Sunday, October 23, 2016

Pivotal Moment

I got some new toys! 

I'm filled with so much excitement and giddy going into this next chapter of my life. I finally have the tools necessary to begin my YouTube channel! It took me eight months to obtain them, but the hustle taught me the importance of hard work and that building the foundation of your empire takes time. 

I'm currently working on a commission for one of my managers and once completed, I'll begin filming for my YouTube channel! I decided to go with a Canon T5 as my camera of choice and an iMac, which is a huge upgrade from the laptop I had prior.

I won't have my first video uploaded to my future channel for another three weeks or so (got lots of new technology to figure out), but once I do, I'll make sure to send y'all a link!

What else has happened in my life?

I'll start where I left off last...with that awful date I went on. We haven't spoken since that night. I actually haven't been on any dates since then and I deleted Tinder for a few weeks to focus on other things. Guys can really be a distraction. However, I did re-download the app two days ago because I'm horny as fuck and I desire that male attention. I haven't done anything with a guy, not even kiss, in over four months and I'm going stir crazy. There's a few guys who come into work on a weekly/bi-weekly basis, that I find attractive and probably play for the same team.

A few weeks ago, we dodged Hurricane Matthew and thankfully had zero damage or inconvenience from it. It was hectic at work though and I got some nice overtime from it. My manager gave me a store gift card for working hard and decided to buy a cleanse I had been eyeing since I got hired. It's a two week full body cleanse that detoxes the intestines, liver, gall bladder, lymph, blood and digestive system. Tonight is day 11 (I believe) and I feel really good.

Along with the plethora of green powders and organic supplements I'm taking, I added mushrooms to the regimen. There's several different kinds, but for now; I'm starting out with Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps. One of the benefits to these mushrooms is their ability to elevate the vividness of your dreams! How fucking rad is that? I already have the coolest dreams to begin with...and this is only going to magnify them. Umm yes please! I read quite a few reviews on Amazon from people who testify to this happening to them as well, along with more energy during the day and improved skin.

I've been able to remember almost every single dream I've had within the last few days, since I started taking these supplements, so I'm going to begin writing more Dream Journal posts! :) I absolutely love writing them!

I'll have more time to do things I want to do, like drawing and blogging, now that I'll be working four days again, rather than full-time. I learned how to write an order for a section at work, so I may be taking over as a section leader soon, which would be tight.

Lastly, I've been obsessed with Netflix. Holy shit it's amazing. After I finished Stranger Things, I got hooked on Sense8, than the first two seasons of The Killing and now I'm onto S1E9 of Shameless.

So yeah, that's about it. Life is cool right now. I'm super excited for what the near future has in store for me.

Much Love Guys.


  1. I'll be looking forward to your first video. Have a great new week

  2. Guys really can be a huge distraction - I feel you

    1. I go through phases. Sometimes I genuinely want to talk to guys and put in the time to get to know them...and than there's other times when I find it overbearing and too exhausting.