Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New Dream Journal Series!!

Hey guys!

So this past week, my parents invited the new-ish pastor from their church, along with his wife, over for dinner. They are in their late thirties/early forties, very kind people and pretty enjoyable to chat with.

My dad is so tight, he cooked the most amazing veggie soup and made sure it was vegan so I could eat it. He and I don't have a lot in common, so I always appreciate and love when he supports me in my lifestyle choices. I know it's just a simple dish, but those Acts of Kindness mean so much to me. It's definitely one of my love languages.

Check out what yours are here!

My dad is an extroverted, left-brained, analytical, intelligent lawyer who wrestled and went to West Point. I'm none of those things. haha I'm an introverted, total right-brained, imaginative, sensitive, dreamer. Working out and cooking are two of the very few passions we have in common, so I absolutely love talking about food and lifting with him.

I thought that by going vegan (back in October of 2013), I'd inadvertently be distancing myself from my family. Food is very important to us! I knew I would have to give up all the foods I grew up eating and start cooking for myself, but to my surprise, my family has really accepted my lifestyle and it's actually brought us closer. We research ways to make our traditional family dishes, in a vegan way...and most of the time my food ends up tasting better than theirs. My mushroom eggplant meatless balls are making me drool just thinking about them. Ugh I love big, savory balls.

My dad still receives the newspaper (he's old school) and he'll take the time to cut out any veggie dish he finds in the cooking section and leave it on the counter for me. How cute is that?

Anyways...I swear I'm going somewhere with this post. haha During our dinner conversation, our guests began talking about kids and how they're fostering children in the hopes to adopt one day. This segued into my parents joking about the funny things my siblings and I did as kids. One of them being that I always begged to sleep on my sister's floor almost every night from the age of about three to eight.

I had paralyzing nightmares as a child. Not my favorite memories. I know it's common and most children have them, which absolutely sucks because they're especially terrifying when you're young. At least as an adult, you can shake it off after a few minutes, rationalize your thoughts and tell yourself it was all made up in your mind. Getting up and walking into the kitchen to stuff your face with food, really helps as well! But most children don't have the capability to dismiss a nightmare as easily and they get stuck in a loop, replaying the scenes from the dream in their head, which just feeds their imagination and fuels the terror. That's what I did and I HATED being alone in my room.

I would wake up in the middle of the night, frozen by fear in my bed. I was so tripped out by my nightmares, that I began wetting the bed. Once I was able to physically move my body, I would wobble down the hallway, whimpering to my parents room and gently shake my mom until she woke up. This became such a reoccurring phenomenon, that my mom kept a wooden rocking chair in my room and she would sit next to my bed and stay there until I fell back asleep. Bless her heart, she spent multiple hours of her life in that chair. Eventually I didn't want to be in my room alone and I preferred to sleep on the hard floor in my sister's room, than to be in my own bed.

I felt comfort being in the presence of someone else. My sister used this as leverage and to her advantage whenever I annoyed her in anyway, she'd say "alright, well you can't sleep in my room tonight than." haha what a bitch. A smart bitch. Thankfully I outgrew that by the end of 3rd grade.

The nightmares became less frequent as I got older and I was able to block them out of my mind. I still get them, but I try not to lose sleep over them anymore. However, to this day, I'm unable to sleep in complete darkness. I just can't. I have to turn my Himalayan salt lamp on and use it as a night light. It's a comfort thing.

I've been researching lucid dreaming, which is when you're able to control your dreams and consciously recognize that you're dreaming. It's quite fascinating, really. I figure the more I'm able to successfully lucid dream, which is becoming more and more frequently, the more I'll be able to control my dreams and redirect them in a more positive direction.

For Christmas, one of the gifts Michelle got me was this journal to write in.

I always send her lengthy text messages of my dreams and it's almost become a joke because I'm able to remember such minute details from them and she's unable to remember any of hers. haha I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse. I began writing my dreams in this journal, but I figured it would be more beneficial if I used the journal for something else and made a new series on my blog, detailing the dreams I have!

Yay to a Dream Journal Series!

It'll be fun and very entertaining for you guys!! Every time I wake up and research the meaning of my dreams, I always catch myself thinking 'damn, I really need to document and blog this outrageous shit.' I'd basically be giving you a free psychedelic trip.

My girl Dorothy gets it. 

Much Love Guys!


  1. Hey Dominus, I accidentally deleted your comment! I'm so sorry, I was reading it on my phone and I must have clicked the wrong button and it deleted it! Luckily, I was able to read it and I'll definitely look into the book recommendation. For now, I've just been googling the dream meanings. It's kind of freaky how spot on the interpretations are to my waking life. Thanks for the comment, I'll be more careful in the future not to delete anymore! :)