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Dream Journal: 12/18/2015

This has to go down in history as one of my weirdest dreams I've ever had, because one specific thing I dreamt about, appeared in my waking life.

I've had three reoccurring dreams about alligators within the last few months. I do live on a canal behind my house, but our backyard is fenced-in and I've only seen like three gators back there my entire life, so it's certainly not a common sight. There's usually iguanas, birds, fish, turtles and otters (from time to time).

However, in my dreams, my backyard fence is always gone and the gators chase me up the canal bank. In my first dream, I was chased by a gator onto my childhood playground, that was disposed of 15 years ago and replaced by a trampoline.

The second encounter involved a gator staked in my backyard, with a chain around it's neck. It was frantically running towards me, but it kept getting yanked back by the chain.

The third dream began with my friend Naya and I. She's a girl I knew from High school, who has quite a large fan base on Instagram now.

She and I were on my back porch and we walked out back. The fence was gone, like usual, but the actual gate door was still randomly there. We walked through it, even though we could have just walked around it. ha

I kept telling her not to go back there, as if my past two dreams were imprinted into my dreaming subconscious. The water was teeming with trashing gators and they were all moving in a skittish manner, like how squirrels move about.

Naya wouldn't listen to my warnings and she continued to walk along the canal, as gators caught sight of us and began to climb up the bank. I took a few steps towards her and screamed her name, encouraging her to return, but I was caught off guard, when I realized there was a baby in my arms.

It was the first time I have any recollection of a baby being in my dream. I remember it specifically being a baby boy. Before I had any time to react, one of the reptiles was quickly approaching us, so I spun around and rushed back inside. As soon as I ran through my back porch and into my living room, I slammed the sliding door behind me and gently placed the baby down on my sofa. The baby never cried, which is interesting.

Within the chaos, I looked into the baby's eyes and felt such calmness. The baby had blue eyes with a hint of brown around his iris. He was looking back up at me, smiling and moving his arms and legs like typical babies do.

The baby's facial expressions shifted from interactive and docile, to frightened and if to warn me. Scratching noises grew louder and louder. I glanced over my shoulder and watched as a gator pried his hand/claw into the track of the door. The animal was ferociously trying to squeeze its head through the narrow opening, nudging its snout, to wiggle through the crack. Unable to fit, it began clawing the door once again, to open it wider.

I went into protective mode. I sprung to my feet, leapt over a chair and jump kicked the door shut, smashing it over the gators hand as hard as I could.

Than I woke up.

I immediately text Michelle and told her about the dream. Later that evening, the two of us met up with some people to enjoy a massive Christmas light display at a church. One of the girls that was with us, had a baby boy with her. On our walk back to her house, she abruptly handed me her son and I had total déjà vu. I hadn't held a baby in years and to dream about holding one the night before, really tripped me out. I'm never around children and the odds of that happening was so eerie.

Dream Interpretation:
  • To save a child represents your fear of losing some inner aspect of your personality or character.
  • A dream about a baby boy as a male, may represent your inner child or an aspect of yourself that needs to grow up or mature.
  • The alligator or crocodile is consistently related to the soul. Spiritually, the dream represents a coming together of power and intelligence.
  • To dream that you are running away from the alligator denotes your refusal to face a distressing or upsetting matter. You may be harboring a negative feeling.
  • To dream that you are running away from the alligator indicates that you are unwilling to confront some painful and disturbing aspect of your unconscious.
I think the distressing matter that I'm running away from, is my delay in getting a job. Even though I really need one, to supplement my income on top of my art commissions. I applied for a live-in personal assistant job a few weeks ago for a wealthy gay couple, but I decided the position wasn't for me after I did a few interviews. I applied for a dog sitting position that pays $20/hour, but I never heard back from the company and I applied for a really easy serving job, but the restaurant was already overstaffed.

So I'm applying to Whole Foods tomorrow. Wish me luck!
Much love guys

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