Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Dream of the Month: February 2015

I arrived at my college campus and parked my car in the parking garage near the art building, where I would typically park when I had class. There were guys walking around the parking garage shooting people with guns, so I began sprinting to the top floor of the garage and found an old wooden bridge that was attached to it (like something out of an Indiana Jones movie). However, the bridge was so long and disappeared in the distance, which prevented me from seeing what it was attached to on the other side.

I could hear gun shots echoing behind me so I jumped on the bridge and didn't look back. I felt like I was running forever. I was sprinting out of sheer anxiety and fear but that feeling began to fade as I was greeted by puffs of clouds and tree canopies. My attention shifted to a more peaceful state. The bridge eventually ended and I was left standing on this huge, medieval castle-like structure.

The scenery was breathtaking. The sun was setting and the sky was bright orange with speckles of red and yellow. There were mountains glowing in the distance, a beach to the right and hoodoo rock formations that you would find in Bryce National Park to the left of me. For some reason I couldn't keep my eyes open, so I went down to the beach and splashed my face with some water. Immediately, I regained my vision and I stood at the shore, watching dozens of surfers riding waves with a massive rock wall behind them. The rock wall had an array of lights shining off of it, like an aurora borealis effect.

One of the surfers started paddling to me, in a very eager manner. I smiled and waved until he got onto the shore.

This is going to sound crazy, but I knew him. Like we were old friends from a previous life or something, reuniting again. Moments later I started panicking and told him 'I had to leave' and it was 'time for me to get back'. I kept telling him I had to get back. We took a picture together and than I ran back up the beach onto the castle structure. I found a door that opened up to a spiral staircase and I began descending to the bottom.

When I got to the base of the steps, I opened up the door and I was standing in the center of campus, which was transformed into a farmers market. There were booths and vendors everywhere and I walked up to this wonderful, older lady who was handing out free herbs in tiny potting containers.

The last thing I remember about the dream was looking down at the ground and observing how well manicured the lawn was, which glowed a fluorescent neon green. Along the grass were an array of herbs and plants in containers.

Than I woke up.


  1. WHAT is in that vegan food? I have dreams like this after eating italian goodies!

    PS - that staircase pix makes me nauseous and dizzy!

    1. A little bit of soy, a little bit of DMT...ya know, the usual ingredients.

      That picture gives me a headache, my eyes don't know where to look. haha

  2. Nice! I thought I was one of the only people who still had elaborate dreams as an "adult". Now I know that you do too! I like that you found pictures to represent the visual aspects of the dream.

    1. Do most adults not have elaborate dreams? As a kid, I had nightmares all the time but now that I'm older, I have awesome dreams.

      Can you lucid dream/astral project? That I can't do yet but I've read some badass stories about people who can control and manipulate their dreams.

    2. I think we have bad dreams as kids because we have unresolved fears, way more than in adulthood.

      I can lucid dream occasionally, but not consistently. Sometimes I start to lucid dream, but then forget that I know I'm dreaming and lose lucidity, or I'll be two-dreams deep so when I realize that I'm dreaming, I'm not really lucid because I have that realization within the second dream layer instead of the main one. Confusing right!?

      Yea, dreams get real complicated sometimes. Haha. But I'm glad to meet a fellow dreamer. I love remembering my dreams - makes life interesting!

    3. I completely agree, kids are more fragile and we had overactive imaginations which didn't always work in our favor. Every time I had a nightmare as a kid, which was about once a week, my mom would come sit in my room until I fell back asleep. Now I just get out of bed and go eat something haha

      No, not confusing at all, I know exactly what you're talking about. I tried to fly one time in a dream but I was two-dreams deep and wasn't able to. You just got all inception on me but you just answered that question for me. So thank you :) I know there's books and certain lucid dreaming audios you can listen to, like binaural beat mediations, that supposedly aid in a lucid dream occurring. Perhaps the more you get your life together, the easier it is to control your dreams? Who knows.

      They really do! I'm so thankful that we're able to remember them. I immediately text my best friends my crazy dreams and we try to interpret the random happenings. Plus, they really are a good way to analyze what's going on in your waking life.

      Happy dreaming

    4. You just reminded me of a "pro-tip" that I got from another friend who has lucid dreams - if you do something habitually in real life (like count your fingers) then you'll be more likely to do it in your dream apparently. As we all know, little things like counting usually don't work as they logically should in dreams, so it could tip you off to the fact you're IN a dream.

      It's kinda like what they did in Inception, where they each had a token they carried around to see if they were still dreaming. I'm currently working on forming my habit - snapping once on each hand - and seeing if it works. I'll let you know how it goes. And I'll try and post more of my dreams and maybe we all can try to analyze them!

  3. I have weird, complicated dreams, remember them for seconds when I wake up, then they are gone. Drives me crazy. I couldn't write one out like this for any amount of money.

    Peace <3

    1. 80% of the time I'm the same way. I remember snippets of my dream and by the time I'm brushing my teeth, I have zero recollection. Like last night for instance, not a clue what I dreamed about haha

      Have you ever kept a dream journal by your bed?