Sunday, August 14, 2016

Loving Summer

Hey guys

This past Thursday I met up with my coworker and did hot yoga again together. It's the hardest 90 minutes of my life, but I love it. I feel so at peace, being surrounded by people sharing the same passion and interest as I do. It's one of the very few places where I know I won't be judged and it's an environment for everyone to grow mentally, physically and spiritually in. Plus, a wellness lounge is opening up next door to the yoga studio, with Sensory Deprivation tanks and I caaaaaaant wait to try it out!

If you have a curious little mind like myself, here's more information on Floatation Therapy. For testimonials, check out Joe Rogan's personal experience here.

I still have a tremendous amount of improvement to do in yoga, mainly due to lower back and hamstring pain/tightness, which is why I decided to book my first Acupuncture appointment! Al hail Groupon. I got a pretty sweet deal, consisting of three 60-minute treatments for $79. Although I know it'll be super beneficial for me, I'm still slightly nervous to have needles puncturing into my body. If you've ever done it before, leave me a comment letting me know how your experience(s) went. Funny enough, my mom worked as a receptionist at an Acupuncture spa to get herself through college and she never got a treatment done. How the hell does one work at a place like that and not have the curiosity to try it at least once?

Anyways, my sweaty ass raced home after yoga to shower and meet up with blue eyes again for a second 'date'. We met along Atlantic Ave and the beach (same as the first time) and it was nice. He was watching his friend's pug, so he brought the dog along with him and the three of us walked along A1A for awhile. That is until the dog began breathing so loudly that we legitimately thought he was going to pass out from exhaustion, so we gave him water and than strolled out onto the beach and sat down in the sand for the dog to catch his breath. We talked for another hour and a half. There were a few times when I didn't know what to say, so I started playing with the dog or the sand. Ha He wants to meet up again this upcoming week, so if we do, a change of venue needs to happen.

Unfortunately, I had to turn down a date this afternoon with a really cool and attractive guy I met off Tinder a week ago. He's a 24 year old Senior Bio major at UF, going into med school and he wanted to grab lunch on his way back up to Gainesville. But work, being the ultimate cockblocker that it is, hindered me from being able to meet up with him. Oh well, if it's meant to be, we'll cross paths in the future.

If all goes to plan, I should have enough money saved up when I get my next paycheck in two weeks, to get a MacBook! I'm so so so ecstatic for this! It'll be such a drastic upgrade from the laptop I'm currently working with and it'll be one step closer to me getting a camera, a video editing software and my YOUTUBE CHANNEL up and running!! I'll be filming time-lapse videos of my drawings, uploading them to my channel and than making prints of the drawings to sell at festivals and art venues. You know, just manifesting my dreams, that's all. :)

Much love guys!


  1. MWAH from hot and steamy philly! keep your eyes on the prize!

    1. Always :) stay cool GC, you're hotter and steamier than Philly could ever get

  2. He's so pretty, does he have a brother? Cousin? Cute friend?

  3. Omg, I swear if you make a YouTube channel of you making art, I might actually die on the spot in such a happy place (with happy trees and happy accidents -ode to Bob Ross)! Lol. Thanks for sharing about your dates btw - it's nice to live vicariously through someone when I myself can't date.

    Good luck man!

    1. It's totally happening! I'm still in the process of saving up for a camera, computer and other equipment for the YouTube channel, but my estimation is that it'll be up and running in about six weeks or so :)