Friday, November 4, 2016

Surfer Update

Surfer came into my work last week! I was almost finished helping the woman in line, when I glanced up to my right and saw him standing there. He was smiling at me and said hi. As I exchanged a hello and smile back to him, my heart plummeted into my asshole and I began trembling. I tried to remain cool, but this guy makes me so nervous and I don't know why. She handed me a $100 bill and I was literally shaking trying to collect her change from the drawer.

The moment the woman left and I shifted my attention towards him, he had his fist out, waiting for a fist bump. He asked me how I was doing and what was new in my life, so I informed him that I was starting a YouTube channel and figured that was a good time to say that I was an artist and the reasoning for starting that endeavor. He seemed pretty excited for me and even mentioned that he always wanted to start one as well. In the moment, I was too nervous and forgot to ask him what he wanted his channel to be about.

He only came in to buy two items, one of which being a bottle of tahini sauce, so I asked him what he was going to make with it. His friend recommended that he spread it between dates and eat them as a snack.

Since he only bought two things, the transaction only took 20 seconds to complete and before I knew it, I was handing him his bag. I knew if I didn't get his number, I would be so upset with myself because it's been months of me wishing everyday that he'd come in.

I was too scared to ask him for his number or write mine on his receipt, so I asked him if he used any other forms of social media, like Instagram. He nodded and I asked for his username and got it! I even wrote it down on a piece of paper just in case, so I wouldn't forget it. The moment I was able to, my ass booked it to the bathroom. I whipped out my phone with so much excitement and looked him up on Insta.

He's so handsome. Those eyes, man.

I realized my high school friend was in one of his most recently uploaded photos, so I text her and filled her in on everything. Turns out they work together and he has a second job at another really healthy place. She said she's heard input from both sides, as far as his sexuality goes. So if he is gay or bi, he's either in the closet or only out to certain people. She also told me he has the biggest and kindest heart, he's 31 years old and that he has a condition.

I've yet to hear back from her, but I'm curious to know what 'condition' she's referring to. It could be physical, mental, social, etc. No idea. I was certainly surprised when I found out how old he is, because he doesn't look that old by any means. I figured he was about 27. 

I also believe he's vegan too!! 

Later that night, I sent him a DM that said "Thanks for the Tahini and dates tip, I'm going to try it out tomorrow :)"

Five days later he replied back "Yeah man it was good"

I was hoping we'd be able to start chatting on Insta, but from the way he replied, it doesn't seem like he's interested. The response was so dry and he really didn't set it up for more conversation. 



  1. UGH. maybe he was just being kind? That fist bump makes me think it was just friendly. I feel like.. the ball is in his court now? Cute story-- CUTE GUY TOO. lol. I'm sorry he gave you that dry response like that. Would be interested what his condition is though. Great blog btw. :-) -Terry

    1. Hey Terry, thank you. Maybe I'm just mistaking his kindness and friendliness for flirting. But I always revert back to the time he asked my coworker about me, which makes me wonder why a straight guy would do that. Regardless, the ball is definitely in his court and I really want to get to know him. Hopefully my friend replies back soon and gives me more details about the condition.

  2. Any news?
    Ask him if he would enjoy a beer? Then you'll be fixed!

    1. Unfortunately, no. I haven't seen him since that time he came in. My coworkers have spotted him a few times, but it's always been on days that I have off.

      However, now that we're following each other on Instagram, he likes my photos every so often and watches the stories that I post.

      Not too long ago, he posted a video playing the guitar and I commented on it, saying "you're really talented man!" and he replied by saying thank you, called me his favorite employee at the place I work and ended with "we need to make some smoothies sometime bro !!"

      I got excited and sent him a DM (direct message) telling him I'd love to make smoothies and gave him my number. He never responded or texted me.

      About six weeks went by and I replied to a story he posted, of him juicing at his house, but he didn't respond...again.I tried twice, so at this point I'm no longer going to reach out to him.