Monday, January 25, 2016

Dream Journal: 1/6/2016

The first scene I remember from the dream, was me standing in the grass on my neighbors lawn. I felt like I had to shit really bad, so I walked to my other neighbor's home to use their bathroom. The house was just recently vacated (in real life) and it was also empty in my dream. I remember seeing a few Christmas decorations, specifically a plastic Santa Claus statue, scattered around the house and I wondered why they left them behind. I walked into the kitchen and out by the pool, when all of a sudden my old childhood friend walked out onto the back patio (the one that used to live in the house). He arrived to return my phone. I patted my pockets and realized it was in fact missing, thanked him and we both left the house. As soon as we stepped outside, I noticed a limo parked along the street, waiting to pick him up. I thanked him again and off he went.

I started walking down the street and noticed Michelle's car parked in one of my neighbor's driveways. I smiled and felt such happiness, just thinking about her. I wanted to walk in my neighbors house and say hi, but I figured she was babysitting. Instead, I decided to text her, to stop by afterwards.

When I unlocked my phone, I got sidetracked and realized Lyft (similar to Uber) was randomly downloaded onto my phone. I opened the app and there was a message from a woman, saying she and her two friends needed a ride and that they were already waiting at my house. Once I got there, she and her two friends (one was a male and the other was a female) were standing on my front porch. They seemed very on edge and out of place. For some reason, the three strangers walked into my house after me and the two girls beelined into my sister's room and started stuffing their purses with her belongings. I whipped out my phone and started taking videos and pictures of them as evidence, while provoking them and telling them the cops were already on their way.

That's when my dream got real weird. I was conscious that the man, who was with the two girls, had disappeared somewhere and that's when I felt like I was in danger and went into survival mode. As soon as I had enough pictures and video clips, I called 911 and put the phone in my pocket, praying that the 911 dispatcher would be able to pinpoint my phone and location.

The house I was in turned into a mansion, similar to the one in the movie Crimson Peak. It became two stories, with multiple winding staircases. It almost reminded me of Hogwarts, with the moving stairs that relocate themselves.

Still unaware of the man's location in the house, I began running towards a huge stairwell and climbed to the top. As I peered down from behind a small wall, one of the girls emptied the stolen objects out of her purse and onto the floor, which turned into an altercation. She said she didn't want to go back to prison and wanted no involvement anymore. At that, she stormed out the front door and disappeared.

That infuriated the other girl, who started flailing her arms and growling at the top of her lungs. I ducked down and covered my mouth, not to make a peep. That's when I heard the man's voice again. She whispered to him "we need to kill him, he has too much evidence." My ass shot up and started booking it down the hallway. I had no idea where I was going. I turned a corner and opened a large mahogany double door, entering into this strange room with an indoor pool that had a line of exotic cars parked beyond the pool. I could hear the echoing of loud footsteps coming up the stairs, so I sprinted past the water, looking for car keys, a weapon or an exit of some sorts.

Instead, I noticed something shimmering on the opposite side of this room. It was shining so bright that it was hard to look at directly, similar to looking up at the sun. Instinctively, I was drawn in and began running towards it. The man and woman smashed the door open and they were in full rage mode, bolting after me with profanity rolling off their tongues. I was about 100 feet in front of them, as I continued to gallop towards this glowing light.

My adrenaline was flowing through my veins. The faster I ran, the further I felt like I was getting from this mystical object and the closer the two crazy people were catching up to me. All of a sudden, the exotic cars came to life like Transformers and the engines started roaring. They created a barrier and turned their brights on, temporarily paralyzing and slowing the duo down. I continued running and realized it was a shoe that was causing the dazzling light. As I finally came within a few feet from it, I jumped into the air and my entire body was engulfed by this light.

I was portaled into the shoe, which shot me into a bright, golden tunnel. I was catapulting down this tunnel like a slide, but at the same time, it felt like slow motion, as I reached my hand out and interacted with the light.

