Friday, May 20, 2016


So let's get right to it, shall we...

I got asked to go to Las Vegas with a guy last week. I've been talking to this really cool guy who I met online six weeks ago. He's also 25, super handsome, an architect and he lives in Portland. So, I nicknamed him Portland, obviously. I know what you're thinking...why the heck are you talking to a guy who lives 3,200 miles away. Well that's a solid question bahaha and the answer being that I wasn't interested in any of the guys that lived in my area, so I got curious and started looking at guys who live all over and that's when I stumbled upon Portland and shot him a message.

He's working on a residential project near Vegas and he asked me if I wanted to meet him there. I had to decline because the invitation was pretty last minute...and I already had my work schedule locked in. Plus, that trip would have been expensive and I'm trying to cross off all my goals and spend my money wisely right now. Boys come second right now.

Speaking of boys...there's this guy who comes in consecutively, every Saturday, for the last month. The first time I ever noticed him was four weeks ago, when he came through my line to checkout and I thought he was cute and friendly, but I didn't think much of it. Some people are just naturally bubbly and smile a lot, so I assumed he was just a happy person and full of life.

He looks like a surfer. He's got that golden beachy tan, he's about 6'1" and he has bright blue eyes like the Caribbean ocean. So I nicknamed him Surfer.

The second Saturday afternoon I saw him, he came through Britt's line and I was there bagging for her. This time he made a point to look at my nametag and go "so your name is Jeremy, huh?" Awkward me forgot how to keep a conversation flowing, by asking him what his name was...and in the moment, all I said was "Yep, that's me." Haha

Than last week/Saturday #3, he came in and he checked out at another register. I was bagging for my friend Lauren and I quickly updated her on how he had come in the last two weeks and he's super friendly towards me. Lauren and I were working at a register closer to the exit from where he was checking out at, so he had to pass me on his way out. Lauren looked over her shoulder and whispered "here he comes, here he comes", anxiously awaiting to see if he'd say something to me. As soon as he got within three or four feet of where I was standing, he turned around and screamed "HEY DUDE!" with the biggest smile on his face. He said it loud enough for every single person in front of the store to hear. Five of my coworkers flocked me like vultures out of nowhere, asking for the deets on who he was.

Than this past Saturday, I spotted Surfer and ran over to Britt and told her that he was in the building. Ugh he was looking so cute that day too. I was being a pussy and got too nervous to talk to him, so Britt completely wing womaned me. Not only did she wait to jump on a register as soon as he was ready to checkout to ensure that he went through her line, but she got his name. It's Brandon.

I was too nervous to walk over and bag for her and talk to him, so I went to my girl Kaila's line and bagged for her, while watching Britt and Surfer from afar. haha Kaila leans in to me and goes "isn't that your guy checking out in Britt's line?" haha

Everyone I work with is pretty much in their 20's and early 30's, so it's like a party. A bunch of us are actually going to Key West together in August.

Anyways, as he grabs his bags and starts walking towards me on his way out, I could feel my heart pounding against my chest harder and harder the closer he got. This time he walked right up to me and said "Hi Jeremy!" and walked out. I can't even remember if I made eye contact. If I did, it was for half a millisecond. I was so nervous and I hope that didn't come off as me being unsocial or uninterested.

As soon as he turned around and continued walking, I BOOKED it over to Britt and she was beaming with excitement! "HE ASKED ABOUT YOU, HE ASKED ABOUT YOU!!!" I thought I was going to puke and I thought she was lying at first. Keep in mind this conversation is going on while customers are still coming through the line, so they're eavesdropping on all of it hahaha

What do you mean he asked you about me, I asked!? She said while scanning his items, he asked Britt "so who's that guy over there? Every time I come in, I always see you two laughing, you guys are trouble when you work together." And she blurted out "Ohhh that's Jeremy!!"....and I can't remember what else she said.

But clearly he already knew my name. We wear name tags and he specifically said my name that prior time he came in. I think he said that to Britt to give me closure that he also plays for the same team. Unfortunately, I only see him come in on Saturday afternoons and I don't work this Saturday.

Lucky for me, my coworkers are fucking rad and their all rooting for me. Even all my male coworkers haha it's so funny, every day someone will jokingly ask "so how's Surfer doing?" haha All my favorite people work on Saturday, so one of them is going to give him my number for me, granted he comes in.

I'm so nervous and excited!! I really can't stop thinking about him. I have such a strong urge and desire to get to know him and hangout.

So hopefully I receive a text from an unknown number sometime this weekend and I'll most definitely keep you guys updated on it all!

I've been working out five days a week and I finish the work portraits in TWO days!!!



  1. So exciting! Those initial stages of flirting are so much fun haha, can't wait to hear what happens!

    1. It is exciting! I have a feeling this is going to be a great Summer.

      P.S.- I saw (and replied) on your other comment you wrote me about a week ago :)

    2. Whoops, that one slipped by me :)

  2. Ahhhhhh, boys! Can't live with them, can't live without them! BTW you are looking great in the picture...go knock them dead!