created. For whatever reason, I stopped working on the series for two years...probably so I could focus on getting my shit together. Anyways, I'm finally continuing the series and I couldn't be more excited. Because of my long ass sabbatical, I have so many ideas for this series, which is why I'm doing so many this year. :) By the end of this year, the series will consist of 29 pieces!! The stylistic direction I'm taking the series this year, is very dreamlike/alternate dimensions. 

Here's my work in progress:

The funny thing about this particular drawing, is that it wasn't planned for the series at all. This was a candid shot I captured of Michelle, while photographing her for a different drawing. The outfit and shoot was originally intended for a piece depicting her floating on top of a bubble, but as soon as I saw this photo, I scratched our initial idea and immediately felt the need to surround her in vibrant succulents. 

Here's a link to my Etsy shop if you'd like to check it out: Etsy Shop

I began the second drawing, which will be completed by February 23rd! For this piece, Michelle is sitting in a beautiful, lush garden with a galactic element infused in it. I can't wait to show you as soon as it's done!

Much Love Guys!

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