I flung out of this golden tunnel and dropped into the sunroof of a car. Dazed and confused, I squirmed into the drivers seat and sped off down the street. I could faintly hear the man and woman screaming "he's getting away!" from afar. I stuck my middle finger through the sunroof and accelerated down the road, laughing with relief, after nearly dying.

The scenery looked like I was in a 1950's suburban neighborhood, somewhere in Southern California.

The sun was shining and the sky was bright blue, with not a cloud in sight. I was really admiring the houses and the random people that I drove past. Then, out of nowhere, I lost control of the car and the mans face appeared on the touchscreen console.

He looked like shit and the girl appeared in the background, pointing a gun at the screen. They were ferociously screaming, warning me that they were going to hunt me down and kill me if I didn't destroy my phone. After denying their exigencies, the steering wheel violently spun out of control and I crashed, blacking out.

Moments later, I woke up and felt all the blood rushing to my head. When I regained focus, I realized I had crashed into a fence or a bush and I was upside down. The vehicle was steaming, so I quickly unbuckled myself and kicked the dented door out. I crawled out onto the street of this random neighborhood, completely unaware of where I was. A white cat appeared and greeted me at eye level, licking my face and rubbing his face against mine.

The cat sat down next to me and smiled. It felt like a lifelong friend that was stopping by to say hi and provide comfort. I stumbled onto my feet and assessed the damage. The car was completely totaled, so I took a deep breath and started walking down the street, as the cat followed behind me.

As I reached into my pocket to retrieve my phone, the most friendly and welcoming woman ran up and hugged me. She witnessed the accident from her front yard and couldn't believe that I was unhurt, let alone walking, with only a few cuts and scratches. She looked down, greeted the cat and picked him up, asking me what his name was. I told her I didn't know, that I had just met him a few moments ago. She smiled and told me to follow her...

We walked down the street and into her home. As soon as we entered, her husband and two sons were in the front room and immediately shifted all of their focus onto me. I could feel them staring into my soul and I felt very shy in that moment, not wanting to look up at them. The woman broke the awkward silence and began introducing her husband and two sons, pressing her hand against my back, encouraging me to step closer. The two sons were about my age and seemed very immature and bratty at first. I could hear them whispering jokes to each other, insulting my appearance. That's when I realized my clothes had ripped from the accident and I had scrapes up and down my arms and legs. One of the brothers was extremely attractive though.

The man walked over to his wife and put his arm around her shoulder, as they embraced each other, while admiring me. At that moment, I began to see their auras, which glowed with a light purple. The man reached into his back pocket, grabbed a piece of perfectly folded paper from his jeans and extended his arm out to me. At this moment, the boys stopped gossiping to one another and the room fell silent, as they inquisitively examined my every move, with such alertness. I retrieved the paper from the man and examined the four individuals, who were all calmly smiling at me and nodding their heads to proceed. I looked down at my hand and stared at the paper, feeling it between my fingers and wondering what was written inside. The cat rubbed my legs and smiled up at me.

I took a deep breath and began to unfold the paper, revealing my birth certificate. Tears flooded my eyes and I began weeping. It was the first time I have any recollection of crying in a dream. The family wrapped their arms around me. The woman held my face in her hands and echoed "We've been waiting a long time for you."

Than I woke up.


  1. Man What did you eat before bed That Night?

    1. You're not the first person to ask me that haha Nothing. I've had really elaborate, trippy dreams like this my entire life. If you're interested, here's a few other links to other dreams I documented:

  2. The description alone is very specific and to think that it was a dream, not something that you experienced first hand. I do enjoy reading the post as it is very interesting and looking like something from a movie. Thanks for the visit, have a great day!

    1. Hey Jonathan, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, I'm excited that you found it interesting! I'm going to be documenting as many of my dreams that I'm able to remember. This particular dream was extremely hyper realistic, to the point that when I woke up; I literally felt like I had just been sucked out a movie. It was incredible. Our minds have such an immense amount of power and capability! Have a wonderful day! :)