Saturday, November 19, 2016

Busy Bee

Hey guys,

My life basically consists of working five days a week, drawing after work until about 3AM and planning photo shoots with Michelle (my muse). She leaves for New Zealand the beginning of January and I need to photograph her as much as possible while she's still home, so I have enough material to work with for the entirety of her yearlong absence.

So I'm kind of stressing about that because we're under a timeframe and our conflicting schedules don't help either. However, I have so many rad ideas for our series and I can't wait to get them all outlined and ready to go for filming! The overall vibe is very dreamlike and psychedelic. I have 16 ideas as of now and my goal is to have at least 24 by the time she leaves, which will set a goal of creating a new drawing and YouTube video every two weeks.

I hope that one day I'll be fortunate enough to live comfortably off my art, so I won't need a full-time job to compensate for my income. That would give me 40 extra hours a week to devote to art and I would be able to pump out a drawing every week with that time.

Of the 16 ideas Michelle and I have brainstormed, we did a photo shoot for seven of them and that's what I've been working on as of now. Thankfully we've gotten pretty good at working together and we're able to tackle about five photo shoots per meet-up.

I'm REALLY letting my imagination run free with my art now and it feels amazing!

Much Love Guys.

“Watching television is like taking black spray paint to your third eye.” -Bill Hicks


  1. Have a blast with the photo shoots and I wish you all the best with your art

  2. Can't wait for that YouTube channel to start up! :) Glad to hear that your mind is running free too! That's when the best art comes thru IMHO.

    1. Hey Jack. I actually decided not to pursue the YouTube channel at this time, but I'll still be posting all my art! Drawing 2/17 will be done on the 23rd! :)