Monday, February 8, 2016

Dream Journal: 2/7/2016

Last night I dreamt that I was de-cluttering my room. I had four posters rolled up, that I took outside and placed next to the trashcan at the end of my driveway. As soon as I got back inside, I patiently stared out of my bedroom window and waited for people to come by and take them. I remember feeling the need to write labels on little flags, saying what each poster looked like, so anyone who was walking/driving by would know, without unrolling them. Within seconds, a group of pre-teens on bikes and skateboards rode up and took the posters.

I turned around and continued sorting through my belongings, when I heard a tap on my window. I opened the blinds and it was my friend Jake, sitting in a plastic chair with his feet propped up against the window, reading a book.

I walked out onto my front porch to talk to him and we were accompanied by two other guys. Something down the street caught my attention, so I left the conversation and hurried down the road to investigate. This is when the time of day changed from daytime to evening. I was walking on a pathway between several apartment buildings.

I stumbled upon two women and a child, who were frantically beaming their flashlights in all directions. One of the women kept hollering "MONSTER, MONSTER!" She ran out into the street, got on all fours and shined her flashlight under parked cars.

They said a creature tried to attack them but it scurried away as soon as I appeared. They begged me to come to the police station with them, so I agreed. The police station was literally across the street. We ran across the road and knocked on the door of a random apartment building.

We entered into this secret police station and they asked us to take a seat in a room that had several chairs positioned in a large circle. There were nineteen other people in the room, including myself. We were each given a pen and paper and my sister was sitting to the left of me, but she got up to use the restroom moments later. We were writing down everyone's name who was present in the room, to figure out who the shape shifting creature was. I didn't know anyone's name, so I just sat there and people watched. That's when I counted the number of people, to pass time.

The chief police officer than escorted all of us through the station and into a private, indoor basketball court, that was specifically designed for the police officer's use. Several famous basketball players (male and female) were playing a basketball game called Knockout.

As I'm watching the tournament, this kid named Brian who I went to High school with, walked over to me and said that this counseling session wasn't paid for by his school and he "spent an arm and a leg for it." I had no idea what he was talking about.

I go mad at him, because as soon as I looked back up, the competition had ended and everyone was already exiting the basketball court through a set of double doors. I followed the crowd and we were outside once again and it was still nighttime. There were dozens of cop cars parked outside the station, so we walked around them and down this paved hill with large shrubbery on both sides. Off to the side of the hill, was a built-in metal staircase, so I began ascending, eager to find out where it led to. Every step I took up this staircase, the lighter it got outside. It was so cool, I literally watched as the sun popped up higher in the sky, in sync with my footsteps.

Once at the very top of this staircase, it was mid-day again. I was overlooking a huge tropical resort.

There was a cool water feature with a welcome sign for people entering the resort from my location. Oddly enough, I had dreamt about this waterpark once before, but in my previous dream, it was closed down.

Shay Mitchell (Emily from Pretty Little Liars) grabbed my hand and squealed with excitement "come on, let's go explore!!"

We ran across the bridge like little kids and descended down a ramp to the ground level. We stepped onto the sand and overlooked the entire resort. I tried to get one of the employee's attention to ask him how long they'd been reopened for, but he couldn't hear me.

Shay and I walked through the water park/resort and admired all the different tropical pools. The water in each one was glistening against the sunshine like an array of sapphires. We walked past one pool, that was designated for Little People, which had the most beautifully, elaborate Ancient Greek architecture.

We stumbled upon another pool with a beach entrance, so we stripped down to our bathing suits (which were under our clothes) and ran in. We were having so much fun. I couldn't get over how beautiful the color of the water looked. I did a handstand and than we got out to continue exploring.

