Thursday, July 14, 2016

Koi Fresco

Hey guys! How's life been?

I received my first bi-yearly review at work and got my first raise. I'm very grateful for that, but I'm still making SHIT money. However, I know it's all temporary and enabling me to obtain what I need to move on. This stage of my life is making me really appreciate what is yet to come in my future and my success. Thanks to this job, I am much less intimidated to talk to strangers...and more importantly, attractive guys. It's definitely contributing to more solid social skills, which I'll utilize when I begin selling my work at music festivals, wedding expos, etc.

Speaking of art, I just finished a new piece today and I absolutely love it!

Who is that gorgeous, vegan man radiating such ethereal beauty you might ask? Koi Fresco. I discovered him about six weeks ago and instantly fell in love with his YouTube channel. My parents just returned from a week long trip to San Francisco and while I had the house to myself, Michelle and I listened to his guided meditation video every night before bed. We'd sip our chamomile tea, light an incense in the living room, turn on the Himalayan sea salt lamp and meditate with him. It's become apart of my nightly routine and I HIGHLY recommend listening to this video...along with his other content. His mind is equally as beautiful as he is physically.

I posted the drawing to my Instagram earlier this evening and he liked/commented on the photo, so hopefully he posts it to his account and gives me a shout out.



This was the first time using my fancy Prisma colored pencils I had bought for myself as a birthday present to meee. Crayola's can suck a dick, there's a reason why an entire box of those costs $1. Prismas blend like butter and it's such a massive upgrade, which is perfect timing, because I'M STARTING 24 NEW PIECES!

Remember the Consciousness Series I did with Michelle? It was a twelve piece series shining light on several different topics including marijuana, toxins, Earth, dreams, aliens, bees, psychedelics, food, animals, etc. I have more to say about each topic, so I'm making a subcategory of the 12 topics and creating two more drawings for each of them. Photo shoots coming soon and I'll take you guys through that entire process.

I'm so stoked to continue crossing off my 2016 To-Do List! My eyes are on the prize and I'm more ambitious and tenacious than ever.

Much Love guys!


  1. good attitude, honey. we all start out making shit money, but we are learning how to get along with others, and learning, and perhaps coming up with improvement ideas/inventions.

    that butterfly is FABU! and, like knitting, good art tools make the art pop; shitty tools make shitty art.

    granny cougar hopes you are keeping cool and growing/learning every day. I will be interested in seeing your new artwork! smooches!

    1. Exactly. The pain of making such lousy money brings me so much drive, to reverse that and improve my life. But in the meantime, I'm learning valuable life lessons and traits.

      Thank you!! Having high quality tools is so crucial!

      Thanks GC, I can't wait to blog my life as I begin to blossom into the person/artist I daydream about! Hope you're having a spectacular Summer, girl!

  2. great post! I can't imagine why your so shy? Your very handsome and so chill.....I love it. And more important, a great outlook , with good vibes.

    1. Thank you! Idk, I've always just had a more reserved, shy personality all my life. I'm naturally introverted, but I'm definitely stepping out of my comfort zone! I appreciate all the kind words and thanks so much for reading my blog! :)

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    1. Hey dude, thanks for dropping the link, I'm interested to hear what you have to say to Koi.