Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Flirting Fails and New Photo Shoot!

I bailed on that third date haha

I got too nervous and felt like being an introvert on Friday, the day we planned on meeting up. I had the day off and he was leaving the office early around 1:30, so we casually mentioned going to see Suicide Squad at the theaters. I was doing chores and running errands during the day and by the time I got home late afternoon, going back out and having to socialize did not sound appealing to me.

The following day he told me that he ended up going to a gay club with a few of his friends and participated in a hot body contest. He got on stage in his underwear, in front of the entire club and got rated by the crowd.

I got anxiety just calling the establishments I bought Groupon deals for...and this guy is winning first place in hot body contests. Seriously, I asked him if he won and he did. haha

Speaking of guys, I nearly had a heart attack on Thursday when SURFER showed up after his three month absence. This is the dude who came into my work multiple times, flirted with me and than disappeared. We all presumed he didn't make it through shark week and got washed away to the bottom of the ocean. Well, it turns out he's alive and kickin', because he made an appearance last week. :) I glanced up from what I was doing and we made the initial eye contact. I averted my attention and continued working, but thought to myself "wow, he looks a lot like Surfer". A few seconds later; I peeked up at him again and this time he was smiling at me and said hey.

*Cue the flood of nerves*

I tried to keep my composure. This guy has light blue eyes that seem to pierce through me and I can't keep eye contact with him for more than a few seconds, before looking away. After asking each other how we were doing, I asked him "where have you been, I haven't seen you in a while..." To which he smirked and replied, "I've been around. I was at the beach earlier today. I know that's your fear" and chuckled.

He was referencing our first conversation we ever had, when the topic of water sports and the ocean came up in the discussion and I disclosed how open water is one of my biggest fears. That was months ago and he remembered. My coworker Sarah casually slipped into the conversation and said "you should go to the beach and work on your tan", implying that he and I should go together. I kind of just froze up and got really uncomfortable. After we said our semi-awkward goodbyes to each other and he left, Sarah confirmed that he was quote, unquote 100% flirting with me. I walked outside to tell another coworker about Surfer's return and as I was filling her in on the deets, he turned around twice to look back at us from the parking lot. She made it known that my face was bright red and I need to work on my flirting skills haha I couldn't agree more. Flirting is difficult!

Oddly enough, another dude reached out to me two nights ago, completely out of the blue. Remember this dude? He text me saying he just got back from traveling throughout Spain and wants to grab coffee again. I wouldn't be opposed to meeting up with him, I enjoyed our first date.

Enough about guys. Onto more exciting things.

My sister hooked a brotha up and gave me her Netflix information so I could binge watch Stranger Things!! HOLY SHIT it's one of the best shows I've watched in a while. It's a sci-fi comedy/thriller that blew my mind. Season two can't come soon enough.

Speaking of Netflix, I absolutely have to recommend a movie I watched last night called 4th Man Out.  It's the best gay-related movie I have ever seen, revolving around a 24-year-old stud named Adam, who lives in Upstate NY and comes out to his three best friends and family. I resonated with so much of the movie and I was captivated from beginning to end. I think you guys will really enjoy it as well. The characters are genuinely relatable.
Lastly, Michelle and I did a photo shoot and photographed four of the 24 new pieces I'll be doing! It's honestly all I think about everyday. Here's a sneak peek from one of the shoots. I won't spoil the theme for this specific drawing, but let's just say it's going to have galactic elements and size distortion.
How GORGEOUS is she?! Her mind and personality are equally as beautiful as she is physically. I feel so blessed to have the most badass best friend, who is always encouraging and motivating me to accomplish my goals and helping me in any way possible to do so. I've never felt so close to another human being. She even let me tape her tits up, all for the sake of art. If that's not true love, I don't know what is!

That's all for now. As always, much love guys!


  1. yep, you gotta work on your man flirting. and mich IS a beautiful woman; you are VERY lucky to have a friend like her in your life! smooches!

    1. I sure do! Baha I absolutely suck at flirting with cute guys. I know I am! I can't wait to spoil the shit out of her when we're done with the series and I start selling prints :) Sending you my love GC, hopefully things are starting to cool down in Philly

    2. it is cooling down a bit, hon. I can't wait to see the prints; I hope I get the chance to purchase one! love you too!

    3. I would be honored if you had a piece of my work in your home, truly!! I'm happy to hear it's not as stifling there anymore, prepare yourself for pumpkin spice everything

    4. the halloween candy is already out in the grocery store - YUCK! :(

  2. Im not sure if you will answer but did you know anything about SOCRKID17? what happened ti him? :(

    1. Yeah, I'm friends with him on Facebook and snapchat. He and his dog are living the dream in Cali and I believe he has a boyfriend!

    2. Taht is very nice!! im a follower of him long ago but one day he just leave his blog and since then I was very worried, I discovered your blog and I really like it, I can see a lot of myself in the things that you write, sorry for my bad english and thanks.

    3. Yeah I think he kind of outgrew his blog and got what he needed out of it at the time. But worry not, he's doing really well!

      I'm happy you enjoy reading my blog! It's always comforting to find others you can connect with and relate to. Your English is really good, no need to apologize. :)