Shay and I decided to relax in one of the more remote pools, which was directly in front of us, that only had one other guy floating in it. This man began teaching Shay how to hold her breath for 15 second intervals, which isn't long at all. haha There were two cute guys observing us from above, but I couldn't really see them because the sun was so bright when I tried to look up at them. They were sun bathing on top of this huge wall about 50 feet above us, that had a slide which dropped into our pool. Shay started celebrating her ability to hold her breath, by running out of the pool and giving everyone a high five.

As soon as our hands hit, we were transported to a red carpet event and she was dressed exquisitely. Kim Kardashian walked past me and into the building, away from the sea of people and paparazzi, so I followed her.

There were two huge bouncers at the entrance, but they didn't question me as I entered with the celebrities. I was standing in this huge lobby that had multiple hallways branched out from it in every direction. As soon as I walked through one, it was connected to another, that ran perpendicular to it.

There were several doors in each hallway on both sides, so I opened one and peeked my head in. I was looking into someone's home. It was a female's house because I could hear her singing in the shower. She had a beautiful living room, with a staircase off to the right and a kitchen behind me. I said "Hello?" and the girl began screaming, thinking I was a bugler. I quickly shut the door, picked up my pace and scurried down the hall and around a corner. There were several people walking throughout the halls, but I couldn't recognize any of them.

I finally stopped at another door and walked inside. It was an identical apartment/condo with the exact same set up as the other one. I heard several male voices and a TV blaring in the background. A group of guys in their early to mid 20's were sitting around the room, so I grabbed a pack of peach rings out of the candy bowl on the table and made myself comfortable on the couch.

The two guys who were sun bathing at the resort, were in the TV room as well. These group of guys were watching this strange show, called YouTube Games, that revolved around famous You Tuber's doing really bizarre things. It was like a Japanese game show. One girl on the TV was playing dynamite bowling, where she would bowl and than once the ball made contact with the pins, the entire building would explode into smithereens and the audience 'ranked' it. But than everything would magically reconstruct itself back and she kept doing it repeatedly.

I was not amused, so I got up and proceeded to leave. Instead of exiting out of the door I came in through (which led to the hallways), I left out the front door. The cute guy from the resort jumped out of his recliner and followed me onto his porch. It was dark outside again.

He introduced himself to me, but I can't remember what he said his name was. He was about 6'2", dark hair, fit, hazel eyes and gorgeous.

All of a sudden he grabbed my junk for a few seconds and smiled. I smirked back and he motioned me with a quick tilt of his head, to follow him. We stepped off his front porch and he guided me through a pathway that led to a garden, with the most beautiful flowers and plants. He and I never talked again after we left his front porch though, it was like we were communicating telepathically.

This part of the dream felt magical. I felt like I was in a dream within a dream. The moon light was bouncing off fountains and water features, which projected just enough glow to illuminate our pathway. I could feel the energy of the life around me and that's when I felt all my senses awaken.

I couldn't take my eyes off all the landscape and colors, but I was so enamored by the handsome guy next to me as well. I didn't know where to look. As we strolled through this enchanted dream world, he stopped and gave me the warmest smile, because he knew I was star struck by it all. He stepped closer to me and I could feel the tips of his fingers graze against mine. My body began tingling. I felt butterflies in my stomach. The sensation moved up into my chest, which quickly rose into my neck and filled my head with ecstasy. Butterflies began pouring out of the crown of my head, dancing in the sky and fluttering around us in circles like a tornado, in perfect synchronicity.

I could feel the wind from the butterflies against my skin. His eyes locked onto mine and they felt like home. Like they were a tangible place that I wanted to be and see and experience forever. I wanted to kiss him so badly. He reached his hand out and just before our hands touched...

I woke up.


  1. Dreams... I'm dreaming a lot these days as well. About some girls too, usually just my friends.

    But Shay Mitchell, the pretties girl from PLL, your brains chose well. ^_^

    1. Dreaming is so fucking cool! Are you having sexual dreams with your female friends? Hmm do you consider yourself bi?

      Shay is so beautiful. All the girls are, but I love her exotic look. How are you liking this new season?