Friday, April 8, 2016

Art Brainstorming

I'm working on a new project!

I photographed my bestie Mich last week and these were the top three photos from the shoot:

The first drawing is titled Heavenly View and it'll depict her on the right side of the paper, with butterflies exploding out of her head. A dove is going to be flying towards her, with flowers enveloping her in the background. 

The second drawing (a mirror of the first) is titled Supernova and it'll depict her on the left side of the paper, surrounded by planets. The planet closest to Mich will have a dragonfly sitting on top of it, making eye contact with her...almost like they're communicating telepathically. The background will have a puzzle piece layout.



I could do an elemental theme and title them Earth, Air, Wind and Fire. The first idea/image would be perfect for wind. The photo of her looking forward would be used for water and fire. For water; I could do an underwater scene, with coral reefs and fish swimming around her. Her hair would be adorned with sea shells and various fruits plunging into the water behind her. For fire; I would turn her into a sun goddess and play with the previous idea, of planets orbiting around her. I would use the third image for earth, dropping her in a lush, tropical oasis, with small animals and fresh fruit everywhere.
What do you think????
I'm really in the mood to draw some things that revolve around nature and mysticism and I think these would satisfy that craving. I want these pieces to feel almost dreamlike and magical.
I just ordered my first pack of Prismacolors today and I CAN'T WAIT to test them out on this mini series!! 


  1. mich looks like old time movie star carmen miranda here; google her!

    have a great weekend; smooches from granny cougar!

    1. She certainly liked her fruit hats! What a perfect place to store snacks.

      Thanks, I hope you have a fun weekend as well!

  2. I see the second photograph as the foreground to all four elements. It is very interesting. I have done artworks with my students for our annual art auction and I always have two same image but different backgrounds. I am excited to learn about the process of your work and the products in the end. All the best to you.

    1. You just sparked an idea in my head! I think I'm going to add an additional drawing to the series, making it five pieces in total. The fifth piece is going to include all three faces in the piece, with the second photograph as the foreground!

      I'm going to blend all the elements into that piece and possibly incorporate some geometrical shapes. Ahh I'm so stoked! I look forward to posting them when I'm finished.

      What grade do you teach? Are you an art teacher?

    2. Awesome, I am also excited to see how they will turn out. It would be wonderful if you can show the ongoing process as well before all the finished products.

      I am a preschool teacher and we are art-based aside from heavily influenced by Reggio Emilia. Our annual art auctions is always in May so I have a few more weeks before all the artworks are done.

      Good luck!

    3. I'll be posting progress pics, don't worry. Good luck getting everything complete for the art auctions! I hope you're able to raise a substantial amount of money.