Monday, August 8, 2016

Ice Cream Date

I had a serious case of bubble guts this evening. As I got off the can for the third time within an hour, I pulled my shit together (no pun intended) and got ready for my date with the blue eyed guy I posted a pic about in my last post!

I was incredibly nervous. We actually met two years ago on Grinder or Tinder (I can't remember) and both deleted our accounts shortly after, but before doing so; we added each other on snapchat. I got some drool worthy post-workout selfies over the course of that time. haha We would go from messaging each other for a few weeks, to not communicating for a month or two and than begin again. I think that's what enhanced my nerves so much, simply because we had been informally talking to each other for so long. This is the third date I've gone on this year and the most nerve wrecking one.

Thankfully, the date went really well! We walked along Atlantic Ave and the beach for about two and a half hours and grabbed ice cream (Ben & Jerry's has vegan options!). After about an hour, I began to get more comfortable around him, as the nerves settled down a bit. We talked about anything and everything, from our families, to our jobs, our passions, the universe, our common interests in yoga, fitness and eating healthy. It was a lot of fun and he had me laughing all throughout the night.

We're meeting up for a second date on Thursday! I hope it goes as well as the first one.

Much love guys!


  1. YAYZ! (happy date dance)

    my personal fave B&J ice cream is chunky monkey.

    just take it slow and see where it leads.

    1. Banana ice cream with fudge chunks & walnuts...that sounds delicious AF! My favorite flavor growing up was always Phish Food.

      I'm definitely going to take it slow! Really slow. I want to get to know him and do fun activities together, like yoga. I'm hoping he can get off work in time on Thursday and meet up for the hot yoga class that kicked my butt two weeks ago.